Tennessee Police Robbing Motorists On The Highway

Posted on: January 28th, 2013 12 Comments
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If you plan on driving through Tennessee on the Interstate 40, you better not be carrying a large amount of money with you. As it turns out, the police patrols have a right to seize your cash under suspicion that it’s drug money, and keep it without any proof you obtained it in an illegal way.

The reporters from News Channel 5 interviewed one of the victims, Karen Petrosyan, whose father was arrested for driving the truck in which the officers found two large blocks of cash containing nearly $200,000.

“What’s wrong with having a large amount of cash?” asked Karen Petrosyan. ”If I am a criminal, if they allege me to be a criminal,” he said, “why would they settle? They do not just let criminals go.”

Petrosyan and his father were released with no charges, but he will still have to come back to Tennessee and prove that his money wasn’t drug related. Due to the current law, in case the owner doesn’t take legal action to prove that their money is legal, the police get to keep it all.


Ricky Chandler, Dickson police chief, admits that they use money to invest in the force, creating new teams to patrol the road. Since these teams are paid out of the seized money, their jobs depend solely on the amount of money they find. It’s no wonder these teams have collected millions of dollars so far using the civil asset forfeiture laws that are a direct breach of some of the essential civil rights.

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12 Responses

  1. Ernest says:

    Come on people, the dollar sign goes in front of a number. How does 200,000$ even remotely look correct to you?

  2. terry wagar says:

    How do I get a pedophile Multnomah county sheriff officer arrested when the Portland police cover up my 911 calls?

  3. terry wagar says:

    Dirty Secrets of police and county sheriffs!

    Police don’t give a damn about people or the law they only care about their system and their bro’s!

    Police routinely plant evidence to frame people! they plant drugs to frame people for that, and they enjoy breaking into peoples homes to plant child porn to frame people they want dead as pedophiles! police have a name for that type of framing they call it Pedofying!

    Police enjoy turning family members against people that they are investigating, cops routinely recruit wife’s of suspects into affairs and then police coach the suspects wife as to how to frame their target!

    Police poison off people they don’t want as witnesses and they easily cover it up at the hospital by talking to the patients doctor in the hallway, police will hint to the doctor the patient is a bad guy, repeatedly, until the doctor gets the hint to not take a toxicology test!

    Many cops start affairs with relatives of their target to better frame their target!

    Police will destroy their targets reputation in their neighborhood and at their place of employment to isolate their target from help from other people, and no one ever bothers to tell the target that cops are running around and destroying their reputation! see pedofying!

    If you charge a cop with felony crimes no one will take your complaint and no one cares! attorneys will hang up on you, they will not return your calls or emails, you may get an email from an attorney saying their on vacation, but they will not contact you again!

    If you catch police breaking into your home to plant evidence to frame you they will shoot you on the spot and then the prosecutor will cover their butts by publicly declaring the officers justified and NO TRIAL WILL TAKE PLACE OVER IT!

    When cops have a warrant to enter a home then several officers all decked out with riot gear kick down your doors, when cops don’t have warrants then it is usually two cops that break in secretly to plant evidence to frame the target!

    How many times have you heard where two cops break into a home and they shoot the resident? it happens way more than when several officers break in with a warrant!

    Prosecutors always lie for cops! always!

    Cops easily cover up poisonings by denying the victim medical treatment! victims that are poisoned are not acting normally and cops enjoy labeling the victim as mentally ill to explain the victims condition and to discredit the victim as a witness!

    Police and doctors work together and often have secret chats with each other in emergency wards! cops routinely label patients as mentally ill or as bad guys to make it known to doctors not to help the patient, deny patient a toxicology test!

    Police are fond of conducting investigations, they use that term all the time, what they don’t say is what the police DO during an investigation! when cops want to spy on someone they don’t assign one or two under cover cops, they assign several under cover cops! and they will get several apartments around their targets home! they will break into targets home when target is at work and will bug it with audio and video devices!
    Under cover cops will destroy their targets reputation around neighborhood by spreading rumors! see pedofying!

    Under cover cops will stage events around their targets home to frame the target and to create a history of complaints against their target! see pedofying!

    Police are fond of using flyers to destroy their targets reputation within their neighborhood and cops brag to their bro’s about how it gets people killed off! see pedofying!

    Police don’t give a damn if cops themselves rapes or kills anyone! victims are not welcome to report crimes committed by cops!

    Don’t forget, several cops break into targets home when they have warrant! TWO COPS BREAK IN TO PLANT EVIDENCE TO FRAME THE TARGET!


  4. terry wagar says:

    Cops send me death threats in my emails, I recently contacted a youtuber and told them about my situation and the police sent me an email the next day linking a video about a couple of dudes asking me what I want on my epitaph!
    Here is a screenshot of the email death threat I got from cops!
    I don’t believe the makers of the video intended it as a death threat but the people that emailed the video to me intended I take it that way.
    My 911 calls are covered up by police so I have no way to report this other than publicly!

  5. me says:

    it’s not just Tennessee. all over the country cops are stealing MILLIONS of dollars from law-abiding citizens because congress, the courts and the president allows it. USA-POS

  6. sonny says:

    On this memorial day we are asking all AMERICANS to say a prayer for all poor TENNESSEANS who are being abused by brutal and violent TENNESSEE police.On that day when you are swimming watching the Indy 500 cooking out please remember the abused victims in TENNESSEE of police brutalty and say a silent preyer.My family and friends will probaly? be assaulted or worse by these police for speaking out against them so please pray for us.

  7. terry wagar says:

    My wife was having an affair with a cop, she and her lover arranged to get me battered by police and county sheriff’s, I was gang-stalked by plain clothed police officer’s after that and my wife’s lover was one of those officer’s!

    Two months after I was battered I caught my wife hooking her daughters up with her lover the cop officer Eric Carlson and the bastard dyed his hair so that he could double as me!

    Knowing that it was a murder conspiracy and that they were using him as a double to frame me I tried to warn people about it, and my wife Joan Wagar poisoned the hell out of me with antifreeze!

    Family members started dropping like flies after the police and county sheriff’s gave my wife permission to poison me, and my wife kept me ill with repeated poisonings while her lover officer Eric Carlson and his friends and relatives in law enforcement pedofied me publicly using flyers (Community Notifications) even though I have never had a trial or conviction in my life for anything!

    My wife and her lover and his bro’s in law enforcement bragged on a audio death threat that they pedofied me and they bragged I cannot get help from 911 and ended their death threat by telling me “Good luck!” so they do not care if anyone knows and all my calls for help are covered up by police and first responders.

    Two years later I am for the most part bedridden and unable to get help from police or from a hospital, and on March 26th 2007 officer Eric Carlson and his partner officer John Ray broke into my home and they sneaked a child in with them and they made child porn!

    They killed that child, and while officer John Ray sneaked the body out the bedroom window my wife and her lover officer Eric Carlson were planting evidence in my home framing me for the crime, and before they left they poisoned the back of my coffee pot and they poisoned my coffee cup!

    I know all this because I caught them in the act doing all this with my audio recorder that I put in my wife’s purse, my audio recorder caught them in the act and caught them bragging to my wife’s sister about it all and they admitted they were framing me to get the blame!

    My wife and her sister then helped them by recruiting their coworkers into backing up false charges on me, and my audio recorder caught that as well, and then they printed thousands of flyers giving me the blame for the crime they just got done doing and my audio recorder caught that as well!

    After that my wife and her lover officer Eric Carlson were having sex behind the lockers at Walmart where my wife worked and during that time my wife was asking officer Eric Carlson details of the female they just killed, so during sex at Walmart my wife and her lover officer Eric Carlson were discussing details of the female they killed, and my audio recorder caught that as well!

    After this officer Eric Carlson bragged to his superior in law enforcement that he pedofied me behind prison walls and he laughed saying “Terry’s not going to survive this one!” and his superior laughed and said “Can he walk on water!?” and my audio recorder caught that as well!

  8. terry wagar says:

    Officer’s Eric Carlson and John Ray committed a early morning break in on March 26th 2007 and they raped and photograhed children and they killed one of the children and they sneaked the body out through the bedroom window and then they planted evidence in my home and they poisoned my coffee pot before existing my apartment!

    They drove straight to Clackamas Walmart and bragged to ALL THEIR WHORES that work their that they just framed me as a pedophile and that they used officer Eric Carlson as a double and that they got photogenic photo’s of his dick and they even admitted they poisoned my coffee pit!

    They then spent the next three hours bragging to Walmart employees and recruiting Walmart employees to lie for them and to back up flyers that their whores were printing using Walmart office printers giving me the blame for their crimes!

    They bragged to their whore Joan Wagar that they are the ones that did EVERYTHING and that they were pedofying (framing) me for their crimes, and they laughed and bragged about how pedofying me will get me killed off!

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