Surveillance video of Chicago Police Brutality on Woman

Posted on: October 11th, 2013 30 Comments

A Chicago woman has sued the Village of Skokie and one of its police officers, alleging she was seriously injured after being shoved headfirst into a concrete jail cell bench last spring. Part of the incident was recorded on a jailhouse video camera.

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30 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    I can’t click thru to the video because of an ad. Pretty lame.

  2. JIm says:

    Amazing, what was done to this woman by a cop with woman issues. I’m sick to my stomach. But what is also sickening is I see this video and they keep saying Chicago cops, Chicago cops. It was not Chicago cops it was Skokie, Illinois cops. This is the type of thing that gives these post no credibility. Get your facts straight you just dilute you message of abuse when you can’t get the truth straight.

    • Chad Savick says:

      so u are saying this did not happen? what’s not credible? the place? u think this is costumes? it doesn’t matter where this happened. it’s unacceptable even for any police officer. cmon man

    • MadRick says:

      I agree Jlm, those Chicago cops are something else, I mean look what they did to this poor girl, they are all criminals. LOL

  3. terry wagar says:

    The truth is cops are criminals regardless of what department they work for and the video speaks for itself!

    Notice how police are not calling for an ambulance for the victim and are not arresting the thug cop for felony battery.

    Police NEVER charge a cop with felony battery no matter how blatant it is and prosecutors are also just as guilty as accomplices for refusing to prosecute cops for felony battery.

    This is typical behavior of thug cops all over the USA and there is a never ending list of anonymous people that will post on websites defending cops and pretend the felony battery’s they commit are justified just because thugs have a uniform on.

  4. Dave says:

    Toughguy cops. What gerbil jammers they are.

  5. Jason says:

    What bothers me is just think how many of these incidents don’t get caught on video, or the video is erased before it can be shown to anyone…

  6. Brian Schmidt says:

    Agreed,Get The Ad Out Of it

  7. Patty says:

    The problem is not all cops are criminals. It is that there is now a criminal element in the police forces across the nation due to the government LOWERING THE STANDARDS for who can enter the police force. When we lower our standards to allow people to qualify who wouldn’t normally qualify, we get a lower quality of people.

    • Seth Keegan says:

      Sorry Patty, but that is not entirely true. Cops have been abusing, raping, killing, and destroying people since this great nation was founded. Our fore-fathers thought it would be different here. They were wrong. When people are given authority over others along with a gun…power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Everyone should be allowed to protect themselves and their families, and do away with the unnecessary and unwanted police. Those are wasted tax dollars being used against us.

  8. anonomous says:

    Rouge tactics should not be had either…

  9. Aaron says:

    Bet next time the twit will look straight at the camera. Lol

  10. this was just about as low down dirty as i have ever seen.all should be sent to jail for 10 years in general population. bubbas there.. my opinion. i’m pro police, these are not police, thugs, my opinion. harry halford

  11. James says:

    Yes some police do abuse there power and beat people…but you can clearly see in this video the she put both her hands on the door frame and resisted to go in to the cell so the cop pushed her and her head it the bench….he may have pushed to hard but this is not conserder brutality. And if it goes to court the judg will not rule in her favor.

    • Scott Reardon says:

      Your a tool for even suggesting that this is not “considered” brutality. The cop is obviously a POS and shoved the hell outta that skinny little chic who had only socks on so she slipped and fell face first into the metal bench. Freakin hardcore and that pussy should get his ass kicked!

    • red says:

      So sad its people like you that make it hard to stop them from doing it again how bout change that girl to ur mother,sister,wife or daughter u would sing a diff tune! Fkn loser

    • MikalJalil says:

      James you are a Disinformation Agent that posts comments in favor of the Fascist Regimes that call themselves police; you know that this video speaks volumes and yet you are here rearing your ugly head in favor of Brutality. When it’s your wife or girlfriend or mother, sister or daughter on the receiving end of this shit, lets see how you label it then!!!

    • Seth Keegan says:

      James, you make me sick.

  12. sammy ray says:

    when i hear about cops being killed..this asshole is why..i never care about them…dying for any reason at all..this guy right here and people like him

  13. Alan says:

    I suspect the young woman was inebriated. It appears that she might have planted her feet, briefly, as she was ‘returned’ to her cell. If that was the case, having been a correctional officer myself, a gentle nudge/push would have been in order to ensure her compliance. What this officer did was completely over the top and totally uncalled for. Even if her resistance had been more energetic, the officers had more than enough numbers to handle the situation. She displayed passive resistance,at most, and her injuries were totally unnecessary. I wonder what happened to him?

  14. red says:

    The most fkn useless officers I have ever seen!! Well we know already that cops can’t be trusted they abuse their power and get away with it! One of these days when we take our country back and belive me we will they’ll be at the bottom of the food chain so to speak and we as citizens will own the top!!! Hope its in my life time!!! This vidio just goes to show how much money is truelly wasted on law inforcement we aren’t safe out here or in there!!! I hope his family sees this and has nothing but shame they should and he should be put where he works I’m sure she’s not the first so I’m posotive he has some friends who would love to share a cell!! Now ask us again why people dont trust or want to obey laws hmmmmm!!!

  15. Shanon says:

    I agree with you red. I had an incident where I was a victim of police brutality and I was later considered innocent and no charges against me. However, the Police thought different they falsified accusations against me, falsified arrest against me, and to top it all falsified imprisonment against me also. I tried to complain about it on other sites but many people went against me for complaining against abuse and wrongful charges done by cops. Then I went to a police brutality lawyer and he explained to me that if they don’t have any reason and could not find probable cause then they are liable and that’s what happened in my case they got charged and I won the case. But they tried to make themselves look innocent and tried to lie and say that I was wrong to file charges against their wrong doings against me. But seeing this video changed me made me realize Police Brutality does exist and does happen every day! But the police think that they are gods gift to humanity and can do what ever they want. But this shocking video proves what is too far for excessive force to be used by Police. It seem like the police are the ones in this video that needs to be in the cell more than her. They should be more than a shamed of themselves they should not be working for law enforcement and act so unethically. I agree one of these days when we take our country back and believe me I am with you on this truth that we will and they will be at the bottom of the food chain and us citizens will have the rights to exercise our rights against their wrong doings and voice our selves against Police Brutality and their abuse towards us citizens!

  16. lou says:

    The bald cop seems to be comforting her…SEEMS to be.

  17. Marie says:

    If you look REAL close where they are at the door just before he shoves her in….. you will notice as he gets her to the doorway…. her arms are ALREADY being held back behind her BY the cop…. she is being held tight and restrained with her arms pulled back and together.. As he gets her IN the doorway…. guides her turn using her arms roughly…. then SHOVES her hard just as he lets go of her arms. She did NOT fight or try to stop entry into that doorway….. she was completely controlled right up the that unbelievable shove . Her face was smashed up according to other news articles and she had to have reconstructive surgery to repair it.
    Cassandra Feuerstein, 47, of Chicago, suffered significant facial injuries and needed reconstructive surgery. She released the video when she announced she was filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against both Hart (the cop, Micheal Hart) and the village. Hart, 43, of Gurnee, was charged with aggravated battery and official misconduct. The charges came seven months after the incident — in part, she said, because the office had not been informed of the incident until summer.

  18. Denver says:

    With all these silly weesitbs, such a great page keeps my internet hope alive.

  19. Jeph says:

    Niiiice…. Hart needs to be Criminally charged just like they would do to a citizen. EXCEPT that these Criminals-with-a-Badge should be sentenced doubly. They are supposed to Protect-n-Serve not Harass-n-Bash!!!!!
    I say prosecute to the fullest extent of the law and put Hart in general population. Also charge the other cops as accessories seeing how they did not arrest Hart on the spot.

  20. Leif says:

    This would never have happened in Norway. What’s up With the police over there. This is just so sad to watch.

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