5 NYPD Officers Charged in Sodomy Assault

Posted on: January 7th, 2009 71 Comments
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Michael Mineo, 24 years old tattoo artist, was brutally arrested by five police officers in Brooklyn metro station. Then they sodomized him with a police radio antenna. Subway station was full of people and no one witnessed this incident, but two other officers told at trial that they did see the whole brutal situation including Mineo being sodomized.

“The principal diagnosis was status post-anal assault, The information that we have, based on consultations with doctors, certainly suggests that he is there due to complications from the assault,” Mineo’s lawyer said.

NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau’s investigators took DNA tests on police equipment taken from the lockers of the five police officers. Two of them tried to cover up the whole incident but they’ll be charged for that as well.

“I relive this every day,”
Mineo said, still suffering from the day of the attack. “Nobody should have to go through something like this.”

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71 Responses

  1. Hors says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Come on!!! What is the matter with human beings nowadays. Our very own police officers, the very ones who are supposed to serve and protect.
    It’s completely disgusting and sick. Those officers need to be severely punished and have their jobs taken away forever.

  3. Fey says:

    Assault of any kind is wrong, but it is ridiculous and cruel when it comes from the people that are supposed to be protecting us. I can’t imagine going through something like that especially with the police. I already don’t trust them like a lot of other people don’t.

  4. Ian says:

    I think that it is a disgrace that these “Thugs” in blue uniform are allowed to roam society much less remain officers of the law, its a fr*aking disgrace and a horrible joke. I am somewhat relieved that these particular hooliguns have been charged, I just hope that justice is served. I can’t wait for change for the better in the administration when obama is inaugurated this month. “Keep Hope Alive”

  5. Wayne says:

    Ask yourself what kind of ‘personality’ is attracted to police work. How many steroids are flowing through there illegally? Testosterone junkies, life flunkies. I had one that lived next door (K9 cop) who was fired for having ‘fun’ in his patrol car with various ‘young’ ladies. Testosterone junkies pumping iron thinking they are invincible and the judge jury and executioner. Thinking they are GOD.

  6. wood079 says:

    This is the kind of police officer you get when you lower the recruitment standards. The same thing happened in the last sixties. Its a shame that a few bad apples can taint the good work of a lot of good men.

  7. Teddy says:

    They should have the same thing happen to one of their own family and then let them go through the pain of knowing someone did that to their wife or child. Why do it to them,they would expect it. I hope they get everything they deserve.

  8. Mips says:

    if it turns out to be true after a thorough investigation righteous police should shoot em for blackening their reps. This kinda stuff cannot be allowed.Remember though “Absolute power corrupts absolutely!”-Voltaire.

  9. Tends says:

    I’ve said all along, that is too much authority to give a mortal. You have a judge in a robe impersonating God, and the low life officers with guns. Too much authority, most of them abuse it. My own son was beaten by police and of course the court justified it. A beating should never be given to anyone. The have pepper spray, stun guns. They shoot to kill, yet they are supposed to be marksmen, why can’t thye wound someone. bunch of low life criminals. Trouble doesn’t start until these punks show up (they are just like any other street gang).

  10. Ted T. says:

    The officers involved should be fired and charged. They are criminals and a disgrace to the whole police force.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Unbeliveable! Why would someone (ESPECIALLY A POLICE OFFICER) do something like this to another human being??!!! This is what makes citizens not trust law enforcement!!

  12. Penny says:

    Police bruatally is wrong ,and the lawyer , judges ,and other high official let them get away with murder , they are given too much power , and they abuse so many innocent people with that power . i think their should be a law pass banding the use of stun gun on human , because it is in humane . why is it that the electric chair is in humane ? and people are put to death by lethal injection . cops treat other like animal because they carry a gun and a badge. without these two things they are powerless.my daughter who weigh 105 lbs was push down on the concreat and was pepper spray by 5 officer while being in hand cuff, after she didnot give them the answer to a question that they wanted to hear .if this is not brutally what is ? cops are worse than the criminal they arrested . all law inforcement should be drug tested , god knows what they are on . i believe in an eye for an eye . do to the cop what they do to others . i work with 2 law inforcement children the 17 yrswas pull over after swirving on the road . instead of taking him to jail like they should have , the officer call his dad another cop to come get his son . if this was someone elses children they would have gone straight to jail . there is no justic when it come to law inforcement .their children are the worst because they get away with whatever and the court is always on their side always .

  13. Ush says:

    This assault on a civilian is a crime and a slap in the face on the trust people put on those supposed to protect them.

    The assaulting cop or cops also give a very bad name to their peers in uniform who put their lives on the line often enough to do their job right, just to be backstab like this.

  14. Danny Z says:

    These PIGs are really pigs. In prison, they should be put in General Population for our enjoy of course.

  15. 66 Ts says:

    They should have better back ground checks the cops have done before I am sure, maybe when they get to jail they will have the same thing happen to them I hope the person who was the victum gets a large judment against them and the police dept and the city we cant have this going on

  16. Vills says:

    sorry so sorry

  17. Preyst says:

    Is this from a clockwork orange?

  18. Thomas says:

    Get educated folks- one of you actually believes the new pres will impact who are our policeman. This scares me! 99% of the police work everyday with real jerks and do not resort to their own violence. You condemn 50,000 policeman working daily in this City for the actions of 5.

    • Crazy Bob says:

      5 Thomas???? 5 is usually the number they have for backup when they murder a frail autistic man…. or when they choke out another man and murder him Yes, these cowards like that ratio-6 to 1, oh and they get guns and indemnification.

      You have a lot of nerve defending these bottom feeders. So they think the president will help, big deal. At least they are not making excuses for repeated murder of your countrymen. Get educated? Get human you sick fuck

      This won’t stop until civiilians put the POLICE in fear.

  19. Kickin in says:

    Wanting to be a police officer, in itself, produces a personality, that is conducive to brutality, most of them are cowards, that use their badge, simply to push people around, and try to exert dominance. Bad apples, except for a conscienceable few, the rest are thugs.

  20. Larry says:

    as a Police Officer,I don’t know how many times I’ve repeated the folling senetence?…Sure,there are bad cops,but the vast majority of us are good and decent…we’re only human beings like everyone else…any professions all have their bad and good…many of us have given the ultimate sacrafice, trying to protect and serve all……If there we’re not cops.all chaos would break out loose..Give me a break

  21. Willy says:

    Yes there will always be a few bad apples in any profession…but when a police officer crosses the line..in any way…they should be fired from they’re position and charged with a sex crime just like any other civilian would be.They have sworn to protect and serve and to act professionally in public. If we catch a police officer or anyone else on camera and it is hard to disprove a picture than they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That is they’re job… To protect and serve.And they should not have to kill anyone when they train to be marksmen. They can wound as well as kill. Come on America…how can you judge other countries for their violent ways when our own government and law enforcements are abusing their power.

  22. Sade Tere says:

    This criminal act took place in front of police officers whose responsibility is the arrest of criminals in any criminal act that they witness. The failure of the officers who witnessed the act makes them assessories in the crime and they are no less guilty of the crime. The police cannot claim that only a few police are bad and all the rest are unjustly stained by that few. All were present are bad police and were just as guilty as those who were directly involved. And all of them should likewise be prosecuted for the crime and fired and prevented from ever wearing a badge again.

  23. Anonymous says:

    There is no doubt that society needs the services of police officers, but for all too long now the principle of “to serve and protect” and “community-focused law enforcement” has been substituted w/an obsessive focus on revenue procurement. This is no more evident than w/ the present-day law enforcement ideology and practices where we see 3 or 4 individual cop cars flocking to the scene of an arrest for simple drug possession while giving lower priority to the call from a citizen in need of protection from a violent offender; there’s no money for the “cash cow” in sending the boyfriend who beats the shit out of his girlfriend to jail when they can arrest her for a 1/4 gram of dope instead. And the entire rest of the criminal “justice” system backs up and protects this outrageous, twisted logic to the point where all too many cops start getting the idea that lying, rousting, fabricating evidence, excessive force, and subversion of legal tactics are acceptable means to an end and that they can literally do no wrong.
    And when law enforcement no longer respects the law, we’re all in big trouble.

    I have literally read the penal (and other) codes from cover-to-cover, looking/hoping for something–ANYTHING on the books, that laid out some degree of prosecution for cops who broke the law–there is NOTHING…! There are no external restrainsts; their bad behavior has been condoned and sanctioned as a correcting response to the “liberal years” when “guilty dudes got off on technicalities.” In conclusion, cops generally are of the opinion that all civilians are “lying losers, or other such reprehensible low-lifes” that somehow deserve their fate–and it’s their job to inflict degradation on such “inferior beings,” all because they have the badge and uniform; it’s classic domination/subordination behavior. Those officers should be stripped of their positions at THE VERY LEAST and to all things fair and just, prosecuted like anyone else for their heinous crime(s) PLUS a more severe disposition for “impersonating peace officers…!!”

  24. Jane says:

    Police are either good people or bad people. If they are good people, they don’t last for very long, so then they either quit, or they become bad.

  25. Tim says:


  26. Preston says:

    why is there a photo of the victim here? why aren’t there photos of the accused instead?

  27. Anonymous says:

    If these allegations are true, then these officers have disgraced the badge and all of the fine men and women proudly wearing the uniform that risk their lives everyday to serve and protect their fellow citizens. Unfortunately, a very small minority of miscreants slip through the rigorous preemployment selection processes to wield unrighteous dominion over people, but they are always eventually exposed.

  28. Shocking says:

    This is RAPE. Try them for rape, and label them sex offenders. Just like you would do with anyone who committed this type of crime.

  29. Ut says:

    I wonder what he was being arrested for. For all we know, he might have been arrested for trying to pick up a little girl. In which case, he deserved to be sodomized.

  30. Texas says:

    This is why im glad i live in Texas we can carry handguns without a license so we dont need the police.

    • schrodinger says:

      No sir, you need a CHL to carry in Texas. Texas does not have open carry, only concealed, and that needs a permit. However, a traveler in a MOTOR vehicle may carry in that vehicle without a license or CHL. I emphasized ‘motor’ because Texas also defines bicycles as vehicles, but the right to carry on a non-motorized vehicle like a bike doesn’t exist here. Nor is the definition of a traveler clearly defined. On the surface, Texas looks very ‘pro-gun’, but in reality, many of our laws are quite diluted. For instance, one can lose the right to carry (CHL) for 5 years for a non-viiolent Class B misdemeanor like driving on a suspended license, yet be able to keep the CHL for Class C simple assault. That makes no sense whatsoever. A DL can be suspended and the driver might never get notice of the suspension, and then be pulled over simply because they are in a neighborhood doing something totally innocent like collecting flyers on homes for rent (because the person is planning on moving), and someone thinks the person is doing something wrong and calls the police. Then the police pull that person over, the person has not committed any moving violations like speeding or blowing a light– only being pulled over because someone got paranoid and called the cops. Then when the person provides proof of their activity (namely, the flyers that the person had collected), the police accuse the person of other criminal activity. This happened to a lady I know, a middle aged woman who sings in her church choir and volunteers with the city and county emergency response teams. The woman has no criminal background as proven through the background checks needed to even volunteer with the response team, and a second check done by the church before she could sing in the choir or work in any ministry. Yet she had a suspension based on info from another state that said that she failed to pay a fine for a 25 year old ticket. So, now she can no longer carry for 5 years after that conviction– a nonviolent administrative offense, while someone who commits an assault, Class C, can keep the CHL. Makes NO sense.

  31. Derek says:

    The scariest thing is that these criminal thugs go home after work everyday. No one is safe with these brutal thugs masquerading as law enforcement. I’ll bet most of the unsolved murders are the ones committed by cops…sorry to say it, but I do believe it’s true. Is everyone who posts here in danger now?

  32. rick says:

    These police get these jobs because they are mis-fits and they feel powerful and the misused their power…they go into urban area where people can not protect them selves and can not afford a lawyer and the abuse them……
    The write tickets un-necessary, this is how they make money for their state and town…..the judge and the police are working together to make money off of people wo can not afford a lawyer…..
    Then you have cops that have major mental issues that are working that need to be taking off duty….
    You have cop come into the force dis-liking certain types of people…and they take their bias out on the people they hate…..
    You also have cop that start things with people and mis use their power…then their partners cover it up….
    They have a tendency to come into urban areas and o minorities and get away with it….

    You also have good cops…that really do help…and are friendly and fair…….

  33. Vernon 4e3 says:

    cops should be giving a test to see if they have hatred against certain people….before they are allow to work…..

  34. Maurice says:

    They should make the hiring standards better….they should also have a mental test….they should also have a cultural training to be respectful of other people cultural besides their own…..

    Better testing and screening should be done…
    Just because your father Grandfather, uncles or aunts have been cop, do not mean everybody in the family should be cops…..it is not an inherited job….

    It’s a job where you should want to help people not finally getting the power abuse people or get back at people….

  35. Anonymous says:

    What do you say after reading something like that… all I can say is that my prayers and thoughts are with Mr. Mineo…

  36. Hector Eh says:

    the guy deserved it. He beat and robbed a 15 year old kid a few months before this happened. I hope his intestines fall out.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Line the pigs up against the shower wall and let the inmates get their turn

  38. Cody Julio says:

    To protect and defend? Only each other apparently! Hurrah for the guys that spoke up. Pigs is still apros pos

  39. Anonymous says:

    Mineo’s nick name is ‘FM’ 🙂

  40. Mary says:

    Once the antenna was inserted, they heard music playing!

  41. Anonymous says:

    stiffer penalty’s just might prevent most of this sickness. they know all about lieniency , and know the consequences is’nt really a factor even if proved guilty! we all need to pay close attention to these crimes and stay on top of them,… very well could have been our own son’s and daughters!, or us. God Bless us all.

  42. Motha Fucka says:

    My GOD. :O

  43. Anonymous says:

    this is extreamly immoral and wrong I hope that these officers get thrown in jail as one aspiering to be a COP i AM ASHAMED

  44. psycho says:

    I hope that if this situation (god fobid) ever happens to anyone else that true justice is served and that there are many other people that this has happened to and they are too scaed to come forward. but with all honesty if this really did happen to you that you find closure because im currently in school to be a cop and not all have bad intentions.

  45. yeller12 says:

    There is no such thing as a good cop. All cops hide behind there badge and try to cover everything up. In the NYPD covering up for each other is standard protocol for these thugs and it is a disgrace that it is so tolerated. The best lesson I learned is always try to have a video camera around otherwise these low life scum of people will always win.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Believe it or not a third of Americans think ANYTHING cops do is justified simply because they're cops. Same third that voted in Bush (they stole the rest), and against Public Health Care even though most of them are on Medicare.
    A word of caution: they will come for you one day if something isn't done to weed out the thugs. Who will defend 'we the people' from the police?

  47. Anonymous says:

    I'm just about sick to death of hearing about police officers 'breaking the law'.
    I listened to a local cop being interviewed recently. He states that police officers are held to a higher standard, because they KNOW the Law, yet choose to ignore their own standards.
    Here in small town, Texas~McGregor, my son was found dead in Amsler Park!!
    McGregor PD did not investigate, did not ask me if Josh might have been depressed, suicidal, or on antidepressants…NOTHING!
    For over 3 years, I have been posting my son's circumstances, the inconsistencies, and blatant lies being told by the on scene officers.
    All 8 McGregor officers knew my two sons, especially Joshua, yet the four, on scene, stated they did not recognize him!
    I find out from an associate with Southwestern Inst. of Forensic Science/Dallas, that Joshua was last seen alive by a McGregor patrol officer in the DARK park @ 1AM. He was in the same clothes @ 1AM and @ 5:36AM, when the ONE officer arrived on scene.
    THIS same officer ran a wants and warrants check on the 'unknown' subject with NO identification nor a suicide note!
    When I asked the chief of police about this, he said, "It's not like the officers have drivers license numbers in their heads. A wants and warrants check is done in case there's a warrant, it can be dismissed." I said, "WHO CARES, HE'S DEAD!!!!!!"
    http://www.americaiswatching.org (Joshua Robinson) Attached documents, including a crime scene photo, petition, contact numbers/email addresses.
    Please sign the petition to show your support in my fight for justice!

  48. Anonymous says:

    the messed up part is they will probably get suspended for a couple weeks and then back "fighting crime"

  49. Walkers says:

    they cannot get away with this as they had an" ariel" view.it is incredible that the cops have to"channel" their aggression this way.they are obviously "out of tune" with the public.lets hope the powers that be "probe" this incident and bring these naughty police to book.it is reported that now when the victim breaks gas,his arse says code 10 code 10

  50. Anonymous says:

    Police bruttality may be scientifically linked to annabollic steroid abuse.The overuse of steroids/performance inhanscing medication may be @ the root cause of police bruttality.It is common knowlege that steroids changes the user's mood and behavior.It is also common knowlege that most cops use and abuse performance inhansing drugs &,or annabolic steroids.I recomend to any individual victimised by the police to insist that the offending Citizen On Patrol be subjet to an extensive battery of substance abuse screening.

  51. Anonymous says:

    This is why I don't get upset when police officers get shot.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Fuck the Police. A.C.A.B. There should be a non-profit organization that investigates all the cases worldwide. And the guilty should be trialed by a military trial. Until then cases like this will be a regular occurence!

  53. Anonymous says:

    NYPD police officers You are sick mens, sick and very sick. You know what dont cover up evidence

  54. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE STOP SAYING that these men should also be raped. NOBODY DESERVES RAPE. And NOBODY is ANYBODY'S 'BITCH'. The misogyny and ignorance in these comments astounds and saddens me.

  55. Anonymous says:

    whats the world coming to

  56. Anonymous says:

    This same article was posted in the NY Daily News. Mineo's claims were unfounded after two witnesses testified that the officers did not have tasers, and the injuries were not caused by the walkie talkie antennas. Mineo's witnesses stories could not be verified either.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Dont move to canada theyre all sodomizing fucking goofs here too.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Not guilty!!! way to jump to conclusions you wankers

  59. Anonymous says:

    Not all police are bad we all know this, but it is getting worse out there for sure. If anyone cop or otherwise is found guilty of this kind of crap strap em down and give em the needle. Just a thought.

  60. Brooklyn Blood says:

    "NYPD police officers You are sick mens, sick and very sick. You know what dont cover up evidence"

    Another well written, and valued opinion – NOT!

  61. thEe bEsT says:

    omfg dats fukkin messed uhp

  62. Anonymous says:

    I like how some jackass police officer commented this site and said that bullshit sentence of how the "majority of police are good" fuck you buddy this porves that MORE than half are fucking scum…enjoy contributing to the problem by defending these sick fucks…they raped him with a fucking antenna!!! you my friend, can go suck a fat dick

  63. Anonymous says:

    You animal rights types shouldn’t overreact; after all subhuman monkeys have no souls and attempting to give them human characteristics is simply errant thinking.

  64. kyle says:

    look up the definition of a gang and if this doesnt fit in every way let me know… COPS ARE WORSE THAN WHAT THEY LABEL AS GANGS because have power over every single one of us and abuse it daily.

  65. Joe dick says:

    wtf…is this, a third world country!?

  66. James says:

    Theres only one way to deal with crooked cops like this and that is to kill them just kill them outright with a bullet to the head.

  67. anonymous says:

    As long as cops get charged like everyone else it wouldn’t look so bad. When a cop rapes someone and gets a few days in jail and then paid leave is pure BS. Someone gets more time for a dui then cops get for rape, murder, and assault. If the roles were reversed there wouldn’t be many cops left. Revolution will soon come and we outnumber all authority by the millions.

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