NY Police Officer Charged For Sodomizing a 13-year-old Boy

Posted on: January 20th, 2009 11 Comments
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A Bronx cop was charged with sodomizing a 13-year-old boy yesterday after a group of stunned passers-by caught him having sex with the youth near a baseball field.

Officer Luis Delgado, a 12-year NYPD veteran and a married father of two who just bought a new home in Orange County, was so unconcerned after being caught with the half-naked youngster that he allegedly told people who were walking by to “get the fuck away from me!”

When passers-by said they would call police, Delgado shouted back, “I am the police!” and continued to assault the teen, witnesses said.

After getting a 911 call, cops responded to French Charley’s Park at about 5 p.m., police said. Residents said Delgado, 39, tried to run away after witnesses called the police and his fellow officers confronted him. Cops caught Delgado a few minutes later.

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11 Responses

  1. doturt says:

    that’s disgusting. I say we take away his weapons,,,his gun and his d**k!

  2. Anonymous says:

    the laws that citizens have to be punished with should also apply to and officers of the law. Is America turning a blind eye to this abuse of power. Our children cannot even look for saftey to our law enforment..Is this going on in other parts of the world without concequences…..Has America believed that putting GOD out of their lives will make this country great………take a look back 60-70 years ago or even 40 years ago this was not the normal behaviour of the people of this country….but now it is.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh, it was probably normal behavior but was denied.

  4. Sherlock says:

    What is wrong with NY police officers their always sodomizing boys or men. What is with this obsession to sodomizes people. Their probably rape women to and its not being reported. I thought NYPD was supposed to be the finest. Yeah right, the finest rapist. Sickos

  5. james says:

    This is a response to the second comment more so than a comment on the officers actions. Those of us that think like you are the biggest problem when in comes to bringing savages like this here cop to justice. It's due to peoples willingness to forget and deny and pretend that enable people like this cop to feel they can get away with it. I don't expect to change your view if you do in fact see the 'good old days' as a more innocent and 'normal' period in time. But I will say that there are great number of proofs that authority, whether it be the patrols of the earlier days of our country, the klan, or the police, have all committed these heinous deeds on a seemingly habitual basis. Sicker acts actually. Why a deputy/clansman or a county clerk/clansman would want to kill a black man and cut his penis off I can only speculate. Even military who dont typically operate domestically are'nt as innocent as we as a whole have chosen to believe. My father was in vietnam. The stories of rape and muder and mutilation and other sick activities are just as true as police brutality in New York. Even our women soldiers in Iraq were photographed taking part in these sick sexually motivated activities. But already we have forgotten. Were back to near zero accountability for those who put their lives on the line in defense of our freedoms. Well, I contend that the vast majority of them don't put their lives on the line for our freedom but do it for a college education. Or career training. Or because it does look great on a resume. Maybe their eighteen now and they have no viable alternatives. They may have joined simply bacause the recruiting commercials look so cool now. One of them I saw appeals to teenagers by showing a soldier remotely operating a plane with a joy stick. Like a video game. That looks fun. Sign me up like yesterday. Whatever happened to recruiting based on things less self serving. And whatever you do, dont tell me that the majority of the young men and women in th U.S. are willing to give their lives for their country. All of us who pretend that this is'nt a deeply embedded problem need to screw our heads on a little tighter. The various authorities of our country have many a time been guilty of raping, and beating, and killing, and other even sicker acts. They just rarely get punished for it. I know I went of track a little, but I can't exactly say that i'm sorry.

  6. Anonymous says:

    this is fake

  7. Sam says:

    Well said James-nail meets head where accountability misses.

  8. Jodie Sewell says:

    After reading that, its obvious that there is no law, its just a bunch of crock that is put in place and changed to suit the small relevant few. i hope that police man gets his cherry popped in jail with no lubrication or soap! and i hope its by the biggest pen-is.

  9. terry wagar says:

    My wife Joan Wagar was poisoning me while she was having an affair with a cop.
    My wife recruited our daughters into this our daughters pretended nothings wrong when my wife poisoned me and they were hiding my wife’s affair from me.

    My wife’s lover the cop Eric Carlson and his bro’s in law enforcement made sure I could not get help from 911 or from a hospital.
    Eric Carlson’s partner would speak with my doctor in the hallway and label me as a bad guy repeatedly until the doctor got the hint to shut up about me being poisoned.

    Three family members died during my wife’s use of pills and antifreeze as poison and police covered up my emergency visits to the hospital and my 911 calls.

    I was so badly poisoned I was just stuck, at home, at their mercy, with no one to turn to for help.

    Eric Carlson and his bro’s were framing me for their crimes and they were using Eric Carlson as a photo double to frame me as a pedo and they framed me over a murder by using Eric Carlson as a double.

    My wife Joan Wagar’s coworkers knew my wife was poisoning me and that her lover Eric Carlson was framing me by acting as a double, Joan Wagar’s coworkers nick named Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar Doubleclick and Mrs Dash, and Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar used those nick names in their love letters.

    I was a plasma donor when they were poisoning me.

    Terry Wagar

  10. terry wagar says:

    I was being poisoned by my wife Joan Wagar while she was hiding an affair with a Portland police officer named Eric Carlson, and Eric Carlson and his partners/bro’s in law enforcement were framing me as a pedophile so no one would care.

    While I was stuck at home to ill to leave from being poisoned by my wife her f@@k buddy’s ran around the neighborhood labeling me as a pedophile and they used flyers giving me the blame for the crimes Eric Carlson and his bro’s committed.

    I caught Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson in the act on March 26th 2007 breaking into my home and they planted child porn on our computer and they poisoned my coffee pot.

    I caught them on a audio recorder bragging to Clackamas Walmart employees they were using Eric Carlson as a photo double to frame me as a pedophile and Eric Carlson admitted he was framing me over a missing runaway and he named the runaway.

    I have them admitting they were framing me for their crimes and they admitted they were going to kill me off, they also admitted they were going to kill off a female as well.

    Their laughing about all this to Clackamas Walmart employees in their break room, Joan Wagar and her sister and her daughters worked in that store at the time.

    They describe the act of destroying my reputation using flyers as pedofying, their term they used it and I have it on a audio recorder, it means based on what they were doing “They do whatever they have to do to destroy their targets reputation by falsely making pedophile allegations against their target so no one will care their target is a victim, including committing the crimes themselves and then blaming their target” and I have them on a audio recorder bragging to Walmart employees as to how their setting me up for their crimes/

    Joan Wagar and her f@@k buddy’s in law enforcement recruited our daughters into this so they have them to lie for them, but I have them in the act on a audio recorder admitting their framing me and poisoning me, which is why they publicly pedofied me using flyers and at the same time media is mums the word about any of this.

    Eric Carlson has changed his name and is still working for the Portland police department and still functions as a cop, under a new alias, and the Portland police covered up my 911 calls and made sure I cannot get help from a hospital.

    I discovered their murder conspiracy and I tried to warn people about it and I was severely poisoned for my trouble, they had a list of people they were doing this to.

    Eric Carlson’s partners activily interfered with me getting medical treatment at the OHSU hospital they would speak with my doctors in the hallway labeling me as a “bad guy” repeatedly until my doctors got the hint to not take a toxicology test.

    I lost three family members to this murder conspiracy within a three year period from 2005 to 2008 and I almost died in 2007, I am disabled from being poisoned and I am denied emergency services because my wife had permission from a cop to poison me to death.

    Walmart employees knew of their murder conspiracy and were helping them by hiding their affair from me as well as Eric Carlson’s likeness to me, and Walmart employees nick named Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar Doubleclick and Mrs Dash and both Eric and Joan used those nick names in love letters to each other.

    Joan Wagar’s brother Don Minr, the former owner of Fantasy Limos Inc, died shortly after Joan Wagar confessed in her diary to use of poison.

    Joan Wagar confessed in her diary I was ill and that I could not get help from hospital or from police and she admitted she wanted life insurance money’s.

    I was a plasma donor when Mrs Dash started poisoning me.




    Terry Wagar

  11. terry wagar says:

    I meant to say Don Minor not Don Minr.

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