Police Ran Over a Guy With a Police Pickup Truck

Posted on: April 18th, 2008 18 Comments
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This video footage recorded from media chopper shows how an escaping suspect in Houston Texas is run over by a police pickup truck.

The police report says nothing about his medical condition.

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18 Responses

  1. Jamming says:

    Yeah, maybe he shouldn’t have run, eh?

  2. Gumpiiit says:

    if they can get away with this, why don,t they just shoot people who run? its the same thing

  3. West says:

    Yeah, I really like the advertisment on this page to seek a law enforcement career and add yourself to the ranks of these slime…….I’m sure the ad will attract those with a feeling of inferiority that needs bolstering by a shiny badge to hide behind.They used to weed the psychos out at the police academy in the old days. Now they prefer those types to do the New World Order’s dirty work.No concience at all!

  4. KTRK says:

    What does KTRK stand for, Killer Truck?

  5. Eileen says:

    Not nice to police the police. True, if the people don’t police the police, who will?

  6. Lawrence says:

    goodyear eagles, should of back up over him too.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If they would have done that to a dog. Animal rights activates would have had their butt.

  8. Yeap says:

    well dont run from the cops when ur already a convicted felon for violent crimes. I bet u didnt know that part of this story did u idiots?

  9. derp says:

    Apparently nobody was listening when the video clearly said that the officer slammed on his brakes before getting anywhere near the guy, you’ll notice that the bumpy terrain there could quite possibly cause the braking action to be less effective, especially if it was as muddy as it looks. You can’t dismiss that out of hand.

    Also, most modern police trucks and cruisers now have dashcam equipment that records when the brakes or accelerators are hit, sometimes displaying them on the video, other times recording the information to a sort of black-box device. Internal affairs investigators and attorneys will be able to review that information.

    • terry wagar says:

      Who ever said on the video the officer slammed on his breaks was not there and is not a witness to whether the cop used his breaks or not.

      Just because a nameless voice speaks over the video does not mean that person is telling the truth.

      Someone else could take that video and voice over on it an entirely different explanation so whats your point?

      F@@k what someone says over the video the video itself speaks for itself well enough.

      The cop was aiming right for the unarmed citizen and ran the man over, wheels aimed at the citizen, attempted murder if done by anybody else.

      The officer was not concerned at all for possible injury’s to the citizen he jumped on his back and slammed his knee into the small of the injured mans back without regard for possible back injury’s.

      Every cop and their bro’s come out of the wood work to “justify” this officer’s crimes by shear numbers on blog sites such as this one claiming the citizen deserved it and claiming justification to protect the officer from prosecution.

      This is an attempted murder using a deadly weapon, a vehicle, with intent to murder/seriously harm, an unarmed citizen regardless of what the citizen is or is not accused of.

      The narrator of this video is spinning the truth as to what happened, and notice the narrator does not want people to notice the cop IS aiming right for the unarmed man, unusual for the narrator to leave that out don’t you think?

  10. terry wagar says:


  11. james says:

    Good, maybe criminals wouldn’t run so much if cops ran them over more often.

    • terry wagar says:

      You do realize you are promoting murder by motor vehicle don’t you?
      Promoting murder by vehicles is illegal james.

      you may become a suspect in the next hit and run in your town because of you openly promoting such crimes.

  12. David says:

    so what he ran, that makes it ok to run him over? thats brutal he didnt have a gun, they could just stand back and let him wear himself out then tackle him down, but running him over is just extreme and unjust

  13. Donald G says:

    Here are a few more idiots claiming allegiance to killer cops . They must come from or are a cop family . I for one look at this as a reason to have tried to blow this cops ass away . Why , because this is truely what self-defense entails . No one should have the right to fucking run multi-ton vehicles over fragile flesh . Who are these fools agreeing with this .

  14. terry wagar says:

    If a citizen did this to a cop he would have been beaten to death by his bro’s and the media would be all over labeling the cop as a hero and news stations would be showing an address for people to send cards and flowers and donations to the cop and his/her family!

    If a citizen did this to anyone everybody would view it as premeditated murder/attempted murder on the part of the driver.

    A cop does this and everybody is mums the word about it, no mention publicly of the condition of the person run over, no nothing.

    I would not be surprised if the news station mentioned on air that the cop was not harmed in the incident, and no mention at all about the condition of the person run over.

    Look at the front wheels of the truck the cop is aiming his truck right at the unarmed man on foot!

    News station catch’s a cop committing attempted murder by running over an unarmed man and that cop just don’t give a damn because every other cop in that town I am sure has seen this video and they just don’t give a damn.

    This video demonstrates how cops get away with crime all the time, this video shows you that cops are nothing like how they are portrayed on TV, cops are cold cruel murderers and they don’t give a damn if their caught committing felony’s!

    This is at least attempted murder by that cop, intentional use of a motor vehicle to run someone of is at the very least attempted murder the cop intended to run him over the cop did not try to serve away from the man the cop was aiming for him!

    This is not legal this is not justice it’s just gang murders committed by corrupt cops that refuse to recognize the fact that cops do commit felony’s!

    If this is how cops treat unarmed citizens then unarmed citizens are justified in self defense in getting armed!

  15. terry wagar says:

    Officer’s Eric Carlson and John Ray, with the help of Joan Wagar and her daughters and her sister, committed a early morning break in on March 26th 2007 and they raped, photographed, and killed a female teenager named Jessica!

    Thousands of flyers printed by Joan Wagar and officer Eric Carlson’s partner Adrian were printed at Clackamas Walmart and were distributed along S,E, 82nd in Portland Oregon and were distributed in late March and all of April of 2007!

    Joan Wagar and her F-buddy’s officer Eric Carlson and officer John Ray were framing Terry Wagar for the crimes THEY THEMSELVES COMMITTED and were publicly blaming Terry Wagar for THEIR crimes using word of mouth and flyers!

    All Walmart employees and managers that worked on March 26th 2007 are witness to Joan Wagar and her F-buddy’s in law enforcement taking over the printers at Walmart and printing those flyers!

    Terry Wagar was seriously poisoned by Joan Wagar and officer Eric Carlson and went to the hospital on April 7th 2007 and he was denied emergency services and the hospital REFUSED to take a toxicology test even though Terry Wagar had severe, SEVERE internal bleeding!

    Joan Wagar and her F-buddy’s have a long history of poisoning people and pedofying people and staging crimes using photo doubles and look-a-likes in order to frame people and they have a history of bragging to Walmart employees and they have a history of sleeping around with female Walmart employees in the back of Walmart near the break room!

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