NYPD Cop Manhandles a Girl Protester During Arrest

Posted on: November 30th, 2011 4 Comments
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Another shocking video from the streets of New York where the police brutality goes on despite dozens of cases of these acts captured on camera and condemned by the public. NYPD continues their terrorizing behavior not caring about the presence of the eye-witnesses and cameras.

This time the victim was a girl who was a part of the peacefully protesting Occupy Wall Street crowd. A CNN iReporter who recorded the video approached the scene when he heard people yelling “police brutality”, and filmed a NYPD cop dragging the girl by her hair in an attempt to move the protesters off the street. The crowd started booing and yelling “shame”, but the cop stopped only briefly. He then continued dragging her across the street by her backpack, although she made no attempt to resist and remained still the whole time. She was cuffed and lifted off the ground with the help of another officer, and taken away from the scene. It is still unclear why the girl got arrested.


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4 Responses

  1. me says:

    their excuse is that they needed to get people to “safety” on the sidewalks. however, they dragged the victim into the street – i contradiction to say the least…they did the same thing to me – boise police department

  2. D.S says:

    I believe Police officers are just like every other person on earth you push them too far with immature acts, and they’ll show you the real person behind that badge.
    If I was that girl I would be so cooperative ,but of course theirs those people on earth who “fight” for there rights , even though they don’t realise that the government and Police force are protecting their hides from terrorism in and out of their country.
    That woman put herself in that position by not listening.

    • Pikgitar says:

      You believe that police are just like everyone else? Not listening to cops is a good enough reason for cops to beat someone up? Where the fuck do you get your reasoning from? And then you actually tried the “the cops are protecting their hides” from all those mean old terrorists? What terrorists are you referring to? As near as I can conclude the only terrorists on the streets of NYC are New York’s “finest” terrorists, the NYPD. And you, DS, approve of the methods the NYPD pigs utilize to keep us all safe from those imaginary terrorists that truly only exist in your pea brain. You are nothing but a fool. A very stupid fool you are or else you’re a PIG. So what is it? Who do you think you are? Best look in the mirror D.S and start using your common sense, if you have any.

  3. yoda says:

    d.s you are either police, or a complete moron. what terrorism are you being protected from? the one that your government is faking? wake the fuck up !!!

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