Police Aiming Gun on Female Student After Speeding

Posted on: April 18th, 2008 24 Comments
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This video shows a nursing student from Florida that’s been speeding. She pulls over after having the police tracking her for 8 miles. The policeman is aiming his gun towards her, screaming and pulling her out on the ground. The student got bruises from dragging and handcuffing, and a speeding ticket among other things.

She claims afterward that she didn’t know that they were the police. The police officer veteran got fired.

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24 Responses

  1. Walter says:

    At least that bastard got fired. Cops are the same in the U.K I’ve been hit with a rubber bullet from police

    • Bill says:

      Walter. Do your cops carry guns? I’ve heard they don’t. I can’t imagine my girlfriend having a gun in her face because she was speeding. I would want her to wait until she was in a populated area as well

  2. Sound says:

    She looked pretty dangerous, huh? I would’ve been scared too, bein a veteran officer and all. He should no danger when he sees it.
    Now he’s stuck at home kickin the dog all day.
    His job was the only thing giving the dog a break. (=’O) what a (.)(.) ~me again~

  3. Man says:

    Man that wasn’t brutality, b*tch got what she deserved, poor cop lost his job because of this b*tch. She had a cell phone? She should have called 911 to make sure the guy was a cop, she didn’t do it, and kept driving?

  4. Moron says:

    you are a moron

  5. Franklin says:

    no 4 real she should have pulled over and then none of that would have happened

    • Carl Arcilesi says:

      …you do know you have the right to not pull over if you aren’t doing anything wrong or are unsure that it is a cop, right?

  6. Anonymous says:

    That cop definitely overreacted; he did all that over a stupid speeding ticket. I’m glad he lost his job, too. As a veteran he should have known better.

  7. Mario says:

    Over-reacting stupid deserves to be fired, but that won’t stop him from abusing women.

  8. Jessie says:

    These cops abuse their power because they can. They are bad people. That lady said her seatbelt was on, but he didn’t care. These guys are out of control.

  9. Anonymousdarryll says:

    Just becareful when by yourself and there is police around, when I’m alone driving and I see them I get scared, I don’t trust them at all.

  10. Mr. Ed says:

    That just goes to show how so many people start thinking they are god when we make the mistake of putting a badge on them.I don’t argue the fact that she probably should have been arrested for pissing him off for eight miles,but a real man would have done it professionally,anger has no place in police procedures.

  11. Dave says:

    Sure the cop shouldn’t have been so brutal, but she didnt stop or get out of the car when told. What was she thinking? That people can just buy a squad car at a garage sale, with a uniform?

  12. Matt says:

    oh stop it, he didnt drag her anywhere. He puts her on the ground right next to her driver side door. Yeah she does not look dangerous, and obviously wasn’t, but if ur a cop, and u have to chase someone for 8 MILES before they finally stop, a little warning light goes off in ur head. In that instance, the driver is either up to something, or an idiot and is going to get dragged out of their car. So she is just an idiot I guess. She did not deserve a dime for that! Who does not pull over for 8 miles?

  13. Anon says:

    I’ve read and seen many things that are police brutality. This can’t possibly be considered as such. She didn’t pull over for 8 miles! The cop clearly had reason to suspect she could be dangerous. I’m surprised all she received was a speeding ticket. Can’t say I wouldn’t have drawn a weapon at somebody who seemed to be trying to get away for 8 miles. As for the physical force? It didn’t seem like much considering she was speeding away from a cop for 8 miles which to many if not all would seem like somebody is trying to flee.

  14. fire the idiot says:

    yayyyy !!! he got fired . bwahahahahah.

  15. freedom4all32 says:

    This trooper was in an unmarked patrol car. This woman stated she did not stop as she was unsure if he was a cop or not and afraid to pull over on a major highway in Sc I 95 I think. As if some one is going to pretend to be a cop in the middle of the afternoon on I95… dumb a** woman…. not to mention, not stopping for the police in a reasonable amount of Time or distance becomes felony evading… he got fired she got a settlement. He should of drew his weapon and proceeded with a felony car stop… driver put your hands out the window etc etc… He screwed up.

  16. Mimi says:

    Puhleeze, lonely highway, woman alone with a lone (wolf) cop. I would have driven for 8 miles to population also.
    He is way too hotheaded and doesn’t need to be on the force.

  17. Jay says:

    UNMARKED PATROL CAR OR NOT, when those lights come on, sirens howling, it shows IT’S THE REAL DEAL. So driving 8 Miles before pulling over was a BIG, BIG, BIG MISTAKE on her. First he had to chase her 8 MILES, to OFFICERS, that means YOU ARE RUNNING FROM SOMETHING!!!…then told her to do SIMPLE things like roll your window down, put your hands out of the window ETC, ETC. Thats Normal from a STATE TROOPER THAT HAD TO RUN DOWN A person for 8 MILES. And also I DON’T RECALL HER DOING ANYTHING HE SAID DO. I don’t unstand HOW & WHY HE GOT FIRED ! ! ! . . .? ? ?…

    • Kriegar says:

      He got fired because he was ridiculous, out of control, and assaulted that woman by dragging her forcefully from her vehicle. He didn’t have to “chase her down”, at all. He only had to follow her, as she made her way to a populated area. And, a plain car with blue lights on I-95 is not a convincing police car to people who know that police lights are red, where they come from.

      He was a fat, abusive, power-mad pig, and getting fired was justly deserved.

  18. Jay says:

    8 MILES, WOW. Hummmm, IS THERE A ILLEGAL GUN IN THE CAR, IS THERE A DEAD BODY IN THE CAR, IS THERE A HOSTAGE IN THE CAR, are they DRUNK or HIGH???…Is the Gas Pedal Stuck to the floor, LOL, but you get the DRIFT ! ! ! . . .Stupid B**CH

    PS: THIS IS NOT POLICE BRUTALITY…This shouldn’t be here. Other videos Yes, NOT THIS ! ! ! . . .

  19. Jay says:

    I’m NOT into Law Enforcement, JUST TELLING THE TRUTH BY WHAT THE VIDEO SAYS. Maybe the Force wanted to get rid of him anyway ? ? ? . . .

  20. Ar Jon says:

    Visit any metrolitan area and you will find car lots full of used unmarked police cars for sale to the public. Many still have lights and siren in them. Some departments made an attempt to disconnect the emergency equipment to the wiring it still there so the new owner can easilly re-connect them. Anyone can buy a used white or black crown victoria with lights and siren for less than $5000. I’ve seen security people and bounty hunters, etc. all wearing uniforms and driving cars with lights and siren.

    PD should limit the use of unmarked cars and plainclothes officers. It it probally better (and safer for all) for PD to use marked cars without the overhead lightbar.

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