Police Officer Kicks The Suspects in Head and High Fives With an Other Officer!

Posted on: May 16th, 2009 25 Comments
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The dramatic car chase in Los Angeles ends with a policeman kicking suspect in the head. A 23-year-old man, linked to a notorious street gang in Los Angeles, tried to run from the police. The dramatic chase lasted about 30 minutes and took place in suburban El Monte and Whittier in the American metropolis. After a violent crash with a parked car, 23-year-old man jump out of the car and continues the journey on foot. When he has run a few hundred meters he stopped by big fence.

He decides to give up the escape attempt. 23-year-old lie down on grass with arms and legs out and wait for the police to come to arrest him. The first policeman to arrive kicked the suspect’s head. The second one that came hit the suspect with a flashlight several times. After arresting and beating suspect, police officers give each other “high five”. According to police 23-year-old not to have been seriously injured in the incident.

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25 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    that’s what you get for running he could have killed some one had that been my car he hit he would have been happy to just get kicked and beat by the cops cuss i would have kicked his fucking head in for it don’t do dumb shit get sic of this shit ppl like to point all thats bad never the good any of them do

  2. Anonymous says:

    he surrendered, the cop had no right to bash his skull in.

  3. Anonymous says:

    douche bag should obey the law. Good job police! Kick him a few times so he doesn’t kill someone next time he decided to drive recklessly!

  4. Guy says:

    “Anonymous said…

    he surrendered, the cop had no right to bash his skull in.”
    i agree, he surrendered and allowed the police to arrest him w/o any more fight, so there is no need to kick or hit the guy!

  5. Mike says:

    I can understand the officer’s anger, since they were chasing this guy for 30 minutes, but seriously, if someone gives up, that’s no reason to kick him in the head/face. The officer could have easily gave a drop-knee to the spine, like they always do, and then handcuff the suspect. Instead, they added a couple flashlight-blows to make it better.

  6. Rep says:

    The Police no need to kick his head, But the boy need that head Kick. A lesson To be a better citizen..

  7. Justice says:

    lots of people seem to agree on the police kicking the guys head in ,now if that guy was you brother son or nephew would you agree then ? it is only going to get worse for all those who agree watch out you time is coming too.

  8. Do it says:

    The parasitic gang banger got what he had coming. Don't give the cop flack if you not going to give the lowlife scum thug who just went on a high speed chase endangering countless innocent people a little heat. So what the cop kicked the guy. Better him that some kid doing somersaults over the guys car after being hit at 80+ MPH!

  9. He deserves it says:

    He should never run. He should pulled over. Cause and effect. He was a known gang banger.
    What his base line behavior in the past. Has he been know to carries a gun? Tough shit for him.
    I hope he learns a lesson, hope it makes him go straight.

  10. Human Rights says:

    i think that the bottom line of being a police officer is to protect the rights of americans and its visitors so that they can sleep safely in their beds at night. Police officers have no more right to assault a man who has already surrendered then a soldier has the right to shoot an unarmed civilian. these kind of occurances take away from what the police forces of the U.S. have been established to do. What are the people supposed to do when the people meant to protect them lose touch with their purpose? If youre job is to make people feel safe at home, do so without taking away from the good that you've done in the first place.

  11. Civil Person says:

    There is alot of police corruption and abuse throughout the usa. I am appauled at the way officers, who we hire to protect and serve have taken it upon themselves to be judge jury and sentence server!! In Pataskala Ohio., the police dept has been for over 10 years, always seems to be lying and corrupting the citizens. How can this be stopped.??? This problem is all over and effects all people, including children, the elderly and the all that, that implies including the innocent that have to spend money to TRY and defende their innocence., I am standing up and trying to get the public servers such as police to stop…they work for us, to protect and serve and not serve to destroy and lie, beat and cheat.

  12. j kelly says:

    Drive bye’s, gang fights, drug trafficking, kidnapping, rape ? That’s what the asshole on the ground is campaigning for. So if that’s cool with you guys then you support those activities also. I don’t care I mean if you want that in your “hood” I would have put a slug in him. And you spineless weaklings are crying about this love tap LOL this is the first time that he actually contributed to society…. by shinning that officers boot with his face ! LOL

  13. Lazy fat cops says:

    Those cops are just angry that he made them run. There would be more criminals caught if these lazy tub of lard cops would get more exercise. I used to actually feel sorry for when they get killed but not anymore. Now they are just paid thugs no different from these worthless criminals.

  14. Rocket J Squirrel says:

    The unfortunate thing is that this is a pretty clear-cut case of honest police brutality, unlike many muddled, questionable articles here. There was no direct justification for this guy to be kicked in the head as he had clearly assumed a position of surrender.

    HOWEVER, morally.. this is EXACTLY the type of criminal, gang-banging scum who richly deserves a kick in the head. As many have said- how many peoples’ lives did this piece of trash endanger in his half-hour street race trying to evade the cops?

    Unfortunately many times legality trumps morality and not everyone realizes or agrees with that.

  15. Paul says:

    So normally I would say criminals get all they deserve, especially low life gang bangers………….

    But seriously was there ANY justification for the kick to the head?
    The flashlight maybe, you simply cant hear or feel any resistance this punk may be putting up.
    But the kick to the head sorry officer you should be looking at a felony assault at the very least I would personally charge your ass with attempted murder.

  16. terry wagar says:

    Cops commit felony battery all the time on people yet our system refuses to RECOGNIZE it as felony battery.
    If a citizen kicks someone in the head then it is recognized by everyone as felony battery, when a cop does it then the whole system stands back, postures a bit, sticks it’s fat gut out, and then says “We will need to look into this before we can make any decision.” and then does absolutely nothing about it.

    Many people that are battered by police are denied emergency services, this person that was chased, beaten, and then arrested was not put in an ambulance, so that is enough for you to know he received no REAL medical treatment.

    Police in Portland Oregon batter people and paramedics and firefighters will refuse to help battered victims of cops, and in Portland Oregon cops will batter you if your spouse happens to be a cops whore, good enough of a reason for cops in Portland Oregon!

    I was battered at a Walmart parking lot while waiting for my wife to come out of the store from her orientation there, turns out the officer’s that battered me were bro’s to my wife’s F-buddy and he was a cop as well!

    I was denied emergency services and no one even called an ambulance for me, and I was not charged or arrested for anything either!

    Because my wife was having an affair with a cop I was battered, and immediately after the battery I overheard those officer’s talking about using a double to set me up!

    This happened while I was still on the ground with a broken rib and a messed up knee caused by their attacking me!

    This is the kind of people we have as cops in Portland Oregon, they are all Bro’s to one another and they all work together to cover each others butts, and they sure as hell enjoy battering people for personal reasons and in Portland Oregon they also enjoy framing people using DOUBLES!

  17. terry wagar says:

    Just as a reminder to the readers, only people in law enforcement and their Bro’s refer to people as “perps” and you should greatly suspect people that use that term to be cops, or Bro’s to cops, they are the only group of people that view people as “perps” and it is not legal to label people that way at all.

    Defamation of character and Slander are still crimes in the USA and labeling people without a trial or conviction as “perps” just because a cop has it out for someone is just name-calling and is defaming the persons reputation.

    Fascist officer’s love to use defaming names to describe people they have it out for, Fascist Nazi Germany did the same thing before and during WW2, so you should consider the possibility that cops themselves post on here and of course attack the character of people in order to cover the offending cops butt that are being exposed on this website.

    Cops and their Bro’s are a gang, they think like a gang, they use hand signals just like a gang, they use their own gang paraphernalia, and they even have their own slang terms that they, as a gang use, and “perps” is one of those terms ONLY THEY USE, and no other groups of people use those terms.

    Yes you as citizens can easily spot the cops that post on these web pages because they always take the side of the cop and they always label the victim of the cop as a “perp”.

  18. Dave says:

    Typical piece of shit So Cal cop. Straight from 1930’s Germany.

  19. Lemmy says:

    Armstrong ~ you’re an IDIOT! What kind of investigation is needed? Had a punk kicked one of your pigs in the head ~ I guess you would need the same investigation? That’s why I label you an IDIOT.

  20. Grant Burnside says:

    It proves yet again that a large proportion of police officers are the cocky meatheads that gave you grief at school. Idiots, basically. Thugs. They should lose their jobs and be publicly named and shamed.

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