Police Kill Pet Cat, Family Lobbies For Policy Change

Posted on: January 26th, 2012 11 Comments
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After their beloved pet cat was shot dead in the alley behind their home, a family from Lebanon, Ohio is lobbying for a change in the policy on handling stray animals.

Police received a call from the cat owners’ neighbors regarding a sickly looking cat in their backyard. According to the department policy, any sick or injured stray cats are to be eliminated if found, and under no circumstances are they to be transported in a police vehicle.

Two officers acted accordingly and shot the cat dead. What enraged the cat’s owners is the fact that it was never checked for identification tags neither did the officers attempt in any way to determine whether it was a stray or a pet cat.


They’re trying to make the police change its stray animals handling policy so that mistakes like these won’t happen again.

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11 Responses

  1. mark says:

    it won’t matter how many times they change the policy, police are not normally the caring type of person. they will still shoot a cat if they want too. i’m sure that officer just wanted to kill something. police here will kill your dogs or cats if they get the notion, and nothing can be done about it. i agree it’s wrong, but the majority if police are so young and still strung out on testosterone and the fact that they get a badge that says here go do what you want as long as it looks like your doing your job. fuck the police!

  2. Fuckerman says:

    If it was sick looking then the owners should be charged with animal cruelty. I have people living close to me who’s cats and dogs have never had shots and they run the streets in search of food and when they are hit by cars they are left to die or run around with broken bones in a lot of pain. Of course when animal control go to them they always say NOT MY DOG OR CAT so they don’t have to pay vet bills.

  3. Geneva says:

    There’s also the possibility that the people just didn’t want the cat in their yard and said it looked sick. Again, the cops didn’t check.

    • C says:

      had a neighbor open the door on our fence to let or dog out and then called the animal shelter and told them there was a sick dog hanging around our house. he almost got put to sleep. so glad that neighbor died a painful death from cancer. she was a sick and b****

      • Demarion says:

        I suppose I could say ‘don’t speak ill of the dead,’ but I won’t. I have a neighbour who, if she was being murdered in front of me, I’d close my eyes and walk by. I consider her partly responsible for my mother’s death, the stress that cow caused my mom brought on shingles and made Mom have to go on insulin for her diabetes.

  4. john says:

    i hope those officers die a slow painful death

  5. Gigan says:

    Even if the law requires to do so, these cops still needed to check whose cat it is. One does not shoot aimlessly at someone’s pet (sick or not), it’s only common sense.

  6. cindy says:

    Go to Change.org and sign the petition “Why did they shoot me” or Facebook “Haze the Cat”
    For the facts. I called police departments in the area after this incident and their attitude and policy is not the same as Lebanon’s, Chiefs told me they do not allow discharging a firearm at cats. We need to stop Police EGO, we pay the salaries so we need to stand up for ourselves!

  7. Cody196 says:

    That looks like my cat exactly, police ain’t got no right to brutal animals or people only if a suspect is armed.

  8. cody says:

    if this was my beloved cat , who is like a best friend to me , you better believe that i would be in jail before this was all over.

  9. ghostrider says:

    These cops need to be tied to a tree nude and havehoney poured on there face and private parts then dump a few thousand pissedoff fire ants on him that would be just.

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