Orlando Police Injures Innocent Woman Outside Library

Posted on: May 30th, 2011 1 Comment
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Near downtown in front of a public library in Orlando a group of police officers shoved two men and a woman face down into the pavement after some crowd fighting. The incident was caught on one of the city’s surveillance cameras. One of the officers says that he grabbed the woman by her arm and lead her away from the area but she started to hit him and then stumbled on the pavement and fell down. The woman says that it happened differently, she claims that the officer threw her on the ground and that she got bruised all over, and her front teeth knocked out.

She was arrested and charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer with violence and disorderly conduct. The funny thing is that on the video tape you can see how the officer walks away when he knocks her over and she falls down, like he had no attention to arrest her in the first place. The case is now under investigation.

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One Response

  1. Bobby Cee says:

    Orlando police. They seem to have become more like a gang.
    I am 60 yrars old and have never been arrested. I have lived in NYC and a number of small towns and have never even been approached by police. In Orlando, In the last 8 years I have been stopped 6 times either walking to the store or waiting for a bus. Once surrounded by 4 police while one kept pushing me attempting to get me to fight back, I’m not that stupid. My crime was walking to the bus stop at 5’30 am. even one cop looked embarrassed by what the leader was doing. people do not want to think about this believing police have good reason or they are doing it to people of lesser standing,After you or your kids become abused or assaulted by police you will think differently. u can’t fight back and are feeling like nothing. I”m a veteran,have respect for the uniform of military and police. OPD had allowed a culture of abuse to grow,even encouraged it.good officers are forced to keep quite while working with partners who are cowards and dangerous.I never thought I would cheer hearing a cops has been beaten or hurt. MY apologies to the good cops but I hate you all and when these young guys fight back I will cheer them.You have allowed the department to become a gang lead by a few cowards while the good guys cannot go against their partners. 60 years old disabled and so scared of the local police I stay in after dark.
    ( note: For you haters I am white) For those who want to defend these animals I only hope it happens to you.

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