Cops Kill Teen With A Taser Gun

Posted on: August 9th, 2011 6 Comments
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Turner Hall, a North College Hill High School graduate, got attacked and tasered by a police officer after he refused to listen to them.

The cops received a call that there was some kind of assault at a dormitory of University of Cincinnati .

When they arrived Hall was looking angry and agitated.

They tasered him as soon as he approached them. Next thing Hall is lying on the floor with no sign of life. The officers said he had a good pulse, but he had to be rushed to the nearest hospital. Shortly after he was announced dead.

The police department is still trying to find out what the cause of his death could have been.

Was it the taser gun or something else? The officer that used this force was immediately placed on mandatory administrative leave, and the whole department has suspended the use of tasers until they find out what really happened.

All we know that this is not the first time the cops is killing with taser guns.

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6 Responses

  1. Correction says:

    Turner Hall is where it happened – the student’s name is Everette Howard.

  2. At least the PD stopped the use of tasers. Departments nationwide would be smart to follow suite.

    We also need more thorough psychological testing for new deputies, polygraph test when any officer discharges a weapon, and minimum mandatory prison sentences for law enforcement officers who abuse their power.

    The police state mentality will only get worse, unless the public rises up and demands change.

  3. Sidjack says:

    But Tasers r supposed to be an non=lethal option. Guess someome forgot to tell those who have been tasered and died. How dare they pass away like that and so inconsiderate they are to the police for dying.

  4. Hans says:

    Kind of depends on how the taser is used also. I could assume that if you were hit in a major artery it could stop your heart. Or if hit near the head or neck it could cause brain damage.

  5. Jordan says:

    Cops get away with way to much

  6. terry wagar says:

    Tasers are deadly weapons, you you been told they are not then you been fed lies and propaganda by a lying government!

    They call them Tasers so that you wont give much thought as to what they really are, they are portable electrocution devices that shoot out a barbed dart and they shoot people with them like they are harpoons, why do you think when someone gets “Tased” they have to go to the hospital for? because they need a doctor to remove the barbed harpoon from the victims body!

    None of this gets described to people this is all a hush hush situation that news media hides from the general public!
    So they use the cute term “Taser” to describe a horrendous weapon used against people so that you wont give conscious thought about how barbaric the weapon actually is!

    These “Tasers” as they are called are used to electrify?torture people with!

    Tasers are known to cause deaths, which strongly imply’s that cops can lower or increase the charge as they see fit, which would explain why some people are killed and some are not!

    Using Tasers on people is like cops playing Russian roulette with people’s lives, and of course the public propaganda has most people thinking they are non-lethal!

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