8-Year-Old Autistic Boy Handcuffed For Several Hours

Posted on: August 23rd, 2011 22 Comments
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After an outburst on a school bus an 8-year-old autistic boy was handcuffed by the police.

The mother burst into tears when she came to the school and saw her son like that.

There were some trouble at the bus that caused the driver to drive back to the school where police could handle the case further.

The mother didn’t understand why they couldn’t take the handcuffs off when he had calmed down, but they just said that the child was out of control and that they wanted to make sure everyone, including the boy, was safe.

They even ordered a mental health hold and drove the boy in a patrol car to the hospital, still handcuffed.

They refused the mother to drive him. The boy’s father said “It’s humiliating and it’s inhumane. If you’re going to tell me that ten adults can’t handle a 40 or 50 pound child, then there’s something wrong. He didn’t need to be in handcuffs.”

When the mother asked the police to take a look at the video tape of what happened inside the bus, the police didn’t have it for some reason.

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22 Responses

  1. When the police fail to follow the law, there is no law, only anarchy. -Billy Jack. Handcuffs, tazers and fists are not the solution to all problems.

  2. Damon says:

    I think the police did the right thing. The handcuffs prevent the boy from acting out further which could cause harm to others or himself. The police have done nothing wrong here in my opinion.

    • Mrs Hurlock says:

      Damon had you known anything about a child with autism you would understand how destructive this type of restrain it … he CAN’T calm down whilst suffering unwanted touch .. its part of his condition. you have the internet to research before you make comments ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for your stupid comment

    • Pikgitar says:

      Guess what Damon, I’m not as nice as others ’round here. I’m just gonna come right out and say it. You’re nothing more than another stupid pig lover just drooling to lick the boots of some hate filled sociopath. Therefore you are a stupid fool.

  3. Mat says:

    I get sick and tired of articles like this, where those charged with this student’s safety, are blamed for the fact that the child has become a danger. Anyone who says “Couldn’t ten people control an 80 pound child” are idiots. Of course they could – two each could hold a limb, and the remaining two could sit on him, or four could hold him whilst the other 6 record it to prove it was in the child’s best interests. Or just one person could physically restrain the child whilst trying to avoid accidental headbutts and thrashing limbs – for the 30 minutes or an hour it takes the parents to arrive and collect him. Or they could just secure the kid’s arms behind him and sit him down whilst he calms down.

    • Pikgitar says:

      Your attempt at logic has failed, Mat. You have now transformed into a bumbling buffoon. That title ranks you far below a plain idiot. Social standing is nil and fading faster than a red Ferrari into the horizon. See ya soon, buffoon.

  4. Michelle says:

    Mat: My wish is that this very thing happens to someone you love one day. Not only do I wish for it, I’m putting it out there in the universe. PLEASE let this happen to someone he loves, soon. The sooner the better. When it does, come back & let us know how you feel then.

  5. erica says:

    whatever. Of course know mother wants to see her child in handcuffs but if that is to protect him then let it be. They are officers of the law i am sure the weren’t trianed to handle kids with autism. Only how to keep them from harming themselves and others not the disablity itself. This is not police brutality.

    • Matthew Barreto says:

      For safety of others, yes it’s not brutality, but just if the police feel like restraining him, then it IS actually brutality if the boy is autistic.

    • Pikgitar says:

      It may not be brutality but it is definitely not acceptable and just the pretense that those cops were being good is an insult to those who know otherwise. The most likely place harm would come to anyone would be coming from the cops themselves.

      The cops are not what you think they are. Cops generally think themselves to be above the law and that’s where it all begins. The next steps in the decay of morals and empathy leads us to where we are NOW. Living in a police state ruled by a bunch of morons with sadomasochistic psychosis-es and packing guns and more guns and tanks with cannons and the list goes on and on. Do you feel safe and secure Erica?

  6. megan says:

    What a terrible thing to say michelle

    • Pikgitar says:

      I thought what she said made perfect sense considering who the remark was directed to. Sometimes terrible things need to happen to some of these morons who still think that officer friendly is there to help. Mat is one of those morons. Are you also, Megan?

  7. SFCRetired says:

    Police and school administrators on a “god” trip again. Thankfully, my children are grown. There is no, repeat NO, excuse for handcuffing an eight-year-old child and then refusing to allow his mother to take charge of him. Cops do not know how to deal with either children or mentally disabled adults.

  8. richard says:

    ok that right there is fucked up

  9. I don’t think that’s what happened to me? I was kicking the bus and also why would the bus turn back to school and the police. I don’t think that’s right at all!!!

    I mean this has got to stop, I mean not only is this abuse. But the use of handcuffs on a 8 year old child is just excessive. Not to mention though the police were left with no choice but to handcuff the boy for several hours. Seriously they need to stop doing this. Because it has gone too far.

  10. Carolyn Cummings says:

    As long as we allow this “GANG” of thugs to “protect and serve” we will NEVER truly be free.
    They say “they are fighting gangs” yet here they are the largest “GANG” in history.
    I pray for all that have been abused by and will be abused by these “people” we pay to do this to us.

  11. Tyrone says:

    You would think a country that launch a war against another country for it’s treatment of their citizen in Iraq. A country that condemn Muslim “Sharia Law” and seem to be outrage at it’s treatment of women. Would never ever participate in the same even worse treatment of American citizen. Especially American women! WRONG WRONG WRONG! America’s treatment of it’s citizen is horrible. Especially when it involves a white American police officer. White police officer in America practice a horrible evil against American citizen. Especially black Americans! And women and children and senior citizen and the handicap are targets!
    Countless incident of horrible police brutality is caught on video time and time again and the American justice system continue to say to American victim. TOO-BAD-SO-SAD cops have a hard job and sometime they make mistakes.SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It would seem children would receive justice from the court system. WRONG especially if that child is black. Police can beat taser killed unarmed black children and adults. Be back to work before the body out the hospital or in the ground!The incident happened back on Sept. 29 outside of Dieruff High School. The video first shows white Keshana Wilson, 14, walking towards a car on the street with two friends on the 800 block of Washington Street before turning to talk to another group of students, according to the Morning Call.

    The video then abruptly cuts to a white Allentown Police Officer Jason Ammary struggling with Wilson on the side of a parked car. Pushing the child up against a car then the officer back up and taser the 14 year old child! This white cop was about 230 pounds the 14 year old about 160 pounds and he felt threaten! This incident happen near the school of the child witness by many children. Who were traumatize by the incident! What is so evil this is a very mild incident compare to the many evil incidents against minorities. Especially black Americans! Aiyana Jones was just 7 years old totally incident totally unarmed. That didn’t stop a white Detroit cop from throwing a flash bomb into the home of the sleeping child. Then kicking in the door and shooting Aiyana in the head dead! This was before being told that children were in the home!

    American continue to be one of the worse abusers of their own! Children in America of all races are in danger from American police officers! Black males are especially in danger from being beaten taser and killed by American police! Shamefully American justice system DOES NOT care! At the same time America’s Government is fast to condemn other counties for the same if not worse treatment that they commit against their own!

  12. Cindy says:

    I believe they abuse their power towards innocent people. The boy was autistic, if many people don’t now, they don’t comprehend like many other people can. They shouldn’t have handcuffed the boy but they could have hold him instead. Handcuffs were unnecessary and it’s very weird how the police couldn’t show his parents the video of what happened.

  13. terry wagar says:

    Pedophile cops Eric Carlson the ginger and John Ray the Mexican caught raping children and poisoning parents in Portland Oregon!

  14. zhang li li says:

    i am also handcuffed before by the police. i was also spanked and caned bare bottom. i cried so much but they just spanked me harder.they spanked me with a paddle,hand,shoe,cain,wooden spoon and a yardstick.then i was spanked again but kneeling down.

  15. zhang li li says:

    once,i was handcuffed by the police.i screamed in fear.they brought me to the cell then locked me in.there was an officer who was in charge of caning me.he canedme in front of everyone.i have to kneel down and no arguing or they would spank me harder.

  16. Judy says:

    That’s a wet-tlhoughl-out answer to a challenging question

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