8 Police Officers Shoot and Kill Homeless Man

Posted on: March 3rd, 2009 7 Comments
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8 Inglewood police officer fired about 47 times on the night they killed a homeless man. When the police arrived, the man reached out for his fake gun in his waistband when the cops fired off, he didn’t even raise the gun against them. Officers ordered the man to put his hands up but he refused so they shot him after feeling threatened by the pistol in the man’s waistband. The bullets were so out of control that they even hit a dog and a passing motorist. The homeless man was pronounced dead in the hospital.

A 40-year-old shop owner admits that he feels sorry for dialing 911 and calling the police when he saw the homeless man outside his store with a gun that he didn’t know was a toy. After the incident the City Council is suggesting a better training and recruiting from the law enforcement agencies until they see improvements. Michael Gennaco, chief attorney for the office, said the examination of the Police Department would cover training, supervision, policy and protocol.

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7 Responses

  1. Anon says:

    Police suck

    • Malik King says:

      I hope all is well with you, your friends and your family. Can you, your family and friends please sign this petition so I do not go to prison for SEVEN years. Thank you for your time, and compassion.



      Demand Justice for Police Brutality Victim Malik King,LVN,RN,BSN,PHN – The Petition Site
      http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/stop-the-excessive-police-force/ On March 9, 2011 several police officers brutally beat an unarmed, California Registered (RN) and…

  2. Angry says:


  3. Justice says:

    Oh yeah, they should have let him pull what very well have been a real gun and just start shooting at them first. The only training they need is maybe for accuracy, otherwise, I don’t see a problem. You pull out a gun, fake or not, around police, you should expect to be shot.

    • Glenn Guthrie says:

      The cops are too eager to fire their pistols that they will give any excuse for the reason. They all do that plus lie like a rug when questioned by their superiors, who then again lie for the cops reason and maybe give him a warning. They hire the most vicious people that they can in order to do this kind of action. They are all the same. We should fire them all and line them up and put a bullet through head, that would solve some of the trouble with these animals

  4. Eve says:

    Honestly shooting the homeless man was a righteous shoot. But the idiots only needed one bullet, not to empty the clip. If they hit a passing motorist they should be charged with manslaughter (if they killed them) and definitely reckless endangerment.

  5. Adof Eichmann says:

    Hell yes! Love this.

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