Aggressive Police Dogs Attack Soccer Fans In Denmark

Posted on: May 23rd, 2011 4 Comments
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After a soccer game between Skive and FCK in Denmark a bunch of supporters were suddenly attacked by aggressive police dogs after doing nothing. One of the supporters says to the local news that he doesn’t understand why they attacked him and knocked him over, as well as some of his supporter friends. There were children and women nearby that got really shocked by the police dogs behavior.

The Copenhagen police encouraged the dogs to attack and bite them, but they say that their dogs went crazy and that they couldn’t stop them. Not very convincing. The police said they were sorry for the incident, but injured supporters think it’s all a lie just to avoid guilt.

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4 Responses

  1. kls says:

    the match was between br√łndby and fck.. not skive..

  2. wut says:

    These articles are fucking hilarious.

  3. tamer says:

    Denmark supports the U.S. government to help terrorism.And the Danish government condemns the violence of the Egyptian police and military direction of resolving a sit-field (Rabaa El Adaweya in Cairo) and are the same as the Danish government do inhumane acts and acts of brutal direction Danish citizen.Governments false disingenuous only stands to strengthen the United States of America false which supports terrorism in the Middle East to break up and destroy Egypt Mother of the World

  4. thanx 4 this i think that’s very aggressive police

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