Photographer Pounched by a Police Officer

Posted on: October 11th, 2011 5 Comments

In Athens Greece police officer assaulted a woman photographer..

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Greek Police Tried To Kill Riot Dog

Posted on: July 6th, 2011 9 Comments

This riot dog is a dog that’s been showing up to every riot in Athens..

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Police Ran Over a Protester With a Bike

Posted on: December 16th, 2010 No Comments

We are all known with the fact that there are a lot of demonstrations in Greece and a lot of police brutality

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Police Abusing an Homeless Man in Greece

Posted on: January 4th, 2009 20 Comments

Greek police humiliating and abusing a homeless man in Athens. While he was sleeping they threw a bucket of cold water on him and recorded everything on their cell phone like they were doing it for fun or just to be cruel.

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Police Abuse in Police Station

Posted on: December 12th, 2008 8 Comments

A video featuring the torture of two young Albanians by Greek police. It shows how a policeman is brutally beating the two young men and forcing them to punch and insult each other.

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