Video of Fatal Shooting Contradicts Deputy’s Statement

Posted on: February 10th, 2014 11 Comments

The investigation of the death of 40-year-old Manuel Longoria may take a different turn after the discovery of new evidence that doesn’t match the story told by Arizona cops involved in the shooting.

Longoria was chased by Pinal County police for about 40 minutes until his stolen Toyota tires were popped. He went out of the car, surrounded by cops, and was shot dead within a few minutes. The official police statement read that he was shot because he attempted to reach for his gun, but no gun was found on Longoria or in the vehicle he was driving.

“Officers and deputies attempted to use less lethal means to take him into custody including firing several bean bag rounds and Taser deployments. The suspect refused to obey the commands and suddenly reached back into the vehicle. A deputy felt the suspect was reaching for the gun he reportedly had, so he then fired two rounds.”

The officers were clearly unaware that the shooting was recorded and now there’s solid proof that their version of the story isn’t true. The cell phone video recorded by a bystander shows that Longoria had his hands up in the air when he was shot and killed.


Pinal County sheriff Paul Babeu approves his deputy’s use of deadly force.
“I believe even looking at it in those circumstances, if I was a patrol officer and I was forced in that same situation, I would likely have shot him before that deputy shot him.”

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office found the killing justified and the officer who shot Longoria returned to duty one week later.

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11 Responses

  1. Moss says:

    This article doesnt even make sense. How could the officer know wether or not he had a gun? Saying “I saw him attempt to reach for his gun” is speculation, it doesnt really matter if he knew he had one or not. He saw him reach back in for something that could have been a gun. This dude was reckless and desperate and wasnt stopping or obeying any other means the officers had tried. I would have shot him too. I think this case is far from black and white. And normally Im on your guys side. Come on!

    • JEFF says:

      So now we are to assume that putting your hands over your head while facing away from the hired SS troops is a threat to their life. I hate to say it, but it makes one wonder how many good “Protect ans Serve” code officers are killed every year as a result of those who recklessly use deadly force, and how many more will be killed?

      • Sonny Freeman says:

        Anytime in Tennessee your pulled over by a Tennessee LEO your chances of being shot and killed are 50/50 .It doesn’t matter if your old ,disabled or mentally ill tennessee police will kill you at the drop of a hat.WHY because every cop in tennessee is a born coward a thug hiding behind a badge whose sick and twisted mental state makes them dangerous to any poor citizen or minority in tennessee.If you grow up poor in tennessee you grow up knowing that sooner or later your going to be beaten by police in tennessee for their amusement and not one GD thing you can do about opinion until tennessee police murder me for speaking out against them.

        • eb says:

          If you can justify shooting a man with his hands in the air your as stupid as their sheriff, I didnt see the man reach into his vehicle or even look like it.Bottom line the police are out of control they have been give free raine to shoot with the sole intent of killing,They are never held responsible for any actions such as rapeing women sexually abusing children, shooting or tazing handcuffed individuals, they have gang task forces, but they are worse than any gang .everything is justied in their eyes, they must be blind.we are in a police state, if you dont see it you aint real smart.

  2. grb says:

    Murderer gang of cops that is why the public don’t trust you and to top it off every time you kill someone you are fallowing proper police procedures

  3. terry wagar says:

    If link above for video does not work for you then you can go here to see the shooting/murder.

    I had to do a Google search for the video because the video link on this page did not work for me.

    The man shot definitely had his hands high in the air when he was shot in the back!

  4. terry wagar says:

    First off police do not recognize people’s complaints so why should people recognize cops badges!

    Second, I had to Google search for the video because the above video link at the top of this page did not work for me, so it appears this is another killing by cops caught on video our Fascist government wants to suppress!

    Third, I don’t see on the video the murdered victim doing anything wrong, what I see on this video is a man NOT speeding and he gets side-swiped by county deputy’s!

    I see the man stepping out of his vehicle unarmed and in desire to confront the A-HOLES that side-swiped him only to be met with guns aimed at his face!

    I don’t hear much in the way of officer’s giving unintelligible orders and instead hear multiple people yelling different things all at once!

    I hear shots fired right away, so no REAL amount of time passed giving this motorist time to even think let alone comply with an understandable order from police!

    I see the motorist PANICKING after shots are fired, WHO WOULDN’T BE! and in that state of PANIC with shots fired it appears the motorist WANTED to dive into the back of his car, wanting to duck for cover, and in the process of that panic split second thought better of it and simply did what he thought would save his life, HE RAISED HIS HANDS AND ARMS HIGH IN THE AIR TO SURRENDER!

    It is at that moment deputy’s opened fire on him, AGAIN!

    Now since the motorist is DEAD we have no way of hearing HIS side of the story, but his own actions are consistent with any motorist that gets deliberately side-swiped!

    If you are a motorist and you get hit by another car are you NOT supposed to get out of the vehicle to share information with the other driver over the accident?

    Is it not prudent that he stepped out of his vehicle to just have a discussion with these A-HOLE cops that deliberately side-swiped him?

    Deputy’s may have only used bean bag guns at first, but when you SEE guns aimed at YOUR FACE and you HEAR guns going off you are going to assume they are firing lethal bullets from the start!

    ANYONE’S gut instinct will cause pretty much the same reaction that this motorist id doing, he’s panicking DURING the shots being fired!

    So the instinct to DUCK FOR COVER is in EVERYONE when we hear shots fired, it’s called COMMON SENSE!

    Remember it is the DEPUTY’S that started this and aggravated it by side-swiping the motorist vehicle, and when the motorist rightly steps out of his vehicle to asses the damage and to confront verbally the idiots that side-swiped him he is met by a huge force of idiots hell bent on ignoring their own militarily organized armed forces and are all as a gang aiming weapons at him and their ALL YELLING ORDERS, CONFLICTING ORDERS, all at the same time!

    So in the end there was no orders that were intelligible FOR the motorist to follow, he was victimized by a organized gang of armed trained killers, and the deputy’s made a deliberately confusing mess when they all at the same time with guns pointed at the motorists face yelling conflicting orders!

    It’s like a scene from the movie “It’s a mad mad world” where you have a cluster f@#k of idiots hell bent and in a hurry and everyone involved is doing too much in too short of a period of time for anyone, even the victimized driver, to know what the hell is going on!

    As usual our corrupt news reporters are up high filming in their helicopters acting as the eyes in the sky FOR our Fascist police forces!

    Military armed uniformed gun squads running rough-shod all over the place gunning down unarmed citizens at the drop of a dime and our Fascist news reporters are partners to these organized hit squads and not even hiding it!

    The man was unarmed, he is out of his vehicle, he is not attacking or hurting anyone, and he ONLY tries to duck for cover when shots are fired by trigger happy YEEHAA deputy’s!


  5. terry wagar says:

    I highly recommend people do a Wiki search on the term ‘Sting Operation” and educate yourself better about who and what cops are really about.

    In “Sting Operations” police are allowed to lie and stage crimes and even commit crimes and even allowed to recruit non-police such as neighbors or relatives or employers against their targets!

    Under the pretense of conducting “sting operations” police can and do pretty much whatever they want to, police can have an affair with your wife and recruit her into helping them frame you and they are legally allowed to do this and are allowed to lie in court about it and get away with it.

    Well when everything police do falls under the category of being a sting operation then police are free to lie and deceive all they want to and admit to it.

    So it is common practice for police to lie and deceive people, now you know why police always lie to the public because they never fear prosecution for lying!

    Since police are free to recruit civilian operatives into sting operations those civilians are also allowed to lie and get away with it!
    So now you know why news reporters that brown nose police get away with lying to and deceiving the public!

    Do not take my word for it, Wiki the term “Sting Operation” for yourself and discover the sick world of Fascist minded cops and their civilian operatives and find out why corrupt cops do not get prosecuted and neither do their corrupt civilian operatives.

    After you discover what a sting operation is ask yourself the question “Why has my local news stations been hiding this from the public?” and when you figure out THAT question then you will know why this country is so messed up!

  6. terry wagar says:

    Watching the video closely and it does not even appear to be a high speed chase, it appears the driver/victim was just driving normally down the road and was hit by speeding county sheriff’s vehicles which were going much faster than the driver/victim!

    It appears on the video the driver/victim stepped out of the vehicle to find out what is going on, he appears to be confused as to why the officer’s were acting the way they were, and just stood there not attacking anyone and confused by the officer’s crazy erratic behaviors!

    It appears no clear communication was occurring and that instead there were MULTIPLE officer’s yelling orders/demands at the same time while having guns drawn and pointed at the driver/victim!

    After a couple seconds of multiple officer’s yelling conflicting demands at the driver/victim officer’s began to open fire on the driver/victim, at which point the driver/victim tries instinctively to duck and cover into the back of his car knowing shots are being fired!

    Seconds after the initial shock of being fired upon and wanting to duck and cover the driver/victim then decided instead to raise his hands high indicating his surrender to this wacko officer’s!

    It is at this point with the driver/victims hands raised high in the air with no weapon in his hands that he was shot by officer’s and killed/murdered, gunned down on the streets!

    At no time on the video is their clear instructions from one officer telling the driver/victim instructions and instead their is just a cluster f@@k of multiple officer’s along with multiple sirens blaring obscuring ANY so-called orders officer’s claim!

    Between the multiple officer’s yelling at the same time and multiple sirens how can anyone clearly hear anything officer’s said?

    For all intents and purposes this video shows and demonstrates how police/sheriff’s in large force can just speed up from behind someone and side-swipe them and to stage/fake emergency’s that are caused by none other than the officer’s themselves and demonstrates that all these officer’s have to do to get away with out right murder is to just pretend their target is dangerous to falsely justify murdering the parson!

    I do not believe this was a high speed chase and believe it was premeditated murder on the part of the officer’s to fake a high speed chase in force by simply speeding up to their intended target and to side-swipe him and to put on a phoney show of the driver being dangerous to falsely justify shooting the man dead in cold blood!

    The driver/victim is being shot at and tries to duck and cover of which anyone would do, but officer’s use that normal and expected behavior to pretend justification in the killing by pretending the man MAY be reaching for a gun!

    That’s a false justification since officer’s can see with their eyes the man was not holding a gun in his hands, and the officer’s WERE shooting at him while he was unarmed and of course will try to duck and cover, who the hell would not if being fired upon?

    In prostitution stings officer’s love to pretend and make stuff up to justify entrapping people, police put on all kinds of false pretenses to entrap people in stings, well when officer’s want to get away with outright murder and they have the support of their fellow officer’s then all they have to do is in force fake the victim is dangerous and just open fire on him/her, and they get away with it because no one questions it, including news reporters, which are the biggest brown nosers to cops on the entire planet!

    Police brutality and outright murder against Black people in the US is a persistent problem that will not go away.

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