Two Toledo Police Officers are Caught on Tape Beating 14 Year Old Boy

Posted on: May 19th, 2009 53 Comments
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Two police officers of Toledo are caught on tape beating up a 14 year old boy Trevor Casey. Family of boy calls it brutality of police force maintaining the case obtains a national attention.

Mother of boy classified a complaint with interior matters today. The chief of police force says that the incident is being studied. Family of adolescence boy says that video speaks it for itself.
The video of telephone can or can not prove violence.

A police force brings back states Friday evening to the houses of Whitlock of mark, Casey stopped in before a police car and made a dance. Rapport indicates that the police force saw Casey and three others strolling on somebody the ‘porch of S and ordered them to leave.

The police force claims Casey was giving a kick and trying to break freely but they regained the order. The video shows leaders fighting with Casey in a corner.

Today, room of Stephen of activist of community, which ‘s also functioning for the municipal council, called this an injustice. It is not an exit of race but an exit of the injustice and abuse of power and police brutality.

Trevor Casey may way about 120 pounds, if that. Yet, in the video footage it is clear that the two officers in question may way over 200 pounds, there is no justifiable reason why these officers conducted themselves in the manner that they did. Ward states, “This is beyond a tragedy. I understand the moral of the Toledo police may be low, and their stress levels elevated due to the recent layoffs. However, police are to protect and serve the citizens. This is another time in which the trust and respect between the police and citizens have been breached.”

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53 Responses

  1. L3204 says:

    Well… WTF did he do to have the police come there? What were they investigating? How did they come to the point of confronting this teen? Once the report is out of why they were in this situation in the first place then we can pass judgement. Otherwise it could just be a kid starting shit with a cop getting laid out and then trying to sue for money.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is known that some criminals enroll in law enforcement for the simple reason of having the power and batch that gives the freedom to do as they please and get away with it !

  3. Anonymous says:

    A batch hey? A batch of what?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see ANY police brutality here. Non of the police officer did anything inapropiate on that video, just because he is bleeding doesn’t mean anybody did anything wrong, we should be more careful accusing a policemen of brutality, they have a tough job already and I hate them as everybody, but there is absolutely nothing wrong in this video.

    • R Dowsett says:

      Mmmmm are you a police officer as I am concerned that you may well be seen in a video clip on this website one day? The reason for my comment is because you have posted an identical response within the comments section for another video clip on this site. I am all for law enforcement and have the utmost respect having, shall we say, a strong connection with the profession. Policing is nothing less than a necessity to maintain a safe social environment for everyons but there needs to be a more strict and on-going assessment system in place for potential and existing officers. There will always be bad apples witin every industry but this is inexcusable behaviour for someone entrusted to uphold the law.

    • Paula says:

      what is wrong with your eyes? They used a taser for no reason. He did not do any thing. They used force on him. They used it 3 times, he was not resisting from the officers.. There job is not tough. They were not needed at the scene. They arrested him for no reason.

  5. jimiless says:

    There is need to reform the police. Brutality must end.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I thnk that both cops should be terminated and jailed. Who know how many others that they have done this too. Regardless of what the childs crime may be, he is a juvinile….NO WAY NO HOW SHOULD THEY KEEP THEIR JOBS OR FREEDOM

  7. Anonymous says:

    Did the white man do this to us for centuries?
    Now that we have a little bit of power we do this to Our own. These 2 Black Men, should go to a white neighborhood and try that, let’s see how far they will get. They would find out very quickly, what color they really are. I hate to use this word, but with or without the uniforms, they would be all kinds of Nig_ ers! In the white world. False Power, as long as it is done to their own.

  8. Context says:

    Context … for fuck’s sake, context!

    What led up to this? Honestly I’ve seen 14-year-olds pull knives on cops and then get their faces ruined… seems pretty reasonable to me.

    That said, if this was unprovoked, I have faith in the fact that our judicial system will lock these two guys up.

    My point is this: The video is hosted on a site called “” which suggests (at the very least) a bias. It’s also incredibly convenient that we don’t see the event that caused the cops to get this physical.

  9. HRR says:

    for the weak b**tch who said they did not see anything wrong with this video. How would you feel if this happen to your family member oops you are white and you hellish people don’t have to worry at this point in time; however what are you going to do when the tables turn.

    • Jessica Heitman says:

      Amen. I am white and the tables are turning and I agree that there was EVERYTHING wrong with this video and seeing 2 meat head cops, whatever their color, choking a 14 year old kid with a bloody face is sick and disturbing. White, black, it’s happening all over.

    • anonymous says:

      you sound like a famous white man named CHARLES MANSON! He was eager for a race war too. Hellish people really? neither I or any member of my family have personally enslaved or tortured or killed anyone…let alone anyone from another race…and as long as yall keep killing your own kind..Im guessing we wont have to worry about that race war coming any time soon.

  10. Anonymous says:

    well fuckin spoken. how do u not the fuckin see the police brutality. you think its part of their fuckin job to beat up a 14 that cant even defend hiself. while actual criminals are runin around committing violent crimes.your beating up a youtee i say fucckcccccccck theeeeeeeee Pooolicccccccccceeeeeeeee and the system n do ur fuckin Job u fuckin piggggs

  11. UNACCEPTABLE says:

    Keeping him in a choke hold, suffocating him until he passes out -UNACCEPTABLE- Period.

    No matter what the situation was, that was not proper police procedure, and holding his arms back and upward in restraint after he passed out as if there were a need for restraint at that moment *When they should have been checking his breathing and heart rate status* UNACCEPTABLE**

    The (deep red bloodshot) burst veins in the eyes in the immediate days after a strangulation are signs of just that. It’s called Etiology, and only happens in extreme cases of strangulation, which was prolonged and at a high enough density possible of causing death.

    It’s seen all the time in domestic violence case photos, and this boy has it. Those officers are damn lucky he isn’t dead. They will be even luckier if he doesn’t lose any of his sensory abilities or have a speech impairment. Stupified.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I would like to know what the person did to have the police involved with him. What is his criminal record, and back round. Was he in possession of a weapon, I would like to konw the complete story before I cast my opinion.

    • Jessica Heitman says:

      well, isn’t it just too bad that each citizen can’t capture their every movement for people like you? Stupid people like you who can’t see wrong for what it is, like suffocating a defenseless 14 year old kid when you’re a big meat head.

  13. Anonymous says:

    A child still should not be brutality beaten like that. they’re still children. no matter what.

  14. No Weap says:

    Children with weapons are just as deadly as adults; look at the child soldiers in Africa. Point is, children can be violent criminals who kill people and if they are violent then they should be stopped. Of course unnecessary brutality or unprovoked force is unacceptable and should be stopped. Brutality is a very serious issue from either end, civilian violence on police or police violence on civilians. Context is very important in these situations, so sites like this that only show one side of the story are very dangerous, provoking a serious issue that hits at the core of most people’s sensibilities.

  15. SMASH says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    I live in toledo where this happened. out police suck and most just want the job for power over everyone else cause our mayor doesnt give a damn if they beat up a 14 yr old…

  17. HGAF says:

    whatever…oh poor little boy…you know hes a pos drug dealer

  18. Dumb says:

    There are a lot of dumbasses on here defending the police and they really need to shut up and get their heads out of their asses. If these cops found that boy like that then why were they covering up his mouth in the video to stop his screaming which you can obviously hear at the beginning of the video. And why didn't they call him an ambulance instead of throwing him on the ground when he was mostly unconscious! They were caught when someone showed up with a camera and they knew it. Whatever reason they came to this house they had no right or necessity to do this to a child!!! They are supposed to put away the child abusers not BE them! This little kid was one third the size of one of those cops and if they wanted to arrest him they could have easily subdued him without hurting him. I hope these two evil men rot in jail and I hope the family sues for millions and gets it! I know that I'm shooting to kill if any cop enters my property without a warrant and they can read the Bill of Rights posted on my door right before they do. Where the hell do they think they are; Hitler's Germany? Evil cops be dammed straight to the deepest, darkest, hottest, most tormented level of hell that God has reserved for them. Don't think that this cannot happen to innocent people like yourselves because it does every day! Just go on youtube and search it and you'll see tons of this kind of crap caught on tape! We officially now live in a fascist state.

    • nomorepolicestate says:

      I agree 100% ! What has our country come to when police can enter homes without warrants and beat us, take our possessions and even our children ! What is just as alarming is the level that people have become desensitized to the point to where we see statements such as “that wasn’t that bad” or “that seems to be reasonable force” etc… after viewing videos such as those posted on this site. Some of the responses obviously come from abusive cops themselves – let’s see how these brutally violent cops would react if their child was beaten or killed by another cop ! It is not a minority of cops it is the majority and even most that are not directly involved would not speak out against those who are which makes them just as bad.

  19. Hmm says:

    wat the fuck did he do to get that type of tourcher motherfuckin police ewwwwwwwww

  20. Jesus says:

    This is all very sad in many ways. Most of the comments posted on this page regardless what side you're on does nothing more than make you sound like a jackass! This amateure video does nothing more but show a poor bloddy teen(regardless of crime) being held in a headlock by police to subdue him. Did he need to be held til choked out? Hell no! The 2 officers shown should hv been able to put him in cuffs with the size they were AS LONG AS this "poor bloody teen" did not have a weapon. Hear this "poor bloody teen" screaming? Who hears that? What proof do you have on WHO is screaming in the video between the audio of the woman running with her phone while yelling and talking to all the others bystanders. And honestly, the way thing are today, unless proven in a report, who is to say he was choked out rather than puting on a show since you clealry see him look into the camera. It's so horrible this world has turned to this. I do believe we have corrupt cops who do not desreve a badge. Unfortunately we also have horrible people who will do anything to falsely make acusations to get rid of them rather than doing it justified. This town would be torn upside down if it would have been 2 white policeman on an african american boy or even 2 african american police officers on a white boy. Everything has to be about race. Everyone has to use the crutch. Point is that we do not have the complete play by play of this incident, yet you all run your mouths to eachother like you know everything. By only having this AMATURE video, if the boy did a crime he should be punished in court and the police officers should be charged with brutality by the way they decided to restrain him. There is no question that it was not the proper way. Only by the choke hold itself, they should be punished. Video doesn't show WHO caused the blood on the poor boy, UNFORTUNATELY and listen however close you want but you here no screaming from the boy either. If you say you do, then prove that it is the actual boy that you hear. This is another incident to tear our community, city, state and maybe even further apart! Race this, race that, police this citizen that.Our only issue in this video is that our officers were obviously called there for a reason, unfortunately we have no evidence how or what caused the boy to become bloody but what we do know is that we have 2 large officers holding an injured boy in a headlock until "possibly" passing out. That is the incident based on video itself. Jesus you don't know eachother or the FULL COMPLETE story of what took place. And by the way,(24 August 2009 12:48) if you can't speak or type in english than you should keep comments to yourself

    • Jessica Heitman says:

      Who needs the full or complete story, Jesus, you schmuck? 2 big fucking officers are once again captured using excessive force on an already subdued and much smaller individual. Do the world a favor, go dig a hole and bury yourself in it.

      • shut up u raisised bitch and u go and diga hole for ur self he is jst saying his opinion this is what this site is for yes the boy got the shit kicked out him the police had no rite what so ever to do that they shoulld be behind bars with no FREEDOM but u have a cheek u should be behind bars u stupid shit not only for threatening someone but for giving someone abuse that is cyber bullying so u have a cheek u r jst like those POLICE … I DONT WANT ANY UNICCEPTABLE COMMENTS BACK THANKS …

      • Tess says:

        Dag nabbit good stuff you whipserpnappers!

    • Jessica Heitman says:

      what an idiot. The boy wasn’t screaming because he was suffocating. Boy, I’d like to use this move on YOU myself you arrogant bastard.

  21. Michael says:

    Just glad it was 2 black police officers that were trying to arrest the black suspect. Just wouldn't want to see the comments if it was 2 white cops and a black suspect.
    By the way the suspect is in custody and that is what matters. I don't and you don't know why the police were called. Was he already beaten when cops arrived? Was he trying to resist arrest and struck an officer and the officer defended himself? Like I said I don't know what happened and neither do you. But just remember when your ass needs someone to help you because you have someone breaking into your house while your there and they have weapons what number do you call? 911

  22. Fattymcfatty says:

    Hey piggies, people are going to start shooting you soon.
    I say when you see things like this, pull out a shotgun and send them to hell where they belong.

  23. Anonymous says:

    a child face should never look like that at all i think they may need look more in this it is not right no matter what has happen . very sad!! we need to fell safe!not the other way a round

  24. Dominic says:

    If you're sick of police brutality, get involved with the Oscar Grant case, the first case in California history where an on-duty cop is being put on trial for murder. Follow the trial and find out how you can help at

  25. Anonymous says:

    Please bankrupt the City of Toledo and TPD. Fking pigs…. makes me embarrassed to see this happen in 2010, in America. This from me, a white man beaten by balck and white cops, 6 total. Still suffering 18yrs later. This is so disturbing. Karma is coming back for those officers.

  26. Jack says:

    There again we have a video showing the end of an altercation and everyone–especially blacks–assume it's brutality. Thank god the cops were black, too. Jesse Jackson would have been all over Toledo cause a black kid got his ass whipped. We are not out there to be punching bags, people!! That being said, they probably popped him in the nose once or twice and that's where all the blood is coming from.

  27. Tommy says:

    I just think that if it where white cops it wouldn’t be brutality but racism right any one with me

  28. Dan says:

    A well deserved ass whoopin. Well done boys

  29. Danielle says:

    What I want to know is who writes the stories on this website, seriously 25% of almost every story is written so poorly that it doesn’t make sense. I am starting to wonder if they are adding info to make these stories worse,from previous stories they found on the internet. Time to Google search some of these stories to read them properly and understand what’s being said. Think they need a new writer or a proof reader. I only have a high school education, I can only imagine what highly educated people think of these poorly written stories here.

    • Dan says:

      Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. “A police force brings back states Friday evening to the houses of Whitlock of mark, Casey stopped in before a police car and made a dance.” Say what? My God that is atrocious writing. Hmmm… Maybe it was written in another language and then translated and pasted using Babelfish or some such thing. That wouldn’t explain why weigh is spelled “way” though…

      If you’re going to publicly publish something on your website, at least proofread it once. It really undermines the site’s credibility to see that the stories are written by people who obviously didn’t take much time to look them over before publishing.

  30. Ryan says:

    What these cops did was bullshit, but as always they will prob get PAID LEAVE and keep their jobs.Thats just how fucked up our country is.And for the ppl that use the race card, that is total bullshit we “white ppl” where slaves way before the african american were, so get over your selves.Stop using that as a excuse for every fucking thing that goes wrong in your lives.There are as many if not more poor white ppl in america as blacks or hispanics.Its not the white mans fault for the troubles you bring yourselves.Oh and to prove it if a white man and black man went to the state for welfare foodstamps or whatever the case may be the black man will ALWAYS get the help before the white man.If u dont believe me, come to michigan and find out for urselves, shit even the illeagls get help here before they help anyone else.

  31. Kodi says:

    It is never okay to hurt a child. Black on Black crime is particularly disturbing. The tides are turning and the black population is trying to rebuild after years of oppression. Truth is however, abuse of power is abuse of power. You see cops abusing it all the time regardless of race. I see a lot of male against female and children in these files. Coincidence? I don’t think so. These cops have issues. They obviously can’t keep their cool and have some pent up aggression toward women and children.

  32. terry wagar says:

    I caught two cops named Eric Carlson and John Ray on a audio recorder poisoning my coffee pot and they also raped children in the back of Clackamas walmart.

  33. terry wagar says:

    I was being poisoned by my wife Joan Wagar while she was hiding an affair with a Portland police officer named Eric Carlson, and Eric Carlson and his partners/bro’s in law enforcement were framing me as a pedophile so no one would care.

    While I was stuck at home to ill to leave from being poisoned by my wife her f@@k buddy’s ran around the neighborhood labeling me as a pedophile and they used flyers giving me the blame for the crimes Eric Carlson and his bro’s committed.

    I caught Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson in the act on March 26th 2007 breaking into my home and they planted child porn on our computer and they poisoned my coffee pot.

    I caught them on a audio recorder bragging to Clackamas Walmart employees they were using Eric Carlson as a photo double to frame me as a pedophile and Eric Carlson admitted he was framing me over a missing runaway and he named the runaway.

    I have them admitting they were framing me for their crimes and they admitted they were going to kill me off, they also admitted they were going to kill off a female as well.

    Their laughing about all this to Clackamas Walmart employees in their break room, Joan Wagar and her sister and her daughters worked in that store at the time.

    They describe the act of destroying my reputation using flyers as pedofying, their term they used it and I have it on a audio recorder, it means based on what they were doing “They do whatever they have to do to destroy their targets reputation by falsely making pedophile allegations against their target so no one will care their target is a victim, including committing the crimes themselves and then blaming their target” and I have them on a audio recorder bragging to Walmart employees as to how their setting me up for their crimes/

    Joan Wagar and her f@@k buddy’s in law enforcement recruited our daughters into this so they have them to lie for them, but I have them in the act on a audio recorder admitting their framing me and poisoning me, which is why they publicly pedofied me using flyers and at the same time media is mums the word about any of this.

    Eric Carlson has changed his name and is still working for the Portland police department and still functions as a cop, under a new alias, and the Portland police covered up my 911 calls and made sure I cannot get help from a hospital.

    I discovered their murder conspiracy and I tried to warn people about it and I was severely poisoned for my trouble, they had a list of people they were doing this to.

    I lost three family members to this murder conspiracy within a three year period from 2005 to 2008 and I almost died in 2007, I am disabled from being poisoned and I am denied emergency services because my wife had permission from a cop to poison me to death.

    Walmart employees knew of their murder conspiracy and were helping them by hiding their affair from me as well as Eric Carlson’s likeness to me, and Walmart employees nick named Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar Doubleclick and Mrs Dash and both Eric and Joan used those nick names in love letters to each other.

    Joan Wagar’s brother Don Minr, the former owner of Fantasy Limos Inc, died shortly after Joan Wagar confessed in her diary to use of poison.

    I was a plasma donor when Mrs Dash started poisoning me.

    Terry Wagar

  34. Hal` says:

    Forget lawsuits…we must Defend against these terrorist cops. SHOOT THEM! I carry, and if I ever see a pig do this, I will blow his ass away.

  35. terry wagar says:

    Police never have protected citizens, if anything cops just organize targeting of individuals, that’s not protecting people!

    People no longer have a voice in the US our Fascist country only allows cops and prosecutors and attorney’s and news reporters to speak to the people via news stations and newspapers!

    Citizens that are wrongly and falsely charged with crimes by officer’s are never given the opportunity to even deny the accusations!

    What ever happened to the people’s right to defend their good name and character from false accusations and the right to face their accusers!?

    If a fat ass detective can go on TV and defend his officer’s and fake justification for corrupt cops that batter unarmed people then the victims should get equal time on TV to deny their asinine bull crap charges and defend their name and reputation!

    When cops are charged with wrongful death or for battery of someone then prosecutors and detectives go on TV and defend the crap out of those officer’s for the viewing audio, excuse me but that’s not a court room! cops and detectives and prosecutors can go on TV and lie all they want to because they are not under oath!

    Where are the news reporters when a citizen that is unarmed is unjustly battered by armed cops?
    They sure as hell are not giving the victim airtime to clear their good name, so while the victim lies in a hospital all battered up by cops, fat ass detectives stick their gut out for TV viewers and arrogantly deny wrong doings by his officer’s and arrogantly fakes justification for TV viewers!

    TV has now become the court rooms for are Fascist overlords and only THEY get a voice to speak to the masses, only THEY get to defend their name, not the battered unarmed people that are battered by armed thugs that are protected from prosecution by our own prosecutors because they refuse to prosecute them!

    Just so you people know, our courts are corrupt and people are not allowed to defend themselves in court anymore, now people have to let defense attorneys speak for them, and defense attorneys go out of their way to give a false, weak defense for people that are wrongly accused by our Fascist officer’s!

    How dare we as a people question are Fascist officer’s and our Fascist news reporters, how dare we suspect our system of corruption! HOW DARE WE!

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