NYPD Removes Bicycles Without Any Reason Prior Warning

Posted on: June 10th, 2011 7 Comments


Pictures show how NYPD police late one night removed a bunch of bicycles from the Bedford Avenue L station in Williamsburg. They were cut loose and taken away without any kind of warning. Instead of almost stealing the bikes, they should build more outdoor bicycle parking. It is still a question why the officers removed the bicycles, because there is no law that prohibits from locking your bicycle to a street sign.

But for people that ride bicycle in New York, you should maybe consider where to place your bike the next time, or the cops will come and take it away from you. Doesn’t the NYPD have more important things to take care of in a metropolitan city full of criminality and violence?

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7 Responses

  1. Dana Manuel says:

    Is there some sort of local ordinance for bike parking?

  2. wow. how ridiculous. no laws against it either? people should sue the city then. maybe the cost of lawsuits will make them think twice. and yeah, you would think they have better things to do in NYC than confiscate bicycles that are causing no harm. stupidity at its finest.

  3. Will Sherman says:


    It would be great if you could update your post with the fact that this incident took place nearly 6 years ago. I shot these photos in 2005 (http://untitledname.com/2005/10/nypd-bicycle-theft) and would not want anyone to be confused or distressed by their being published as current news.


    • wut says:

      The majority of this website is tailored with a very specific goal and it preys on the nature of the spiteful.

      In my city, there are a shit ton of bikes, that are just locked to street signs, water pipes, and pretty much, whatever they could squeeze a chain or U-Lock around –

      I say cut them off once they’ve started rusting and I can’t tell in the those pics, but if they’ve been there long enough that the chains don’t look perty, then fuck it. Don’t leave your bike locked to city property. Bottom line.

  4. billly bob says:

    thats bulll shit!!!!!

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