No Charges For Sheriff Using Force On a Deaf Man

Posted on: February 7th, 2012 6 Comments
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An Alberta sheriff who caused a cancer survivor’s neck tube to dislodge and the man to collapse after carrying him out of the court house, was found not guilty for the unjust use of force and will not be criminally charged.

52-year-old Bill Berry lost his hearing and power of speech after battle with cancer, and is unable to breathe without the tube that goes through his neck. He entered the Red Deer court house and was trying to pay a traffic ticket when the sheriff, later identified as Thomas Bounds, approached him claiming he didn’t go through the security screening at the entrance. Berry tried to communicate with the sheriff, but he grabbed him and carried him through the door, causing Berry’s neck tube to dislodge and leave the man breathless. After going through a series of convulsions, Berry fell to the ground and collapsed.


Even though the security camera tapes show that Berry wasn’t showing any signs of aggressive behavior, the chief crown prosecutor Robert Coleman decided to drop all charges against Bounds, claiming there wasn’t enough proof that he was using unjust force. Berry is enraged with this decision and he is planning to file a lawsuit.

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6 Responses

  1. Terry Wagar says:

    The Portland police sleep around with serial killers and they have fun poisoning off their victims, and the Portland police deny the victims medical treatment at the hospital by having “private” chats with the doctors in the hospital hallways!

  2. chris says:

    My opinion is somebody ought to sucker punch Thomas Bounds right in the Adams Apple; then as he grasps his throat in a state of shock, whack the motherfucker in the knee so he falls to the ground and then stomp on his face once really hard.

  3. Glenn Guthrie says:

    This is Canada where we are supposed to be free from this kind of treatment.When the courts dismiss actions like beating on a handicap personm aND NEARLY CAUSING HIM to die is so outrages that it defies the fact that we are suppose to be a free country. What a PILE OF BULLSHIT THIS asshole should be kicked off the forse and sent to prison and let the inmates do their thing. Maybe he would smarten up ( if he survived ) but I do not think so. They are programmed like robots and can not thionk for themselves. It isd getting worse. These pricks think they are i vinsible and can do what they want. It is time for us to take the power away from them, but it will be hard to do since that queer Rock M.P. (liberal)put the long gun law in. They do not want usd to be able to defend ourselves. We are at the mercy of the elected pricks that we think will do a good job but once in power the citizens be damned and do want to do. They are nothing but a bunch assholes thaty like to put us down and tax the shit out of us for their own use. Fuck them all.

  4. al says:

    that’s just sick.
    are your cops on steroids too?

  5. lance says:

    hahahaha canada has the worst cops when it comes to this type of stuff,i recently turned 18 never had a criminal record before but i have had 4 police oficers point guns at my face for sitting near a park late a night,i have also been robbed twice by undercover fucking pigs all i do is got to school and go home.

  6. tim says:

    welcome to canada

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