Police Shoot and Kill a Man After Traffic Stop

Posted on: January 10th, 2009 58 Comments
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The Anaheim police pulled over a light blue sedan outside a 7-Eleven in Orange County. The driver was a 43 years old man named Barry Martin Koeningsberg. Shortly after the pulling over there was an officer-involved shooting. It’s unclear what happened but the officers fired their weapons at the man “numerous times”. Investigators found a handgun in the man’s car, and there are strong indications that he fired his weapon at the officers. Police did not say who fired first, but no officers were injured.

Koeningsberg was found 30 feet from the car full of wounds from gunshots, and he had a police-style belt underneath his jeans and jacket. He was immediately taken to a medical center but there was no hope, he was already dead.

The investigators are planning to interview witnesses that were near the 7-Eleven when the shooting found place. This was not Anaheim Police Department’s first fatal officer-involved shooting.

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