NYPD Attacking a Bicyclist

Posted on: March 13th, 2009 8 Comments
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A rookie cop – the son of a highly respected New York City detective – has been stripped of his badge and gun after being caught on video viciously attacking a bicyclist who was part of a Times Square demonstration. Police officials say Patrick Pogan was dismissed last week. He was suspended last year after pleading not guilty to criminal charges of filing false paperwork.

His lawyer, Stuart London, says his 23-year-old client resigned and expects to be vindicated at trial. Pogan is accused of knocking Christopher Long off his bicycle without justification on June 25 during a group-organized bike ride. Pogan had arrested Long, saying the cyclist blocked traffic and steered his bike into an officer, but charges were dismissed after the video appeared on YouTube.

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8 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    you guys are dumb they both hit each other

  2. Brutality says:

    He was going to block the cyclist and .And like one of Michael Moore movies shows you need to have low intelligence to be policeman they don’t want to have smart people but brutal ones

  3. Tyron says:

    wtf.. rthat shit wqas pathetic cops are nothing but scum thwey milds well open jails and give crimminals badges cus its the same smh… so happy i have to debate about this todat

  4. fire the idiot says:

    the nypd are always attacking people on bikes. for some reason they hate bikers. and i dont know why. smh

  5. josef cee says:

    To ASSnonymous……..Open your damn eyes ! You can VERY plainly see the officer step in and nail him as he attempts to steer around.

  6. schrodinger says:

    The cyclist was trying to avoid the officer as the officer walked right into his path. That shove was totally uncalled for. Was the cyclist injured when he fell? If so, then he should sue that officer for medical expenses and damages to the bike. Notice that I said to sue for these specific things– I’m not against justifiable lawsuits for reasonable expenses, but I am against multi-million-dollar awards for a splinter or some nonsense like that. Covering the medical expenses, if any, would be reasonable.

  7. Yo says:

    Hey! I saw a guy hammer a nail into his nose on that sidewalk when I went to NYC last year!

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