Missouri Cop Shoots Calm And Friendly Dog For No Reason

Posted on: April 27th, 2011 67 Comments
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The video tape is showing how a couple of Missouri police officers is walking around a loose dog trying to figure out what to do with it. The dog is not showing any kind of aggression or anger. It’s calm and for a period it’s just relaxing on the pavement, not caring that much about the officers. After a while they try to catch the dog with a rope, and when eventually succeeding, one of the officers pulls the trigger on his gun and shoots the dog right in the head for no reason.

The dog is still alive wagging its tale from nerve damages, so the officer pulls the trigger one more time, and the dog stops moving. What happened to the cop is unknown.

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67 Responses

  1. john says:

    not nice this. bitch pay back

    • Daina Leigh says:

      Now THIS is DEFINITELY the sorryest excuse for men that I have EVER seen in my entire life…..Soooo sad to see that this is supposed to be representing our finest in Law Enforcement……Damn,,,both of you must have two of the lowest self esteems of anybody I have seen to get pumped up by killing a helpless dog that was already caught with a rope to begin with…..Actually, it is more than sad,,,,it is just FRIGGIN PA-THE-TIC…..GEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ

  2. Aly says:

    These cops have no morals, the dog was on a rope and they decide to catch it with a catch pole then shoot it, for what? What could be their excuse? It bit the catch pole! I hope these cops not only loose their jobs but also get thrown in jail for the max punishable by the law they are supposed to enforce

  3. Camilo Lopez says:

    Indeed, dog was so friendly that it kept wagging its tail after it was shot the first time

  4. derp says:

    People need to pay closer attention to the video. The other guy was on the radio/phone, meaning he was discussing what to do with somebody else, most likely his captain or the on-duty sergeant. I think it’s pretty obvious they received orders to shoot the dog if it didn’t become compliant. It’s very difficult to control a large, unwilling dog even with a pole, ask any animal control officer. The pole is there to protect the guy trying to control the dog, it’s not a magic “make the dog come with you” stick.

    You cannot tell from silent video alone how the cops felt about it, the long delay might be because they didn’t want to. If they didn’t care at all, they would have shot the dog as soon as they had a clear shot at it while it stood still or laid down.

    It’s funny how willing people are to pass judgement on two guys just doing their jobs without first getting all the facts and context behind whats happening. This website is clearly just a cop-hate wankfest for people pissed about their traffic citations for speeding.

    • genius says:

      u should pay more attention to the video.

      the dog is on a leash.

      • Sean says:

        That’s also a pit bull. Due to the Pit bull being a very aggressive and very dangerous breed of dog if a Pit shows any signs of aggression it is actually required to be put down. If you own a pit bull and it bites someone, it gets put down and there is nothing that can be done because its just a naturally violent breed of dog. Not to mention it is acting strangely. It observes officers, but does not come to close. It is obviously wary and on the defensive. This could mean the dog has attracted rabies and is in the stage where vision degrades, and the dogs vision becomes more and more blurry, preventing the dog from distinguishing anything.

        • Crystal says:

          Ok first of all Pit bulls aren’t at all aggressive dogs unless people have taught them to be. They are bred to have aggressive tendicies toward other dogs or animals NOT humans. Just because the dog decided not to approach the officers does NOT mean it has rabies! Any dog, pit bull or not, can & will go into defense mode when it has something bigger cornering it & chasing after it especially when on a leash. Watching this dogs behavor shows that this dog was not aggressive. Aggressive dogs will be tryig to attack right off the bat. This dog showed some fear after being cornered & chased. These officers should have had animal control come out to take care of a loose dog & they shouldn’t have shot it. & if someone higher up ordered them to shoot this dog they are fucked up too! & the cop on the phone sure looks like he’s texting & not paying attention to the situation!

        • BAM says:

          second of all, that is not a pitbull…

        • Sonny says:

          If you really feel like this and aren’t trolling this site, I pity you because you’re half-retarded. You’re not full-retard, as you know how to use a computer, just half.

        • Kelly says:

          Duhhh, You Are Half retarded Sean!!! The dog in the video is not a Pitbull but an American Bulldog! So before you go around bashing a breed do your research RETARD!!!!!

    • STARR says:


    • Tim says:

      I Completely Agree With You! This video was tailor made to make these officers look like the bad guy, That is probably the reason why the audio was removed. Seems like the people on here just want to be apart of something, because all of you know just as well as I. The First number People run too when something happens is 911. Correct me if I’m wrong but i bet 99.9% of the people on here wouldn’t say shit to an officers. Other than Yes sir. No Sir. You People ARE NOT Activists hiding Behind a computer monitor,all you are are Bored Human Beings Trying To be apart of something. Posting Videos online, Doesn’t make “Police Brutality” any less of a problem, You Want to protest, Get up off your ass, and get out on the streets.

    • lisa says:

      That dog was laying on the ground…let me put a choke pole around ur neck and try to make u just lay down and b calm…wtf!! They r cops not animal control…that dog wasn’t even trying to charge them
      I have a pitbull, yes she’s strong but just cuz its a pitbull doesn’t mean mean it’s dangerous. All dogs have ability to b dangerous..its alll in how they r raised….get ur head out of ur ass!

  5. Timothy O says:

    Verry sad to see a man\cop shoot an animal for no reason.I think theese worthless peices of shit should loose their jobs and be put in prison.They should be put in general population in prison and made to wear a sign that says”I AM A COP”.Either that or shoot them in their fucking heads.

  6. Timothy O says:

    Does that make you feel safer knowing that we have police officers to protect us from dogs that wont sit?

  7. STARR says:


  8. Jl says:

    Well this is really disturbing. I’m not a cop hater I love the police but what the hell is this supposed to be? When I was a scrawny little 11 year old I managed to fight off a St.Bernard lunging at my throat, these two grown ass officers could’ve easily taken care of that dog.

    Maybe that dog did need to be put down for attacking someone before, but discharging a handgun is NOT how you put down a dog. Poor little guy.

  9. karen says:

    this makes me sick the cop should be held by the throat just like the dog was then shot so he no’s what it feels like then he should be put down like the dog was.

  10. jordan says:

    How about I come and shoot those two fat fuck-tards in the head.. so unbelievable… Rot in hell you assholes

  11. tom says:

    derp you are sucking the balls of the useless cops. the only good cop is a dead one!! rot in hell you pigs

  12. Jason says:

    I’d like to know the cop’s name. If anyone would like to post it.

  13. Tim says:

    That dog was quite obviously being aggressive, It was probably infected with rabies. The police wouldn’t show up on the scene if they hadn’t of gotten a call from a resident of the neighborhood, there were probably past reports of the dog being vicious. If something was REALLY wrong SOMBODY would’ve came out of their home, and said something. That second shot was just to put the poor dog out of it misery. This wasn’t police brutality, Just some fine Officers Doing their Job.

    • Crystal says:

      You’re a fucking idiot… This dog is not obviously aggressive. & Cops don’t have a right to shoot anything or anyone without reason & this dog gave them no reason to shoot it even if it bit the rabies pole. You’d bite the pole too if something was tight around your neck! & you all are dumb asses if you think that just because they used a rabies pole means it has rabies! Rabies is a disease that causes neurologic issues. & this dog clearly is not neurologic. Not to mention where the fuck is animal control?!?! Even if the cops were ordered to come out, shooting a dog is not humane, Euthanizing IS, with or without rabies. These are not FINE officers. FINE officers would have called the right people to the scene, people who actually know how to take care of dogs. & Not all cops are douchebags like these two.

    • R Dowsett says:

      I agree with Crystal your an idiot Tim. I wonder if it is a coincidence that most of the officers in all these video clips on this website demonstrating unecessary aggression are over weight. Are you a fat, angry, low self esteemed officer too Tim or do you simply lack any form of IQ?

    • R Dowsett says:

      I agree with Crystal your an idiot Tim. I wonder if it is a coincidence that most of the officers in all these video clips on this website demonstrating unecessary aggression are over weight. Are you a fat, angry, low self esteemed officer too Tim or do you simply lack any form of IQ?

      FIY a dog doesn’t wag it’s tail when it has been shot. That was purely a reflex action generated by it’s nervous system and if let’s say it was consciously wagging it’s tail(which it wasn’t)then your statement about the dog showing aggression demonstrates just how much of an idiot you really are.

  14. BchGurl says:

    This disgusts me..for 1 the dog was chained to the back of the white truck..2 the dog was scared..duh..its moving away from you 3. dog didn;t get aggressive til they tried to catch it with the pole and more than likely cuz it was scared of them..NO REASON TO SHOOT THE DOG! Jesus..this is what is wrong with people nowadays..

  15. john says:

    it clearly shows they didnt want to do it , they were on the radio 80% of the video and when he finally puled the trigger,look at the other cop he had to cover his ears and didnt even look, you people are just stupid..

  16. mad dog says:

    Give a yank a gun and he’ll shoot at ANYTHING that moves.

  17. Mary says:

    This absolutely OUTRAGES ME!!!! That dog was not hurting or threatening either one of this officers…he was just scared…I am at a loss for words..

    • Cody says:

      Then i will say them for you Mary,these two little “d!(k’s” killed an innocent dog ,for no reason,i want to see them “Crucified” By the way my names Cody ,my dog looks just like this one!

  18. Jack Legend says:

    The general procedure for using a catch pole is to restrain the animal, put it into a container (like a cage or animal carrier), and then remove the pole. If he’d known what the hell he was doing in the first place he never would have needed to shoot the animal. Incompetent police officers.

  19. Chris Smith says:

    I can’t believe the stupidity of these cops. The dog was already on a leash. Once an animal is caught on a “catch pole” they are going to “act up” and it should be expected. There was no reason to shoot it at all. I hate cops with a passion because of shit like this. If I ever saw a cop getting the shit beat out of him be a gang of people I’d cheer on the gang as I drove on by and wouldn’t say a word. The dog was almost dead with the first shot and the nerves were causing the tail to wag. That dog was NOT a pitbull. I have met several people that have pitbulls and they are the friendliest dogs I’ve seen. ONLY assholes like these cops raise pitbulls to be aggressive. Animal Control should have been called to assist and police in MO have access to a 24 hour number for Animal Control when they need immediate assistance. I’m a MO resident and those cops and the superior that ordered the dog to be shot all need to be caught with the “catch pole” and led around to see how they like it and how they’d react to it, then turn their own guns on them.

  20. ibrahimovic says:

    Really…. Like this is a debate… Cops like any enforcement personnel are incompetent assholes. Anyone can become a cop. Shit all you need is a test which any person who knows a cop can get!.. No schooling required.. Thats mandated this way for a reason everyone. As a result, you get a bunch of self indulging country boys, who fucked around in life and decided to become a cop, trying to figure out how to put a dog in a cannel. Im sorry,, if this job was to difficult for them to handle then don’t do it all … This kind of shit would never fly in a real country.. Fucking dumb ass “Americans” will never help any cause or anyone including other innocent Americans. Shit.. the whole damn society is structured to protect the people up top.. The funny thing.. NO one even notices… or even cares until it effects them directly.. Land of the free my ass..

  21. Joey D says:

    This is disgusting. First off, the dog doesn’t portray any signs of aggression until its put in that noose-on-a-stick. What you have to keep in mind is that the dog is a living, breathing, creature with thoughts and emotions just like you and I. I’m pretty sure you would be pissed off as well if some stranger came at you with that thing.
    Second off, pitbulls aren’t aggressive unless they’re raised that way or scared, backed into a corner. And I’d know that because I owned two. We had to give one away due to fiscal reasons and i still own the owner and have had her for ten years. And let me tell you that she’s the most loving, gentle dog ever.
    And third of all, where is the ASPCA? You know, the people trained to capture stray dogs. Yea those people.

    P.S: From the looks of the leash I’m sure the dog had a family which loved it as much as it loved them.

  22. TheDefender says:

    I could have had this dog in my control within 5 minutes.

    All they had to do was ONE of them drop to one knee and say “Come here, Doggie” in a nice, friendly voice.

    That’s the problem. Most cops don’t do “nice” OR “friendly.” If they were scared of that dog, they should quit the force for lack of balls.

  23. Anthony Dayvon says:

    I’m posting to illuminate the overall situation as i understand it “because” i was there.. LAW ENFORCEMENT responded to altercation where this dog (PIT-BULL MIX) had recently brutally attacked an adolescent within the trailer park. LAW requires that the aggressive animal type (PITT-BULL) be put down if authorities are notified of or witness an attack. I’m shocked that most of you human beings are surprised by this even. You are viewing the last 6min (police footage – non the less) of this animal’s life. Can you only GUESS what the preceding moments were like for the victim of this PITT-BULL’s attack. Just THINK for a moment – do you really think the POLICE just randomly stopped by a trailer park community and had nothing better to do than to hunt down/capture/subdue and then SHOOT a help-less, calm, collared, tail-wagging, fluffy puppy… Think again. Now, to neutralize the animal, it can be done in 2-ways; animal control captures/subdues/puts animal down – or – local police captures/subdues/puts animal down.. In this case, animal control was not available so task/mission/orders went to local police. I’m now in the Military where i definitely understand “ORDERS are ORDERS” (if they make sense) – the Police Officers here in this video are JUSTIFIED in their actions and performed their job accordingly. This animal made a choice moments earlier (was properly identified as the assailant – owners notified and acknowledged the law and actions that were to take place) that is unacceptable to Missouri statues and laws concerning aggressive breed dogs. (period) If you don’t like the law – petition to change it such that after a vicious Dog ATTACK — YOU will be afforded the opportunity to adopt the dog such that it could put a vicious LOCK JAW attack on YOUR HELPLESS little daughter’s throat and choke the LIFE out of HER!!! Then write me and let me know how you FEEL!!!!

  24. Shpadoinkleday says:

    Do a little further investigation prior to making brash comments regarding a video you see. I understand that most everyone on this website already hates police for one reason or another (presumably because you have done something stupid in your lives that have led you to have indifferent encounters with police). Having said that, I was going to rant about people not knowing what they are talking about and just talking shit about police for the sake of talking shit about police, but Anthony Dayvon couldn’t have expressed my feelings any better. I have never had the police come to my house and shoot my dog or kick my ass, that is probably because I have made good choices thus far in my life…

  25. Gigan says:

    Unless the dog was physically harming residents in the area or the police themselves (which is obviously not so observing this video), roping, beating, and shooting the dog is absolutely unnecessary and uncalled for. The dog is obviously just minding its own business and serves no threat to the neighborhood. If their goal is to get it off the road for oncoming vehicles, they should know that the dog is not stupid and *will* move when a car does come.

  26. Walter says:

    These men are cowards, Donny.

  27. norm says:

    The cop was just standing his ground against that deadly threat. 4:39 you can see the dog cabled to the truck bumper.

  28. orlene says:

    policemen are really coward.

  29. the man says:

    I was 16 years old and was bitten. It had blood on it’s mouth after biting me. The dog wasn’t agressive towards The responding officer. The police officer shot The dog due to the fact that it was proven to be agressive. Also it was a pitbull. 95% of dog attacks are pitbulls they are dangerous and the officers did the right thing shooting it.

    • kyle says:

      you are a fuckin idiot that dog should have killed your as when it bit you. you piece of shit. get your fuckin facts straight pussy.

  30. Kate says:

    This is particuarly upsetting because the dog, in its mind, did all the right things to make the threat go away. Tail between legs, submissive crouching, avoiding eye contact, LYING DOWN. All of these behaviors were meant to say, “hey, I’m not a threat, please leave me alone.” It is unacceptable for individuals who are acting as animal control agents to have this blatant ignorance of canine body language.

    Additionally, this dog appears to be a mutt, not a pitt bull. Regardless, studies have shown again and again that the general public is complete balls at IDing pitts. When show a selection of dogs and asked to pick out the pitts, most people do no better than chance. In light of this, shooting a dog based on breed alone is a patently ridiculous.

  31. Luis Casstle says:

    You need to integrate the facebook comments plug-in on here (whoever runs this site.)

  32. Luis Casstle says:

    If the cops felt like they were in danger enough to shoot a medium non-aggressive dog, than they’re some little bitches. They need to spend a day with animal control or maybe switch places and put animal control to do police work. They obviously have more balls to not shoot a defenseless animal.

  33. Bettie says:

    This video brought tears to my eyes. That poor dog. He was being friendly and sweet until some sociopathic sicko killed the poor thing. This makes me ill.

  34. brian says:

    I don’t believe the guy that said he was there, he’s probably just another punk cop covering for his buddies, why is there no report about the child anywhere. I’ve found that most cops were skinny or fat kids that got picked on in school and became cops for revenge. I know this for a fact in my home town. Most were fired after a couple of years, they were stealing fourwheelers and arresting their ex-classmates for the crimes but were finally caught in the act. Cops can be stereo typed just like dogs, most people who join the police force have something to prove, not all, just 98% of them, the other 2% deserve our greatest respect for having to work with such violent people. But another guy had it right, Americans will just sit by until the men in power destroy this country, we are the land of the imaginary free.

  35. Claire Vosburgh says:

    Absolutely DISGUSTING. And yes, I have seen many video’s of police killing innocent dogs. Most cops (not all, but most) are the most egotistical people on the planet. Plus, this poor dog was wasting their time. Better to shoot it than wait for experienced people to come. This made me vomit. That dog? didnt attack ANYONE. Someone probably didnt like someone else or their dog barked. You can tell that dog wouldnt hurt anyone. This is sport shooting for bored cops.

  36. Robin says:

    No disciplinary action was taken. Here’s the rest of the story for those of you who feel this version is not fair to the police at the scene. Absolutely shameful. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/06/19/video-shows-missouri-cop-shooting-restrained-bulldog/

  37. big b says:

    My staffordshire pitbull was shot today and that fuckin cop who shot my dog said he tried to attack him but my dog had bullet wounds on the side of his body. Fucking pigs in plainview tx are crooked and corrupt but justice for my son ,( kane) will never be sought because these beautiful animals are made out to be ferocious animals. Oh and my dog was shot in front of my wife and 3 kids and my kids are 8,5,2 so fuck cops because without that badge they aren’t shit but nerdy ass fuckin dickwads that don’t have nothin to do but kill innocent companions.

  38. Cody says:

    I have a Bully that looks just like that,The hatred i feel toward these pigs is huge,please lets get these guys “crucified” please?lets destroy them?

  39. Cody says:

    Those rotten little f()kin pu$$y m)(%^ER f()kers,cowards with a gun ,F()K YOU i hope these guys lose4 “Everything”

  40. Tera says:

    They do not have locked jams idiots. Do your research on pits before speaking of something you know nothing about

  41. Skip says:

    I’m from LaGrange and that damn dog was anything but friendly. There is a lease law in that city that the owner had repeatedly ignored. The fact that they kept it chained in the yard meant that every time it got loose it created havoc in the neighborhood. Which in included attacking other peoples pets and threatening (by cornering people against buildings). The owner had received several complaints and had been given numerous chances to get the dog under control and did not do it.

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