LA Police Attacking Random Innocent People During Protest

Posted on: May 2nd, 2011 6 Comments
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During a Minuteman protest in LA the police walks into a crowd and start beating up people. Even a person that is sitting in a wheelchair is knocked over. There is a lot of chaos but the police just continues to knock over innocent people. They even beat up two persons that are on the ground helpless.

You can hear how people scream at the police confused and trying to make them stop but with no use.

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6 Responses

  1. To all for Goverment abuse Nationwide Protest call me if you are a Illinois or citizen any add states, Need a few good riders, fighters back keeper,eye watchers,loud moths,sign,voices and faces FUN NO FEAR OF GOV ABUSE with names for our event to END ALL ABUSE OUR CONSTUTITIONAL RIGHTS OUR MONEY, at a local or states, or washington DC RALLY AUG 2011 1(815)273-0911 time to plan with our group “~R.A.W~““ ~R.A.M~“ the officer’s along with the local county officials need to know when the need your vote of funding then NO is NO you need to hand write a letter to your state and county and let them know that your taxe’s will not be used for force nor any abuse of another citizen while acting and it agents a public elected offical abuses NO MORE COLOR OF LAW, we need there names and the names of the victims and witness any and all citizen can make a citizens arrest on the officer in your local court of law

  2. t-dog says:

    wow look at those guys get on there cool bicycles and ride away like hard asses. Buttholes!!!!!!

  3. Al says:

    I was a practicing attorney in the state of Illinois. I got approached by a Niles Police Officer and two of his friends. They demanded a bribe. I refused to pay and I got accused of stealing things from the store. Later they rob me of me cash money. I got beat up in front of my own house!!! I got accused again of stealing by the same people. They destroyed my car and broke into my house. I went through hell. You would not believe me how State Attorney’s Assistant lied to protect them I forced him to admit to his lies because I had a transcript. There is a lot more…

  4. Sean says:

    I would like to point out that the guy in the wheelchair was not touched. He strolled away just fine and dandy. He did no wrong and he got no wrong, as for the teens nearby… well I don’t know what they are doing in the back of a loading truck but I doubt they are employed by said loading truck. And the others who are probably protesting something stupid, as 90% of all protests are just random stupid people shouting, ya. I’d say this was pretty normal and legal.

    • walt says:

      I just love it when a fellow brother cop is busted with video evidence, and morons like Sean think that all is normal and good. True Sean it is good to see that all of the Nazis did’t die in WWII. They moved to America and had babies so they could ruin our social fabric (WRONG) THESE GUYS ARE HOME GROWN. Put a stop to police brutality, and screen the people that we give the authority to more effectivly, because these guys have the authority of life or death, even in a state like Michigan where there is no death penalty. You know that really pisses them off even more and dead men can’t respond to what happened to them.
      This is no longer a Christian Nation not with people like this controling it.

  5. seansucksdick says:

    hey sean are you fucking stupid or just a fat used to be picked on in high school redneck. how would you feel if that was your family being beat, or your virgin ass for that matter. ill just let karma deliver this message im trying to get across

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