A 16 Year-Old Teen Got Brutally Kicked In The Head By A Cop

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Young Michael from New Jersey, had the worst day of his life when police came knocking on his door looking for a person this 16 year old might know. Michael, who was too scared to give us his last name, said he doesn’t know the person police was asking about. Little Falls police officer handcuffed the teenager, showed him in to the snow and kicked him in the head. This whole thing was caught on a family security camera.

This video shows that one officer was walking around the house while other knocked on the door. The next thing you can see is scared teenager forced to lie on the snow without jacket or shoes!

“I got swung around. Put down. I got a knee to my head. It was snowing outside, I had no jacket no shoes,” Michael said. Above all, 16 year-old got charged with resisting arrest. Fina Elsaadany, the boy’s mother,noted that the cop was much bigger than her son, and yet the teenager was dragged out of the house and got brutally abused.

Bruised 16 year old with his parents reported this incident to the prosecutor’s office hoping these violent police officers will get what they deserve.


The mother of the boy added that police officers supposed to save people but in this case she thinks that these two violent cops should be fired or at leas suspended.

The officers didn’t go inside the house to search it. Police department remained silent about this. There is no comment from them on this incident.

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