Video Shows Police Beating After U-Md. Basketball Game

Posted on: April 14th, 2010 16 Comments
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The Prince George’s County prosecutors have dropped charges against two University of Maryland students they claimed struck mounted Park Police officers and their horses after a basketball game in March. A video shot by another student, meanwhile, shows police beating one of those students without apparent provocation. LCD display UHF radio, with 40 to 80 channels and extended range, may help you stay out of trouble.

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16 Responses

  1. 1WC says:

    you would think these countries are first world country…:) nope they are a cop country… few shitiest countries in the world…

  2. Anonymous says:

    just shows how much they lie to try to stay out of trouble…then turn around and take a drug dealers dirty money….hmmm…something wrong with that picture…taking payoffs and staying dirty as hell…

  3. Anon says:

    Fired??? How about charged with intent to do great bodily harm, or attemted murder.

    • Anon#666 says:

      Indeed, something is still wrong. They get fired, they get jobs as bouncers, private detectives at Blackwater etc. If they would get sentenced, of course they wouldn’t survive the prison, however after all it is only their own fault.

  4. Justin N says:

    Not sure how to contact this site but wanted to share my video, you are welcome to post it:

    Pickets, Riots & Police Beatings – The 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City – by documentary filmmaker Justin Nathanson

  5. Justice says:

    shows how corrupt the whole system is….from these asshole dickhead cops all the way to the scum judges…

  6. FTP says:

    Fuck tha police

  7. How? says:

    the cops should be fucking arrested! what gives them the right to do that shit unprovoked AND get off without any of the punishment a regular citizen like you or me would receive

  8. Nymo says:

    How many of these incidents have to go unchecked before people stop siding with law enforcement. One is too many.

  9. runescape money making guide says:

    Great blog! Is there an update to this?

  10. Susp says:

    Suspended? WHy are these scumbags not being prosecuted for attempted murder or felony assault. That is completely bull$hit.

  11. Please keep the info flowing about this!

  12. Hong Mun says:

    No way, suspended and fired? That’s clearly an unprovoked voluntary attempt to cause severe bodily harm. The lies are shameful.

  13. metoo says:

    They need to execute police like that

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