NYPD Cop Trade Crack For Sex & Plant Drugs on Innocent People

Posted on: November 3rd, 2011 3 Comments
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The infamous NYPD keeps shocking the public with the latest cases of police officers forcing prostitutes into sex in exchange for drugs and planting cocaine on innocent citizens to get the arrest numbers up.

Melanie Perez, who worked as a prostitute in 2006 and 2007 when some of the incidents occurred, claims that the officer known to her as Frank had forced her into oral sex in exchange for crack cocaine he gave her.

This is not the sole incident that involved officers trading drugs for sex. She accused another cop, Sean Johnson, of giving her crack sometime around Christmas.

What’s outrageous is that this officer already received 34 charges of corruption, including ones made by Perez couple of years earlier. All of them ended in acquittal, except for one in 2011 that only got him a probation sentence.

Two other police officers, Jason Arbeeny and Stephen Anderson, were involved in the scandal that revealed several cases of “flaking”, which is a police slang for planting drugs on innocent people in order to get the arrest numbers up.

Anderson admitted doing it at least once, claiming that officers of all ranks, including his supervisors and investigators, were involved in the flaking as well.

So far, the city has spent over $1.2 million to settle claims of false arrests from the drug planting incidents.

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3 Responses

  1. nikhia says:

    I stay in a small town named Decatur Il. And the people in this town is experiencing the same thing I myself is a victim of the that in which my husband is in jail for what I would call “black mail”. What can a person do when they do not have anyone to speak for them things need to change in this world when it comes to the police. We just need to have people that are willing to be “a voice”.

  2. Terry Wagar says:

    Two cops in Portland Oregon named Eric Carlson and John Ray break into peoples homes and they rape children and they plant5 child porn on peoples computers to frame them as pedophiles and they also poison peoples coffee pots!

  3. terry wagar says:

    The police have a slang term for when cops frame innocent people as pedophiles and they call it pedofying or pedofied.

    Cops will break into innocent peoples homes when their away or asleep and plant child porn on their computer with the intent of coming back later in the day with an arrest warrant for child porn.

    Cops refer to the act of framing their innocent target as pedofying and after the cops framed their target they refer to their target to others cops that he was pedofied!

    This is how they tried to frame me and I caught them in the act on a audio recorder commiting the crimes themselves, and they pedofied me all over Portland Oregon using flyers!

    This is a common practice by law officer’s in Oregon and in my situation it was personal for them because my wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a cop and they wanted me dead, I was being poisoned by my wife while her f@@k buddy was pedofying me to other people behind my back destroying my reputation!

    I have these pedophile cops on audio admitting to those terms pedofied and pedofying and I don’t give a damn if it’s admissable in a court of law or not, I WAS BEING FRAMED FOR THEIR CRIMES AND I WILL ACT IN SELF DEFENSE IF THEY GET ANYWHERE NEAR ME!

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