Police Sergeant Raped 16-year-old Girl in Her Cell

Posted on: January 11th, 2009 71 Comments
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South African police sergeant Oakgeng Hendrik Motlhafi was arrested for raping a 16 year old girl in her cell. She was arrested for shoplifting in a chocolate store. The victim’s family did not have money for bail, which was 300 South African Rand , or 30 US dollars.

The court adjourned late, so she had to stay in police custody where she was raped by this 30 year old constable. He appeared for bail in the Koffiefontein Magistrates’ Court, and also suspended from his duties.

There is no information about the girl’s condition.

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71 Responses

  1. Fendi says:

    disgusting human being……. he should be sent to prison where he will be raped!!!!

  2. Said says:

    perhaps if he is sent to prison, he will feel helpless around the prisoners and will know how that girl felt when she was at his mercy….

  3. Railsy says:

    Thay should put gas on
    his nuts and set his nuts to blaze, that will then teach him a leason about rapping 16 year old girls. You will never hear that he rapped anyone else or spoke to another girl. My guess is that he will never rap anyone again, what do you thank? ……..LOL>

  4. Anonymous says:

    not a smart move for a law enforcement agent i think the south african government should shoot this lawless cop to send a message to the other cops/persons who has that type of intentions. :real badman;

  5. Joung says:

    Very sad I feel for the young girl

  6. Wayne says:

    No surprise, its a lawless out of control society post 91.

  7. Jim says:

    His male organs should be replaced with a vagina and he should be given breast implants and made to take female hormone replacement therapy. He should then be placed in a pillory stocks, in the middle of the prison yard. He should endure the same humilation and violation as a woman.

  8. shelia mcgill dayton,ohio says:

    yes, he should be sent 2 prison. so he can get a taste of his own medicine

  9. luke says:

    take him and castrate him,without anasthesia.

  10. Anonymous says:

    an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

  11. Student says:

    i agree. people get away with this all to often with nothing more then a slap on the wrist. Maybe if there were strickter laws, people would thingk twice before they thought of doing this. the sad thing is your telling me that no one else heard this going on? right. sad to say it but you can not trust no one not even the people sworn to protect you. the way to stop this is an eye for an eye…… but what do i know im just a 18 year old student……

  12. Anonymous says:

    i think he should get what he gave,and it still would not be justice

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ithink that was very wrong,of a person.
    I Know what she;s going through because
    i’ve been there myself.

  14. Brett says:

    He needs to be castrated in front of her and her family without anesthesia or appeal.

  15. Hailey says:

    I wonder, is he guilty? Or maybe falsly accused. I’ll wait until I hear the court verdit.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for the young lady.I have been through this but not by a cop. All I can say is why? If I was her, I would be talking to a lawyer.He knew beter! Thank GOD he got caught! I hope that she will be ok. Bless you child!

  17. Hustle says:

    Hope the family of this girl puts him way for five year or more.My wish for the family is to see that she can get good help.Im parying for her and the family.GOOD LUCK

  18. Anonymous says:

    their are 2 many officers of the law that get away with things. In all states.

    The man should be put in a romm with the grils Mother I would bet the life out of him if it was my daughter.

    May God bless the young lady and her family







    that spells family

  19. Omar says:

    When you need a cop, don’t bother calling one since you despise them so much.

  20. Larry Petersen says:

    He needs to be castrated.

  21. Z says:


  22. Anonymous says:

    I used to live in South Africa. I hope and pray that this young woman is not pregnant by this beast. He deserves to be castrated and flogged.

  23. Mr. T. says:

    Give the guy a break. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t her first time after all she was a law breaker. He could have probably given her a few candy bars and all would have been ok. Plus how you know she didn’t enjoy it?

  24. Help says:

    We should remember to be good Christians.

    Cutting off body parts in retaliation for a crime however heinous, is not justice.

    Why not offer this wayward cop counseling?

  25. Johnny says:

    We need to see that this disturbed man gets help

  26. steeevie says:

    South Africa was turned over to Blacks so it is another example of Blacks behaving badly. they do it in America and Africa. well I guess the Blacks can,t blame this one on Whites this time.you can,t blame this Guy for acting like an Animal it,s his nature, Power Corrupts and the power went to his Head and the Girl was abused.and Obama wants to send Money to theses people in Africa and try to save them.they don,t want saved they want Money and aid so they can profit from it.and if you look at President Buses History he has done more for Blacks then any other in History but all you hear from Blacks what a piece of White trash he is, so to Blacks here this sergeant must be a Victim and a Hero. I am sorry I just can,t feel sorry for a race who does not want to be helped.

  27. P. says:

    IF THIS MAN IS GUILTY,does not this show that something is wrong with the system,that this man would think that he could get away with this?AGAIN,IF THIS MAN IS GUILTY. We still need to be careful in what conclusion we come to.Is this forced rape or consensual under age (statutory)rape and the media spits it out as RAPE! BUT IF HE'S GUILTY, May the people of GOD, pray in how to handle this man & the system there in Africa.Pray church, LIVE HOLY & PRAY that the Lord JESUS will heal your land.

  28. glenn blackwell says:

    What kind of bail bonding service do they have? Bond on thirty-dollars is ten per cent. They could not raise $3.00 so she could post.
    This should stop her shop-lifting and her taste for chocolate. In the U.S. she would claim kleptomania in court and follow up a emotional damages suit.

  29. Anonymous says:

    he should have to do some nasty chick, like Rosie O’Donnel, then he could also be scarred for life and see how he likes it.

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. mwat93513 says:

    He should be handcuffed then tossed in cell with a prisoner nick named Booty Bandit (for obvious reasons), that’s justice!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hey people, since when do two wrongs make a right? What’s with all this hate — this was a crime. BUT IF THIS MAN IS GUILTY he should get the same as if he did rape the girl out on the street. BUT THINK HERE so many posts here are based on a media clip. “South African police sergeant Oakgeng Hendrik Motlhafi was arrested for raping a 16 year in her cell.She was arrested for shoplifting in a chocolate store.The victim’s family did not have money for bail, which was 300 South African Rand , or 30 US dollars.

    The court adjourned late, so she had to stay in police custody where she was raped by this 30 year old constable. He appeared for bail in the Koffiefontein Magistrates’ Court, and also suspended from his duties.” let the law and the court deal with this. “We still need to be careful in what conclusion we come to.Is this forced rape or consensual under age (statutory)rape and the media spits it out as RAPE, do we know if this was a trade sex for whatever???? BOTTOM LINE we just dont have enough knowledge of the event. from the posts the media clip was talored to fan hatefull posts, thoughts and feelings. The media is not as clean as they claim to be.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Every law enforcement officer should have to take a lie-detector test every month and answer whether or not they have abused their power or brutalized anyone during their duties. So many people are victimized by officers and guards and have no recourse and are even afraid to report the crime…report to who? The perpetrators?? Dirty cops are the lowest form of life on this planet.

  34. DR g prescott says:

    TO the stupid ass person who wrote the comment about blacks are nothing but animals,and just want money,what do that make you and your ancestors?they use to leave their lilly white women in the bed alone every night just to go lay down with the black women you call animals.you might need to check your roots some of them so-called animals might be your great,great,or maybe great,great,great grand ma. who knows.I know what your problems are,(1) you want a black woman but they want give you the time of day,eat your heart out.(2) you are angry that black people have succeeded and you have not .stop wasting your time being jealous,go back to school and get your GED,then,just maybe you can get a job driving MISS OPRAH WINFREY. I know you are tired of washing all those dirty dishes in that little diner everyday.HOW do I know you did not finish school?,return to your comment and see how you spelled bush,duh! bye now,time for me to go to work,we doctors do have a very busy schedule,hectic,but rewarding.SEE YOU AT BREAKFAST,MAKE SURE THE COFFEE IS H O T. DR.G.PRESCOTT

  35. Bill says:

    Touching and in any sexual way is illigal,the only way it should be allowed is if they are only 2 years youbger or less.And they is with the young ladys or mans consent.If they are under the age of eighteen u deserve to to go to jail.And assulting any person ,male and female under age above or wayyyyyy above it is ILLIGAL.


  36. Galvanic Eyes says:

    I have seen some comments written by some very IGNORANT people on this page.

    For that one person who said it probably wasn’t her first time, and maybe she enjoyed it: You are just plain ignorant. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time, or your millionth: Doctors and nurses are more than qualified to confirm if a rape is actually a rape. Things like BRUISING in the vaginal canal are a tell-tale sign. So let me ask you this: If you had a daughter, and she was raped while in a jail cell, you would think that it wasn’t her first time, and that she as well enjoyed it?

    Go get an education.

    And for that other comment on how ‘Blacks, for once, can’t blame this on Whites’…
    Your comment is absolute proof that you are just as ignorant, being obviously racist against Blacks, as those Blacks that are racist against Blacks. Your comment was boorish, and shows what you really are, which is uncultured, uneducated, and uninformed.

    Again, go get an education.

    And unlike you, I choose not to post this as ANONYMOUS. I take full responsibility for my opinions, unlike some who choose to post rubbish.

  37. Anonymous says:


  38. STEVE says:


  39. Terry says:

    To the one who wrote about South Africa being turned to black rule. Yes, why not. Do you think that people in Africa should sit and be ruled by white oppressive regimes till dooms day. Hell no. White people came to Africa centuries ago and should no rule us forever. As an African and proud to be one, I commend every one both white or black who stood with us (African) to fight against apartheid in South Africa. Gone are the days of slavery. How many white people raped innocent Africa women during the slave trade? Maybe your great great great great great grandmother was among the victims. This case has nothing to do with race. This is a guy who swore to abide by the law and protect his own people, went to do a crime even worst that the lady arrested. He should be kept out from society forever. Who cares about President Bush’s aid in Africa? Maybe that aid goes to a specific part of Africa not all, as some of you never know that Africa is a continent with lot of countries inside, but not a country. If President Bush gives aid to Africa, it is something whites stole from Africa that he is returning. I not trying to be racist. We are blessed with the little resources that some white like you stole from Africa to enrich themselves. Not to mention the diamonds, gold, iron ore etc in countries like Sierra Leone, Liberia, Angola. You white people armed rebels in Africa to fight their own blood in order to get those gems which generate money in Swiss Banks Accounts. That is the way white people underdeveloped Africa. Shame on you.

  40. Hannah says:

    These countries do not have cops. Nothing about them counts as legit law enforcers. Losers like this should get exactly what they gave. Sexually torture this guy till he has no manhood, respect, pride or powere left in him. Show him what feeling powerless is all about.

  41. Anonymous says:

    And to the post about cops should have to take a lie detector every month….Get real. First of all I did a paper on their use for court cases and they r extremely inaccurate. And 2nd, why dont u take a lie detector every single month to see if u broke the law, whether its going one mile and hour over the speed limit, j walking, crossing a double line, then we will tally up ur fines at the end of the month, and jail time. No? oh yeah, because its stupid.

  42. tryinnotto says:

    No wonder you have people not trusting the police or the judicial system.We also wonder why people would want to retaliate against the police.

  43. Anonymous says:

    hang him

  44. Anonymous says:

    Oh give me a break,,, the whites did not make Africas problems,,, and here in America if you are Black or Hispanic,,, you can get welfare, but if you are white…. screw you.
    Which I don’t want welfare.. but I think that is why our country is in so much trouble… I think people need to work for what they get… regardless of the color of the skin.
    And I say castarate the cop that raped the girl…. eight years is by no means a just reward

  45. say0 says:

    This scumbag should be taken out!!!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Guys like this make cruel and unusual punishment seem like a good thing. He could use a bit.

    BTW- White people do get welfare. I used it for a few months when I was 18 years old with a child. Maybe in black neighborhoods most people on welfare are going to be black, and in white neighborhoods most people on welfare are going to be, say, white! The real problem is that if you are trying to support yourself, it is very difficult to get a little assistance, but if you’ve never had a job you can get all you want indefinitely. I know a lady who lost all her childcare assistance because she got a raise of $30 a month. I really discourages trying to improve yourself. Why not reduce the assistance as the income increases? Her husband worked for a small business. He ended up asking his boss for a small pay cut to get them back into pay range that allows the assistance. I’m not a fan of welfare, but I’d much rather help working people get back on their feet than support people who’d rather not support themselves.

  47. peeps says:

    Have a contest in South Africa where the person who comes up with the most hideous way of torturing this waste of human life gets to carry out the sentence. I’m certain that we would see some very creative ideas.

  48. Anonymous says:

    no means yes.

  49. Fweu says:

    Does anyone care about the store that she shoplifted from?
    It’s always about the criminal and never the victim.

  50. Anonymous says:

    and then…… aids

  51. igil 123 says:

    Fucking duesche. I hope this guy rots in hell. Wow, I want to see that girl chop off his dick with scissors. It just goes to show that this guy has no life and thinks rape is cool, well mister lemme tell u sumthing, im 13 years old I I personally would enjoy watching you get hit by a bus. Toodles!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Make an example of him, I'm not well read in South African law, but whatever their hardhest punishment for Rape is, they should give it to him, weather it's life in prison w/o parolle, to a bullet to the head, make an example

  53. Price says:

    All black cops are rapists in SA. Thats the culture there among the SA blacks. sad but true. ALL

  54. kesh says:

    This dog should be punished from head to toe.Such a police officer deserves nothing but pain to show to other police who were also planning to enjoy what is not theirs that they are digging their own graves.Police should learn to protect not harm.Such issues will complicate our police trust,Because people will start not to trust them.He should be punished to send an example! Lawrence Nkuna (Malamulele,Jerome Village) TSWANE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY

  55. Anonymous says:

    Wow a black man raped a woman. Thats just unheard of.

  56. Midrand says:

    I think it's high time we start living a spiritual life. Let's not forget that we are all human beings and according to the Lord our God, nobody is special or better than anyone. Rape is not accepted and according to our law in the country, who ever do that should be punished. The man must serve the sentence in jail. It is sad to have issues or cases like this opened everyday, we start to wonder if ever where we are living or walking it's safe. Police man should be a confort zone for all of us, when we see them we should feel safe anywhere and anyhow. No bail should be accepted for cases like this more especially from the people who works with law enforcement. We depend on them and definitely we are not expecting things like this from them. To all Men, it's high time we learn to live with Women, let's respect them and make them feel comfortable around us. They are our mothers. Surely we won't feel alright if any of our siblings, cousin, or neighbours are raped or abused. Let's stop thinking about sex everytime when we see the ladies. They are not sex objects. They have a purpose on earth like us which is to serve Lord and pray for peace to cover the whole world. Men must learn to think with their minds and stop abusing women and children. We see children and mothers out there being abondoned, abused emotionally / physically, and raped by Men, when will we stop doing the nonsense we are doing??? Let's just respect each other and join hands in prayer to ask the higher power to heal our land. Peace unto everyone. TK, Midrand

  57. Billy says:

    He needs to burn in hell

  58. Anonymous says:

    good punishment for the girl, they have to grouprape al criminel girls, no metter how old they are, so they will learn their lesson.

  59. Anonymous says:

    This kind of barbarism happens when gangsters and criminals are employed by a government incompetent (or incompetent government) of employing law obedient law enforcers merely because they have the right dark colour. This form of legalised brutality and the undisputable coverups afterwards can only be allowed by the ANC government. If people act like barbarians, they reject all elements of democracy and cannot claim justice under a human rights bill. You can dress and treat a barbarian like a human being, but he will always remain a barbarian.

  60. Anonymous says:

    FUCKING DOUCHE! He should be hung up! UGLY LITTLE MAN!

  61. Feelit says:

    I feel sory for the gril

  62. Sins says:

    to asshole who said that the girl deserved that is stupid and egnerant and to the one who was talking about obama that way, is clearley racis and egnerant get over it he won so shut up….and also to the one who said the girl might have enjoyed it you have no education just like that one person said you didnt agree with her statement about what if u had a daugther and said the same thing about her as you did to that one girl!SO THE PEOPLE I JUST COMMENTED ON IF YOU DONT LIKE IT BITE ME!

  63. lira Tren says:

    Here in South Africa 99% of all crimes are committed by blacks. Sometimes I think it’s genetically encoded in their DNA. The western world has no idea of the brutality in South Africa, what you read and see in the news is drop in the ocean.
    Sorry, but I just don’t buy it any more that we are all the same bullshit. As for the blacks that feel so sorry for themselves here in Africa, if it was not for the white man you would still be living in mud huts, without roads or hospitals. You would be dying like flies without modern western world medication. So rather thank us for what we have done for you and try a become decent African citizens that can add value to society, instead of stealing and killing or is this asking to much.

  64. Susannah S. G. says:

    HA some of this is even more ignorant than the things you hear in the US about black/white relations. I strongly urge all of you people who have some brainwashed idea that whites are not the cause of South African blacks social problems to take a moment to pull your heads out of your asses and go out and take an anthropology class. It's all common sense. Imagine what would happen if a primitive, white, agrarian, society were conquered by a more advanced society, one with more powerful weapons and medicine, who then subjected the whites to oppression and violence, and told them for centuries that they were nothing but cheap labor. How would you react in that situation? And really use your imagination. You've never known anything but oppression. You've never been given a chance to find self validation through hard work or dedication because no mater what you did or how well you did it, you could never rise above the color of your skin. You grow up with the stigma that there is something wrong with you from the time you, when before these new people came, there was nothing wrong with you and the world that you lived in. You know that you will never be able to breach the lines to the world where life's necessities are affordable to you, where you can give your children full happy lives, where you can enjoy your life and not only see devastation. Can you imagine how desperate and helpless you would feel? Terrorist acts are not founded in just a bunch of crazy people who banned together to hate some other group of people. Terrorism comes from people who are so oppressed, and so dejected, that the only way they have to retaliate, to fight back (the need for which which is a biological necessity to all humans of all colors), is through sloppy, desperate, violence. Be it political or something more simplistic like theft or rape, it's roots are in the same place. The feeling of being nothing, being incapable of anything good or worthy of merit, and being powerless. Those white people would be just as prone to crime and socially stunted as natives are in most colonial societies.

    And though it's is not actually fare to blame people for the misgivings of their ancestors, when people come out saying such ignorant disgusting things as they have on this post I feel ever right to call them our for their selfish, racist, ignorant past, and ask them to please open their eyes and actually look at the world for what it is.

    P.S. I'm white

  65. Anonymous says:

    Dear Susannah

    Your views are so like the ideals of a 1st year student.
    Actually my father has his PhD in anthropology and I myself am a very educated person.
    Africans are different, those in power are corrupt and those not steal. bread and beg, to blame this on colonialism is a sad excuse, even black students here in South Africa, the supposed educated and civilised ones, riot and burn down campuses. Is this normal of an advanced human race, please, the genetics and ways of life are not westernised, nor civil, in 500 years time maybe.
    Look at some current natural disasters, those pillaging, raping, stealing and creating complete chaos from chaos are, you guessed it,…. the black nations, no respect and no discipline.
    We are vastly different and can never be painted with the same brush.
    Sadly so, because I hold the Southern African continent so close to my heart and would love to see it cherish and move forward, but with black Africans it is near impossible.

    Susannah, you are either very young, do not live in Africa or do not yet have children and pay taxes, until you have experienced this, I invite you to see for yourself.

  66. payattention55 says:

    i have have a good rope and can make a real nice noose bring him on–

  67. Anonymous says:

    Shit man i would of fucked the shit out of her to who gives a shit she stole i would make her swallow my cock then ass rape the shit out of her hell ya!!!

  68. aron says:

    who thinks this is his first rape?

  69. crazydude says:

    She was lucky. At least she was raped by one bastard. In Africa you usually get tied to pole and get raped by dozens or hundreds for days and days..

  70. Anonymous says:

    This is sickening. If you are arresting a human being who has (or may have) broken a law and you assault them, then what makes you any less of a criminal? I hate living in an era, when I can define human nature with one word – "hypocrisy!"

  71. Hailey says:

    lock him up & throw away the key!!!!!

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