Jordan Police Beat Up 9 Innocent Journalists

Posted on: July 23rd, 2011 4 Comments
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In central Amman in Jordan police managed to make 16 people injured when trying to stop clashes between pro-reform demonstrators and government supporters. With batons they broke through the clashes and beat up people that got in their way. Included 9 journalists that even had orange “Press” vests on.

Among them a female Islamist activist, and a photographer. They said that they thought they were safe next to the police since they only where there for press purposes, basically doing their job. They weren’t even in the crowd that protested. On several occasions there were 10 cops on one journalist.

They kicked and punched them with no mercy, like they were the demonstrators. The police said they only sent in their security forces who intervened to break up a brawl between protesters of differing opinions.

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4 Responses

  1. Stop The Hate says:

    Erin Busic a navy Master at Arms (military Police) posted these comments, under the profile name Redlight, on the website

    “I can’t stand that the military hires th lowest bidder to put in new cabinets on base and they don’t speak a word of english……… I am station right now in AMERICA….”

  2. Stop The Hate says:

    Yeah hatespeech is common on policelink by police officers. Robocop33 is a member on that site and makes these comments about muslims

    ” Obama is pro Muslim and it shows. Heck, just look at NASA’s main focus now as directed by the WH. They are tasked with showing just how much Muslims have done to contribute to our space program! What a bunch of crap!”

  3. Stop The Hate says:

    Constable A. L. Hollingsworth with the Township 13 Constable’s office in Springdale AR posts these comments about Al Sharpton in the website

    “When it comes to the not so revrend Al Sharpton I have only one thing to say: “You can’t fix stupid”.

  4. Siraj Davis says:

    A public announcement:

    To the law enforcement in Jordan who helped Al Haddada Jordanian residents attack the Palestinian refugees in Gaza Camp (many of them my friends and students), arrested innocent bystanders and tortured the helpless Palestinian refugee children, and who later denied these allegations by CCTJP and others refusing to allow ‘dignity’ to the Palestinian refugees……


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