Instagraming Her Way To The Police

Posted on: April 16th, 2013 8 Comments
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After tweeting an anti-police picture depicting a police spokesperson being shot in the head, artist Jennifer Pawluck (20) was detained and brought into questioning in Montreal.

Even though she wasn’t aware of the implications that the sharing of the picture would bring, Pawluck told the Huffington Post Quebec that many of her friends dislike the police, and that the only reason she shared it was because she thought it was funny. “I don’t even know who Ian Lafrenière is”.

Pawluck took the photo in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood of Montreal, and it depicts the named police official getting shot in the head with his name and the imprint ACAB next to it.


A day after uploading the pic to instagram, she was detained and held for 4 hours, where she told that she didn’t mean to harass Lafrenière and make him fear for his safety. Her trial has been set for April 17th, and until then she’s been given a restraining order, one kilometer from the location of Lafrenière.

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8 Responses

  1. terry wagar says:

    I was battered by the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s in January 2005 and I had a broken rib and a messed up knee from it!
    My wife Joan Wagar was actively cheating on me by a police officer name Eric Carlson at the time and he was WITH my wife when I was battered!

    I was blackmailed after that by police they arrested two of our three daughters without charging them with anything and at the hearing police DEMANDED SIGNED WAIVERS BEFORE THEY WOULD RELEASE OUR DAUGHTERS!

    I was gang-stalked for the next two months by plain clothed police officers and county sheriff’s officers and behind my back they were publicly pedofying me with false pedophile accusations!

    By mid April 2005 I caught my wife hooking our daughters up with a under cover police officer that was a damn close look-a-like to me and I discovered that all my wife’s coworkers at East Port Walmart knew about all this and was helping my wife hide her affair from me, they even referred to that cop as a double!

    I tried to warn people about this and my wife at this time poisoned me, with antifreeze, and I was so ill and in such pain I could hardly walk or talk, and I was surrounded by my wife and daughters and they just pretended nothings wrong!

    Repeatedly I went to emergency hospital trying to get help, and each time their were police officers out in the hallway labeling me as a bad guy to my doctor until my doctor got the hint to NOT help me and to NOT take a toxicology test!

    Any time I started showing signs that I was getting better my wife would just poison me again, and she knew from her lover the cop that I could not get help from the hospital and that the police made sure of that!

    While my wife kept me ill and debilitated with repeated poisonings she and her lover the cop and his bro’s in law enforcement were having fun committing crimes and staging crimes using my wife’s lover as a photo double, and they were none stop pedofying me to other people, which is how they recruited my wife’s coworkers into lying for them!

    They literally organized mobs of people into killing,poisoning,framing,gang-stalking, and harassing people.

    Many people in our family died during my wife’s use of poison and my wife’s lover and her own coworkers nicknamed my wife Mrs Dash and her lover even used that nickname in letters he wrote to her!

    Their murder conspiracy was so open that everyone working at East Port Walmart was openly calling officer Eric Carlson and my wife Joan Wagar by the nicknames Doubleclick and Mrs Dash!

    I was a regular plasma donor in April 2005 when my wife started poisoning me, and her store of coworkers started calling her Mrs Dash in May 2005!

    • Sean says:


    • off_my_meds says:

      Sounds like pretty classic paranoid schizophrenia who is not taking his meds.

      I hope terry is feeling better soon

    • Ugh..hi! says:

      Hi terry I’ve tried to find u on fb but obviously I have no clue what you look like.. I was wondering if you could email me ( id like to find out more about what’s happened to you. Tryna crack down on on shit people abit before I die u see and each story is more knowledge about how to help people’s minds for the hurt n the hunters(thenastybastards) thanks, Jazmin.

  2. Mike says:

    What sissies city employees are. Scared of this lil cutie taking a picture of graffiti? ha! Cowards. I don’t see the piggies painting over the picture.

  3. Trey G says:

    Hey Sean, SHUT UP! If this story is as accurate as it sounds, it seems to me that maybe you knew about this too which would make you a conspirator…or an accessory. If so, enjoy your time in the pokey. If i were this guy, i would be beating up media with this story if he hasn’t done so already

  4. Pineapple says:

    What it do?

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