Photographer Pounched by a Police Officer

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In Athens Greece police officer assaulted a woman photographer ,during anti-austerity protest. Athens newspaper Kathimerini said that the officer was charged with unprovoked bodily harm, verbal abuse and violent behavior. The officer works for riot police,but they wouldn’t named him.

The photographer, later identified as Tatjana Bolari ,who works for the Athens News Agency, claimed that the hit cause her to loose a tooth. Other members of the press also said that they had been attacked and have filed a suit against the police.

POESY- the journalists federation said that the attack was “barbaric” and invited the police to take part in a seminar on October 12, on the issue of the police and human rights.Five months ago another journalist-Manolis Kypraios, lost his hearing after a police stun grenade went off next to him while he was covering a protest.


Other police officers were also seen on videos and in photos assaulting people without provocation, during those protests.Those assaults were condemned by the government in statements, but for which none of the officers were arrested or charged with any misconduct.

Police have said they were just defending themselves and that they’ve had chunks of marble and Molotov Cocktails tossed at them during the protest.Although that was the official statement from the police, people claimed that they were beaten and attacked without any reason.

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5 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    Sad case,Gatineau police officer Pierre Francois Blais assaults 73 year old woman then kills her son according to witnesses.

    Gatineau cop violated a man’s Charter rights when he shot and killed him in 2008, according to a litany of charges filed under Quebec’s Police Act.
    On June 29, 2011 — one day past the three-year anniversary of David Leclair’s death and just five days after the Leclair family launched a $430,000 civil suit against the officer and the city — the province’s police ethics commissioner slapped mall cop Pierre-Francois Blais with 10 charges.
    Though he remains on active duty, he was unreachable for comment Wednesday.
    “It’ll never bring David back, it never should have happened to begin with,” Leclair’s sister, Donna told the Sun Wednesday. She is still pressing for a public inquiry into her brother’s death.
    A 35-year-old single father who was well-known to police, Leclair was shot three times outside his mother’s Aylmer, Que. home after Blais responded to a domestic complaint involving Leclair’s ex.
    In February 2007, Leclair pleaded guilty and was handed an 11-month sentence for fraud.
    Separate fraud and assault charges from 2006 were stayed, and he was also due to appear in court later in 2008 on theft and fraud charges.
    On the day of Leclair’s death, Blais had followed him into his mother’s home, beat him with a club and pepper-sprayed him before shooting him three times outside, including once in the back. Blais said LeClair grabbed a crowbar in the confrontation but witnesses say he was unarmed.
    The officer also struck Leclair’s then 73-year-old mother, Dorothy, in the leg with his baton and, according to witnesses, threatened to shoot her and LeClair’s brother Robert if they intervened.
    “Personally, I would love him to have jail time, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen at this point,” Donna said.
    Blais, the son of chief justice of the Federal Court of Appeal Pierre Blais, was cleared in 2009 of any criminal wrongdoing after a provincial police investigation.
    The latest charges, which stem from a formal complaint filed to the police ethics commissioner, allege Blais acted carelessly and recklessly in his dealings with Leclair, used obscene or offensive language, displayed a lack of respect or courtesy, abused his authority, and violated Leclair’s Charter right to life, liberty and security of the person.
    Blais is also charged with using excessive force against Leclair’s mother, along with four other charges.
    “Will this bring us closure? I don’t know, but I hope it helps … Something is better than nothing right now,” Donna said. “We’ll see how it plays out.”
    No hearing date has been set yet.
    The charges against Pierre-Francois Blais:
    1. Acted carelessly and recklessly in his dealings with Leclair
    2. Using obscene or offensive language
    3. Displaying a lack of respect or courtesy
    4. Abusing his authority
    5. Violated Leclair’s Charter right to life, liberty and security of the person
    6. Using obscene or offensive language in his dealings with Dorothy Leclair
    7. Displaying a lack of respect or courtesy
    8. Excessive force
    9. Making threats
    10. Failing to prevent or contribute to preventing justice from taking its course

  2. Danielle says:

    What I want to know is who writes the stories on this website, seriously 25% of almost every story is written so poorly that it doesn’t make sense. I am starting to wonder if they are adding info to make these stories worse,from previous stories they found on the internet. Time to Google search some of these stories to read them properly and understand what’s being said. Think they need a new writer or a proof reader. I only have a high school education, I can only imagine what highly educated people think of these poorly written stories here.

  3. Donald G says:

    Personly , I don’t think that how the story is written has sqaut to do with the fact that this is another blatant case of police abuse of power. First of all , when did police officers start serving and protecting police officers? Next they will afford themselves as well as be affored the excuse to treat people like domestic terrorist right in our own homes. Face the fact that killer cops despite how dispicable are simply granted the right to waste people. I am sick of it yet believe that God will soon make it known that he in no way endorses killers period. So please stop glorifying them because although some are good or even great they still are imperfect and many times these imperfections take lives. Know one in America knows this better than Afro-Americans and hispanics.

  4. terry wagar says:

    My wife was having an affair with a cop, she and her lover arranged to get me battered by police and county sheriff’s, I was gang-stalked by plain clothed police officer’s after that and my wife’s lover was one of those officer’s!

    Two months after I was battered I caught my wife hooking her daughters up with her lover the cop officer Eric Carlson and the bastard dyed his hair so that he could double as me!

    Knowing that it was a murder conspiracy and that they were using him as a double to frame me I tried to warn people about it, and my wife Joan Wagar poisoned the hell out of me with antifreeze!

    Family members started dropping like flies after the police and county sheriff’s gave my wife permission to poison me, and my wife kept me ill with repeated poisonings while her lover officer Eric Carlson and his friends and relatives in law enforcement pedofied me publicly using flyers (Community Notifications) even though I have never had a trial or conviction in my life for anything!

    My wife and her lover and his bro’s in law enforcement bragged on a audio death threat that they pedofied me and they bragged I cannot get help from 911 and ended their death threat by telling me “Good luck!” so they do not care if anyone knows and all my calls for help are covered up by police and first responders.

    Two years later I am for the most part bedridden and unable to get help from police or from a hospital, and on March 26th 2007 officer Eric Carlson and his partner officer John Ray broke into my home and they sneaked a child in with them and they made child porn!

    They killed that child, and while officer John Ray sneaked the body out the bedroom window my wife and her lover officer Eric Carlson were planting evidence in my home framing me for the crime, and before they left they poisoned the back of my coffee pot and they poisoned my coffee cup!

    I know all this because I caught them in the act doing all this with my audio recorder that I put in my wife’s purse, my audio recorder caught them in the act and caught them bragging to my wife’s sister about it all and they admitted they were framing me to get the blame!

    My wife and her sister then helped them by recruiting their coworkers into backing up false charges on me, and my audio recorder caught that as well, and then they printed thousands of flyers giving me the blame for the crime they just got done doing and my audio recorder caught that as well!

    After that my wife and her lover officer Eric Carlson were having sex behind the lockers at Walmart where my wife worked and during that time my wife was asking officer Eric Carlson details of the female they just killed, so during sex at Walmart my wife and her lover officer Eric Carlson were discussing details of the female they killed, and my audio recorder caught that as well!

    After this officer Eric Carlson bragged to his superior in law enforcement that he pedofied me behind prison walls and he laughed saying “Terry’s not going to survive this one!” and his superior laughed and said “Can he walk on water!?” and my audio recorder caught that as well!

  5. Beverley says:

    Gatineau is corrupted and does attack elderly, seniors just like the gross attack on Leclair. We are witness Gatineu police and their complicity in the Criminal Eder Abuse of Rita Poirier, who made several complaints to Gatineau to stop the Criminal Elder Abuse she had been suffering. She named her abusers who live in Ottawa, out of province, she lived in Gatineau Quebec. She gave the corrupted Gatineau cops, names addresses and telephone numbers, face to face with the cops with witnesses!!! Gatineau cops and the Chief actually refused to protect her, destroyed police files and records (deontology, Police ethics investigation and charges and arrest of a Gatineau cop)…spread lies, defamation, slander, libel about Rita, and without a prudent proper investigation (which we all know the police must do) conspired with the named abusers, conspired with the corrupted Public Curator, without an investigation…then in secret without legal service the cops went into court and spread their lies, perjury but eventually the Judge threw them out and sent her back home. This senior had all her personal property stolen by her named abusers, Criminal Identity theft stolen identification documents, Mail fraud, stolen pension cheques, stolen insurance cheques, credit card charges for cash advances by the abusers etc…harassing phone calls , refused her legal right to see and visit with her grandchildren, thrown twice into hospitals against her will all based on the lies told by the abusers…then the corrupted Gatineau cops refused the SQ to investigate (Gatineau had started the corrupted cover up due to loosing in court and their complicity in the Criminal Elder Abuse…all still before the courts from 2008 and now it is 2013…still with the corrupted Crown pros. still presenting all the perjury…corrupted proof presented into court and the Province of Quebec is continuing to participate in the cover-up by the Gatineau cops….3 Quebec judges all ruled against the abusers, the corrupted cops and their perjury…but the Senior Crown Prosecutor, Martin Cote refuses and continues to refuse to get to the truth regarding this gross abuse of power, refusal to provide police services to senior in Gatineau because they do profile, discriminate against English speaking citizens of Gatineau, Senior Citizens and in particular females are ruffed up by the Gatineau cops… and their verbal policy repeated to many concerned citizens involved with this corrupted limit police protection to Seniors as they do not have the time and all the old people are crazy!!!….shame on the mayor, Marc Bureau, council, Police Chief Mario Harel and the rest of the corrupted, criminal elder abusing Gatineau cops, plus the Provincial Public curator, Gaetan Poirier… many on extended sick leave….and still being paid by the Province of Quebec plus the city of Gatineau and the released cops!!!. Disband the corrupted Gatineau Police, the gross mismanagement must stop!!!. Fire the police chief Mario Harel who continues to attempt to squash his own subpoenas repeatedly. But looses when Judges throw out his corrupted attempts to not appear in court, Harel is in hiding, more proof of this complicity of the Crimain Elder Abuse of Rita Porier by Gatineau …and the Judge throws out the corrupted senior Crown Prosecutor, Martin Cote attemts to stop the Police Chief from coming into court!!…who denies his mandate to get to the truth…the Crown is corrupted in Gatineau…Minister of Justice step in and clean out all the corruption inside Quebec and in particular the corrupted Ville de Gatineau…take over the management of the city of Gatineau, the citizens are entitled to proper, legal administration and management of their town…when will the committee investigation corruption inside Quebec take action, legal action against the corrupted Ville de Gatineau, the 4th larges city inside Quebec, after Laval, Montreal, Sherbrooke… the citizen of Gatineau are fed up…the police are out of control and refuse to serve many citizens in Gatineau if they speak English and especially if they are older!!!

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