Video Of Police Abusing A Man In A Wheelchair

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San Francisco police officer tried to tip down a man from his wheelchair, while surrounding police officers were standing and doing nothing to stop the abuse of a disabled person.

The incident was filmed by Edwardo Delacruz. The video shows Bo Firerson, a man in the electric wheelchair, approaching police who are talking to a group of people. One of the officers pushed the wheelchair and the other one tried to tip him down and on to the curb.

This lasted until another man dashed to the man’s rescue.

Firerson, who is paralyzed from his neck down, said he was approaching police, because he wanted to help a cousin who was in the group of people police was talking to. “I was going over there to be a witness because my cousin was being beat up by the police. When I went over there, they stopped that and they focused on me,” he said.

One of the officers yelled at him and said that he ran over his foot, but Firerson denied it. The next thing officer is pushing his wheelchair repeatedly and tries to tip him down.


Luckily Firerson was wearing his seat belt so he wasn’t hurt as badly as he could be.

This case is being investigated by the San Francisco Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division and the Office of Citizen Complaints.

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