Cleveland Police Kills 37-Year-Old Woman In Front Of Her Family

Posted on: June 30th, 2015 1 Comment
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Tenisha Anderson (37) died after police slammed her head on the concrete, while her family watched.

Police Officers arrived at Anderson’s home after a call from concerned family member who though police would help with Tenisha’s illness. Police came, responding to the situation as a “disturbing the peace” call. This African American woman suffered from bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia, but she was never considered dangerous or aggressive.

Tenisha was disoriented and anxious at the time officers arrived at her home. They escorted her to the police vehicle. From this point, story of the police officers involved and Tenisha’s family evolves in different directions.

Officers said Tenisha was actively resisting the officers, kicking them and in a short time, she stopped struggling. Police officers immediately checked her pulse and called EMS.

This version is very different from the one Tenisha’s brother Joell is telling. “They killed my sister” said Joell explaining she was more of a danger for herself then others.

Joell said that after his sister was escorted to the police vehicle she sat herself in the backseat. The moment she sat, she felt anxious and became nervous about the little space she was put in. She then called out her mother and brother, and tried to get out. Officer, instead of trying to calm her, he used a “judo” take down move. He pressed her head in the backseat repeatedly and placed his knee on her back. The combination of her hearth disease and schizophrenia made this “judo” move deadly.


Joell Anderson also said that officers had no respect toward the victim, that when the struggling begun, Tenisha’s sundress was lifted above her waist. Joell asked police to cover her naked lower body and they ignored him. He used his own jacket to cover her.

Tenisha stopped breathing right after officer placed his knee on her back, she didn’t even make it to the hospital.

Medical records defined her death as a homicide.

None of the officers involved in this incident have been fired nor placed on leave.


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  1. ash says:

    These jerks choked me with a chain around the neck. Rebuke their curses. They try to get permission by having someone say they are going to do something. I don’t care if they have a loaded gun, do not give Satan. I repeat do not give Satan permission.

    Satan has to ask permission from the King Yhwh Elohim to do anything. Do not an, do not fear, do not be a coward, fear Ugh only.

    If they have to ask permission, that means they don’t have it. They have to ask permission to speak to you, that is your first clue. Police are enforcers of commercial code not the Law.

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