Akron Cop Accused of Breaking 13-Year-Old Girl’s Arm

Posted on: January 11th, 2013 8 Comments
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Outraged mother of the then 13-year-old Tamika Williams is shocked that officer Jon Morgan is still working in the Akron high school where the incident occurred. The school resource officer reacted to the girl’s alleged swearing and tearing papers off the wall by assaulting her so hard he broke her arm.

One of the security cameras shows Morgan shoving the student across the hall until she hits the lockers, then turning her around and twisting her arms on her back. He is whispering something into the girl’s ear, but unfortunately the recording doesn’t have any audio. All the while the girl doesn’t seem to be resisting, and he escorts her through the hall holding her by her left arm.

Williams’ mother said that even though Tamika complained about the pain in her arm, the school nurse refused to examine her. Someone called the medics, but the call was allegedly cancelled by Morgan himself. The school’s explanation is that they wanted to spare the Williams family the medical expenses. Tamika’s older sister had to drive her to the hospital where the X-ray showed an arm fracture near her left shoulder.


Tamika requested a transfer to Litchfield middle school about a week after the incident, and her mother filed an excessive-force complaint against officer Morgan.

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8 Responses

  1. terry wagar says:

    contacting government agency’s does not get me help it gets me more death threats sent to me by email.
    On January 8th 2013 the Portland police and Multnomah
    county sheriff’s sent me a video email and the people on
    the video are asking what I want on my epitaph!
    It’s another death threat sent to me by my wife’s lover in
    law enforcement!
    They gave me this hint/death threat because I emailed a
    you tuber about my situation!
    Here is the name of the video that was sent to me on my
    YouTube account that someone I DON’T KNOW SENT TO ME!
    SpiritAndMindAsOne sent you a video: “Surviving our Streets | London Real”

  2. terry wagar says:

    Portland police officers and Multnomah county sheriffs in Oregon are committing early morning break ins and they are molesting children and are photographing them!
    On March 2007 officers Eric Carlson and John Ray killed a female child and they drove to Clackamas Walmart and bragged about it to Walmart employees!
    I was poisoned by these officers they poisoned my coffee pot and no one with a badge in Oregon or anywhere else wants me as a witness!
    I have gotten confessional audio death threats from the officers that committed the crimes I speak of and they admit on them I cannot get help from 911 and I tried anyway and sure enough the Portland police that respond ignore everything I say and refuse to take info and deliberately change the subject as a way of silencing me and to make it known to me they don’t care about anything I say or any evidence I have!
    I have had to blog this all over the internet just so I can prove it’s reported because my 911 calls are covered up by police and hospitals refuse to help me!
    I recently got another death threat sent to me on my YouTube account the police emailed a video to me of three dudes asking what I want on my epitaph!
    I don’t believe the makers of the video intended it as a death threat but the people that sent it to me did intend I take it that way!
    The name of the video that was emailed to me is,”SpiritAndMindAsOne sent you a video: “Surviving our Streets | London Real”.
    Cops are bad people and they cover each others butts and first responders and hospital staff lie for cops all the time, how do you think cops get away with killing unarmed people and never stand trial in a criminal court of law for it?
    Because the whole system is corrupt, charge a cop with a actual felony crime and you find out real fast how many people cover cops butts, the whole system is full of people that lie to cover up bad cops crimes and citizens complaints are covered up and or ignored!
    I am reporting crime right now by typing this and it goes ignored by all agency’s that use badges, victims cries for help go ignored!
    Most people are brainwashed into telling victims “Call 911” when victims try to explain to people what happened, and of course all 911 does is get cops to take over and the cops brutalize the victim even more!
    I stood up to these pedophile cops in Portland Oregon and they disfigured me and destroyed my health by poisoning me and they still enjoy taunting me knowing I cannot find help in this state!
    The name of the child officer Eric Carlson and John Ray killed is/was Jessica, I tried so hard to warn people, publicly, and no one cared!

    Terry Wagar

  3. Police use of excessive force and other misconduct hurts everyone – including the police — in terms of lost cooperation, support and trust – which, in turn, diminishes their effectiveness. And remember: policing in a democracy is best accomplished by those who are well-trained and led, controlled in their use of force, honest, courteous to every person, and closely in touch with the communities they serve. For more, follow my blog at http://improvingpolice.wordpress.com.

  4. terry wagar says:

    My wife was having an affair with a cop and that cop and his partners were trying to frame me as a pedophile and my wife’s lover the cop was acting as a photo double in order to frame me!
    I knew my wife was cheating on me, I suspected the man was a cop, and in April 2005 I caught my wife and daughter hooking up with that cop!
    I discovered at that moment that he was almost a twin to me and I discovered my wife’s coworkers knew of their affair and knew he was almost a twin to me and they were helping them to hide it from me!
    My wife started poisoning me after this and our family pretended nothings wrong, and the hospital refused to take a toxicology test so it was covered up at the hospital by denial of emergency services, refusal to take a toxicology test!
    I was bedridden for many months and at my wife’s mercy from being poisoned by her and she kept me that way for two years!
    In that time my wife and her relatives and her lover and his relatives were having lots of fun committing crimes all over Portland Oregon and framing me to get the blame!
    Remember they were using my wife’s lover as a photo double, they could frame me for anything!
    In March 2007 my wife’s lover and his partner committed early morning break in’s and they raped, photographed, and killed a female child, and they broke into my home to PLANT evidence in my home framing me for the crime, my wife and daughter were helping them with that!
    I caught them in the act of these crimes by putting a audio recorder in my wife’s purse, it caught them in the act of their crimes and it caught them bragging to Walmart employees about it and it caught them printing flyers giving me the blame!
    It is a all day long recording and at the end of it you can hear my wife come home and once again pretend to be a loving wife to me after she spent the whole day framing me!
    Because law officers are the ones that committed the crimes no one with a badge wants me as a witness, and I was severely poisoned after this and almost died!
    Here it is now 2013 and I have yet to find people that care!
    I am not their only victim they killed a child in 2007 and I am still trying to find HELP!
    There is not a soul in Oregon that cares about people or children or victims they only care about covering criminal cops butts!
    I was a plasma donor when my wife started poisoning me in April 2005 and her lover the cop was calling her by the nickname Mrs Dash in love letters at the time so they are fond of flaunting the murders they commit!
    What happens when serial killers have badges!?

    • karah says:

      I think it’s time you seek mental health options. I can only believe you are lying because of how many times you have posted the same thing over and over again on many different posts. You have not looked into legal counsel; there’s nothing about your case on the Internet and this would be a big scandal. Not everyone could cover this up.
      My sincerest apologies to you on your struggle with mental health. It happens. Seek help. Get better..

  5. terry wagar says:

    Cops and sheriffs are organized murderers and they don’t stand trial in criminal courts of law because prosecutors are their bro’s and they refuse to prosecute cops!
    The Mafia is nothing compared to corruption within are police forces, if anything our cops run the Mobs in America!
    Under the pretense of fighting crimes cops are actually organizing crimes in America!
    Governments use propaganda news and entertainment to control how people as a whole view our government.
    In real life our first responders are nothing like how they are portrayed on news and in entertainment such as movies.
    The first time you ever charge a cop with a felony crime that’s when the system makes it known to that individual just how corrupt it actually is.
    Cops do not take complaints against other cops, so any felony complaint made by a citizen against a cop gets covered up.
    Cops and attorney’s and news stations cover up felony complaints against cops by calling it something else.
    When a cop breaks a child’s arm for example they do not recognize it as a battery or child abuse, those are crimes, instead they refer to it as Excessive Force and or Police Brutality, both of which are not crimes but instead are Civil Offenses.
    Cops are known to commit illegal break in’s all the time yet prosecutors never refer to it that way, they just say they broke in without a warrant, guess what, it’s the same thing, but they are very careful how they word things.
    Prosecutors are supposed to prosecute suspects, have you ever noticed prosecutors never never SUSPECT a cop!?
    Anytime a cop breaks the law the first person to go to the cops defense IS THE PROSECUTORS! THAT’S NOT THEIR JOB!
    Our government does not care if a few people notice their corruption because most of the masses out their in America are tricked into thinking “Everything’s Fine!” and of course cops and corrupt attorney’s love to use the phrase “There are some bad apples out there!” to make themselves look like they care about victims when in fact they don’t give a damn!
    What happens when your spouse has an affair with a cop and your spouse poisons you, do you think first responders will care?
    Or do you think the first responders will pretend nothings wrong and tell your doctor to not bother taking a toxicology test?
    Go watch some entertainment movies such as the Avengers, a good entertaining movie, and then notice the few brief moments where they are using propaganda to control how you view first responders!
    Notice how in current big block buster movies they always show first responders putting their hands on victims backs, trying to make themselves LOOK LIKE GOOD GUYS!
    Notice how the movie goes into slow mode when that brief moment of propaganda shows a firefighter putting their hand on a victims back!
    The director of the movie slows this down so it subconsciously registers in YOUR mind that first responders are good guys!
    That brief moment IS propaganda designed to control YOUR opinion of first responders, to view them as good guys!
    Our government uses many forms of propaganda to control our opinions of them, and THEY DO NOT LIKE IT WHEN A OFFICER OF THE LAW IS ACCUSED OF A FELONY CRIME!
    Don’t get me wrong, I liked the Avengers movie, most of it is not intended to be propaganda but that don’t stop the government from ordering directors to put this or that in it to make big bad gov LOOK GOOD!
    Most people are left alone by big bad gov except around tax time of course, but their are many many people that get targeted by our government and for personal reasons and many people find out that it becomes impossible to find help when government agents/cops have it out for someone.

    • karah says:

      Terry Wagar,
      Where is the evidence; provide it. You sound like a crazy person (no offense) . Bring factual evidence and hire an attorney, maybe people will start believing you then. I don’t know if you have mental health issues and I’m not going to speculate. You post everywhere about this incident. Hire an attorney and figure it out. Otherwise stop. Posting on these boards is not going to help anyone. We already have our opinions on actual cases with evidence. You bring nothing to the table with just words.

  6. Kyuki Yoshida says:

    “I expect and demand of the chief to conduct a fair investigation” Yeah right, we all know that on their terms, a “fair investigation” means wiping as much evidence against the offender as possible while piling up lies against the victim.

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