Innocent Young Dog Shot 33 Times By Camden Cops

Posted on: May 6th, 2011 24 Comments
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A fight among teens broke out at the Baldwin Run in Camden, New Jersey. The Camden police was at the place when suddenly an 8-month old pitbull terrier ran into the crowd of teens with no mean intentions. The neighbors always knew the pup as a lovable dog that only wants to greet new people and old friends. The dog was on a leash but accidentally broke free when the police made noise on the streets of Baldwin Run.

Witnesses saw that the police officers immediately shot the dog with 33 bullets. An innocent puppy that just wanted to play and greet them. They hit some cars and house walls while they were trying to completely finish the dog. It’s expected of the Camden police to release a statement soon.

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24 Responses

  1. Mel says:

    But if no one does anything it will just go on and on. I say it’s timemtomstand up and fight against it.


    “The Camden police was at the place.” Does anyone know english anymore? I’ll put money down that 4 out of 5 people see nothing wrong with this sentence.

    • Dave says:

      Well, it should be “The Camden police were at the place (though “location” would be better). But your own question would be better if you had worded it in the negative. “Doesn’t anyone know English anymore?” with English being capitalized since it is a proper noun.

  3. Hi. You have a really great and informative website here. We all need to expose these criminal cops for what they really are, HORRID CRIMINALS of the worst kind, because they are ugly HYPOCRITES. Please stop by and visit my new Blog sometime also. Keep up the good work. Thanks!

  4. Hipster says:

    Fuck the Police

  5. JM says:

    ok, you cannot speculate on what an animal’s intent was. lol nice try though. gave me a laugh. pit bulls are known aggressive animals. sorry – can’t side w you on this one.

    • AB says:


      Pitbulls aren’t naturally any more aggressive toward people than any other dog. I’ll bet you believe sharks are also maneaters, just because the news likes to keep fearful, and wrong, stereotypes alive. Ignorance disguised as common sense, like what you’ve shown, is what allows the less informed to rationalize senseless killings like this.

    • Koyie says:

      Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say thanks for he asnewr.

  6. JM says:

    and how can you say that it was the noise of the police officers that made the dog “accidentally” break free when you yourself said there was a fight that had ensued? come on now – again – nice try w the wording but no dice. you have no credibility. /fail

  7. Kevin says:


    Regardless of the dog’s intent, it did not bring any physical harm to any officer and I am certain they had tazers with them. Instead of killing the dog they could have detained it in any number of ways. Also, AB is right, pitbulls have been bred to be fighting dogs because their jaw muscles fill with a fluid that locks them in place when they aggressively latch into something. This trait seemed prudent for a “good dog fight” so people raised them in abusive environments and used them as fighting dogs. As far as the breed goes, Pitbull Terriers are actually quite timid if raised in the proper environment.

    • @Kevin: I totally agree with you and disagree with JM. I lived near a place where Pitbulls are often used for fighting and also demonized by the media because of the way criminals like Mike Vic and others abuse these dogs. Thereby making certain Pitbulls violent agressors though abusive training techniques. I now live in Maine, and WOW, let me tell you this. It is quite a very different story and enviroment than you hear on the news elsewhere around the country. People in Maine are generally just all around decent people. They love animals and their neighbors in general. There are Pitbulls all over the place around here. And they are quite friendly and lovable dogs in general. All types of dogs sometimes snap and do things that suprise people. These particular dogs (Pitbulls) were selected for many reasons to be fighters. That doesnt make them bad dogs. It makes the people that abuse them into being bad dogs bad people.

    • AnnieCargirl says:

      You really need to get educated. Pit bulls do NOT have a “fluid” that locks their jaws in place. They aren’t freakin’ HYDRAULIC, you imbecile. They, in fact, have LESS pressure psi than a German Shepherd. There is no such thing as “locking jaws”.

      For someone supposedly supporting these dogs, you sure do have some serious misconceptions going on.

  8. I HATE COPS says:

    The US government and its police system will be put down by the people of the Unoted States themselves!

  9. metoo says:

    I do not care about english anymore!! I really dont if you can figure it out ive done my job…AS FOR THIS PIGGY he should have 33 bullets put in him as punishment, seems only fair

  10. Glenn Guthrie says:

    That fucking cop should made to stand in front of a fireing squad of about 50 law abiding citizens and each one shoot to wound him. Then ask him how it feels to be the receiver of Piggy Justice. Byt the way I would like to be one of the squad that does the job. Yum Yum

  11. Anonymous says:

    I dont know why police thought that it was serious enough to destroy property just to kill a friendly dog, this sickens me deeply, i may only be in 8th grade but that is total bull crap

  12. yeah right says:

    I am so sick of the police in this country running over the public and “our rights”! I have absolutely NO respect for police here. They are abusive authoritarian bullies who think that they have the right to do as they wish and the public just has to take it. I got a news flash for them I don’t respect their authority and it isn’t over me and if they came to my house and shot my dog they just might get the favor returned. I don’t take things like this lightly and somebody could get seriously hurt over a dog. Cops need to learn to cool it and learn their place and never forget they are public servants not the other way round. I can’t even watch shows like AMW or cops because every time I do I see people getting abused, slammed on the ground when they weren’t resisting and such. If you notice the police will be yelling stop resisting while they abuse the person with excessive force. The reason is they know it’s being filmed and this negates any legal action that could be taken against them. It’s total BS and the police nationwide are out of control. I would recommend that no young child be taught to admire or look up to these nasty little violent people who masquerade as protectors. “Protect and Serve” yeah right! what a joke! more like “Abuse and Bully”. 99% of police wouldn’t know honesty, decency, and respectfulness if it slapped them across the face. They are power hungry angry little bitter nothings in search of a life.

  13. yeah right says:

    I am going to make one more comment I have read many of your posts here on this subject and let me just give a short “kudos” to poster “Harley” he is right on. Anyway, my one more comment is this–Even if, I said EVEN IF i have a protective dog whether natural or trained to be that way that doesn’t give the police the right or authority to shoot their gun and kill my or anyone’s animals and the police need to respect that. They should not come rushing in on my posted property like armed thugs but they always do. It’s the fact that they do that’s the problem. They have no respect for individual right of citizens of this country. As far as they are concerned you will do as your told– get it, see what I mean. This is a problem that has to be addressed. Cops always get away with little to no retribution. Until we start putting cops behind bars for this kind of behavior nothing will change. People need to get mad and get together and stand up against the cops. Just loosing their job is not enough. Maybe loosing their freedom will change that smart-ass attitude. Put them in check and wake them up from their delusions of power and grandeur.

  14. yeah right says:

    Don’t make excuses for cops bad behavior people. They wouldn’t allow you to make any so don’t give them the benefit of the doubt. Cops are never to be trusted, ever. They are pathetic cowards who have to have guns drawn anytime they go anywhere because they are too much of a coward to do their job without it. I think we need to be more like England and take away the guns from cops and make them do the job if they still want it with only stun guns and pepper spray. Only NON-LETHAL means because they are too stupid to be trusted with anything more. REMEMBER- NEVER TRUST LAW ENFORCEMENT-THEY ARE THE ENEMY OF DECENT FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!

  15. yeah right says:

    Hey stupid pitbulls don’t have locking jaws or fluid sacs or any other crazy ignorant wives-tales. Those are all stories dummy. Pitbulls are no different than any other dog except that they are muscled up and have a wide head which equates to higher jaw pressures than say a narrow snout like a doberman. There is a video on you-tube where a man uses a real piece of test equipment to test bite strength of many dog breeds. The strongest dog in the world is a Turkish Kangal dog. There again in America we have it wrong and call these dogs Anatolian Shepards. Just like we call Austrailian Cattle Dogs – blue or red heelers- wrong again. So what I am basically saying is don’t speak like you are espousing fact when you really don’t know and are just yapping. Lastly, pitbulls when they fight another dog they just bite down and refuse to let go unless they think they can get a better grip and then they will release and re-bite. That’s all it is- they are stubborn it’s in their blood. I have a red nose pitbull so I do know from whence I speak plus I have obedience and attack trained dogs.

  16. slango20 says:

    same as anon, in 8th grade 2

  17. tim says:

    sick bastards

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