Two LAPD Cops Suspended For Alleged Rape of Several Women

Posted on: November 12th, 2013 13 Comments
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LAPD officers Luis Valenzuela and James Nichols are under investigation for allegedly forcing women into performing sexual acts under threat of arrest, several times over the past five years. So far four women have made independent accusations against them, all involving a strikingly similar scenario.

All four women worked either as informants for Valenzuela and Nichols or have been previously arrested by them, so the two officers used that info to scare them into obeying. Valenzuela and Nichols would drive plain-clothed in an unmarked car and force women to get in, threatening to arrest them if they refuse to. They would drive to a secluded area where one of the officers would molest the woman while the other would keep watch.

The first case against the two officers was opened in January 2010, but the detective assigned to it was unable to locate the woman who made the accusation and the investigation was stopped. A year later, another woman reported being forced into oral sex by Valenzuela while Nichols was watching. This incident took place in 2009, but the woman hesitated to press charges because she was scared for her life and thought no one would believe her.

Her accusation reopened the case, but for 18 months the investigation didn’t show any progress. In July 2012, a member of the Echo Park neighborhood watch left a phone message to the Northeast Station claiming that the officers who patrol that area pick up prostitutes and release them in exchange for sex, which gave new material for the case.


The investigation identified two women who claimed they were raped by Valenzuela and Nichols on several occasions in the past five years.

Chief of police Charlie Beck has suspended the two officers and ordered discipline hearing panels to decide if they are guilty or not.

Sources close to the investigation claim that there is enough evidence so far to have them fired, but since according to Los Angeles city rules the chief of police doesn’t have the authority to fire an officer outright, they have to wait for the hearing.

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13 Responses

  1. Epstein says:

    And Dorner dies without further adieu. Why didn’t his mother sue?

  2. Dave says:

    Dorner is a hero. Read his manifesto. Incredible stuff. 90% of LAPD are dickless trolls. Documented liars to.

    • Trevor David Hitchin says:

      B 3rd I…..N…GO. they took one from you….and laughed when the bones snapped and the needle went in…..explain that one to god……Johnny you don’t want to be a cop rapist…..they get caught…they get death penalties. …Xpedited. fast tracked….. new world order or disorder….choose….I really don’t care……anymore.
      DNA will bring your actions to the light…… sue bieter….abuser….fraud.

  3. terry wagar says:

    The Portland police and the Multnomah county sheriff’s are womanizing and granting their newly acquired whores permission to poison and pedofy their husbands and the police and sheriff’s teach their new whores how to do it!

    Police and sheriff’s coach their new whores to fill their husbands home with paraphernalia to frame their husband as a pedophile and they teach their new whores how to slowly poison off their whores husband by poisoning the husbands coffee pot reservoir before she goes out the door so that the husband gets poisoned hours after the poisoner left the home!

    The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s allow their new girlfriends/whores to do this to their husbands and they see to it that the husbands cannot get help from 911 or from a hospital, and because od law enforcements direct interference at hospitals no doctor will take a toxicology test and insterad will fake not knowing what is wrong with the poisoned patient/victim, that’s how police/sheriff’s cover up poisonings!

    The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s will pedofy their new whores husband behind his back with false pedophile accusations and will encourage their new whore to do the same behind her husbands back to isolate her husband from any form of help by turning everyone against the husband and they do this publicly and even use flyers to make false accusations even though their is no trial or formal charges!

    The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are fond of framing innocent people and they commonly and regularly use body doubles and photogenic photo’s to stage crimes to frame their new whores husband for the police/sheriff’s staged crimes, and the police and sheriff’s have so many people willing to lie for them that they just don’t give a damn if they are caught using a double and doing the crime themselves!

    No law agency will take a complaint against the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff because all law agency’s do the same damn thing to people because their all a bunch of murderers and pedophiles and they all commonly do this to people, they even have a name for this crime they call it pedofying!

  4. Trevor David Hitchin says:

    Death Penalty. Now Gov…..lets see that magi purple power.

    order it….I say so. TnT
    please and thank you….ENOUGH.

  5. Trevor David Hitchin says:

    Me…..Ive had enough America….enough corruption. and state…filthy you both are.

    Im suing my Mayor…my Police Chief…and the 7 dwarfs….asking for UN Courts…..Boise Courts are too immature…to cowboy….too inbred for my money.
    FBI Agent Hess (like infamous Nazi) will be served too.

    America…your soul is sick….like your cops…like your Mayors….sick….down and almost out….cops ruined our land….big dicks….. to the death chamber. No one above the law……justsayn….

  6. Trevor David Hitchin says:


  7. Trevor David Hitchin says:

    or rather….
    but I’ll settle for Check (mate)….a big one. . .

  8. Trevor David Hitchin says:

    Boise hates god….clearly. where was my fucking FBI when I needed them the most? Where?…..not in the light. Gay Edgar Hoover was there…in spirit. It was a sad Christmas….the last one Ill attend. Thank Chief Masterson….before his going away party. He did ZERO….to help. A real piece of shit…..when it mattered….most.

  9. Trevor David Hitchin says:

    Sue Charlie Beck mi familia…he clearly is out of line…like his boys….his dogs….his pigs. Sue the Chief….civilly. Take it all. Go. Show. Show what you know. 777

  10. Trevor David Hitchin says:

    Holder…thank you for kicking the shit out of Missoula….can Boise be next? Please…..its rotting here too….hurry……15 yrs of bullshit….hurry…..seriously… far the DoJ has been a DoG…..fkn hurry up….or I am gone…. ne where but here….butt here …. the sodomites in uniform…..unforgivable. At every level of your fucking pyramid….why no TaDARa….. why should there be….you enabled it…allowed it to happen…..allowed others to get hurt…..shut me down for 2 plus decades…..yeah DoJ…help clean up boise…start now….get rid of Wendy Olson….grow a pair….clean house. Get it over with….but get on with it… tired of being your ‘collective’ bitch…..your unpaid entertainment. ..a child actor walking off the set….The Set. GO!…. you are on 30 day notice….no action in 30 days….I walk….and will not look back. Decide fools….now.

  11. Trevor David Hitchin says:

    PS….happy easter….now go pray for your city’s mayor…the bigshot w all the Police Power….god h8s em…w cause. they ruined your story…..blame them not me.

  12. Trevor Hitchin says:

    Agent Hess is:is STILL harassing me for trying to report. Hess I am suing you civilly after I report you. You are being written up….I have started the reporting process already you jerk. Hopefully you’ll be kicked out of the FBI. We don’t like you. Hess… ewww. He harassed me today….the FBI do not have their shit together…still flaming Hoovers…. 777

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