Police Officer Robbed a Bank!

Posted on: February 26th, 2009 1 Comment
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cop robs bank


A 26-years old Carbondale police officer named James D. Gaddis was arrested because of the robbery on a Carbondale bank on West Murphysboro Road. The bank was robbed of about $22,000. Another man named Anthony Mitchell Fik (35) was also involved in the robbery. The two suspects concealed their faces under motorcycle helmets during the incident, and Gaddis used some of his police tools. Fortunately nobody was injured.

Gaddis has been suspended after working as a Corbondale police officer for about 5 years. Fik turned himself in to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. There hasn’t been said anything about the relationship between these two. Attorney said both men are charged with armed robbery, and since there was a firearm used in the crime they can get additional 15 years in prison. They are held in the Jackson County Jail with Gaddis isolated from other prisoners. Attorney said “If the charge is proven true, Mr. Gaddis not only violated the law, but also betrayed his oath of office and the trust which his fellow officers and the citizens of this community placed in him”. He would not comment what Gaddis’ motive for the robbery might have been.

Fike’s bond was set at $50,000 while bond for Gaddis is $1 million. Gaddis will appear in court January 30. for preliminary hearing.

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