Teen Boy Tortured And Shot 5 Times By Police

Posted on: April 6th, 2011 4 Comments
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In a poor district of the Amazon city of Manaus, Brazil, a 14-year-old boy was tortured by four police officers. Luckily it was all captured on tape which shows how they firing 5 shots at him in the chest area. The boy scrunched and tried to walk away from the officers bleeding, but they just continued to shoot at him. The boy gives up, bleeding and exhausted. He was later hospitalized and has now recovered. The police officers claim that they shot him when they noticed a gun near him, so they say it was self-defense.

7 officers were involved in this situation, and now they are in prison on the command of a Brazilian court, and will remain there until the end of the investigation. Another similar situation happened in U.S. where a mental disabled teen gets shot by the police.

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4 Responses

  1. Lorraine says:

    I notice that alot of the videos are deleted or taken off the website. Why is that? Are officers afraid of what the people will see? It is a crying shame the way police treat some people. Do you realize that this could be you in a different situation? Dont you have mothers, fathers, children, people that you love, what if that happened to them? What would you do?

    • terry wagar says:

      Police run and regulate the internet, our government created the internet, they censor anything that demonstrates that cops are corrupt and organized criminals.

      The USA wants people to believe that several officer’s would never work together to commit felony crimes, because that would be conspiracy and that would be organized crime.

      Our government wants the messes of people to believe that instead of several cops being murderers they want instead the masses to believe that the murdered victims are mentally ill.

      In the USA all over the country almost anyone that police batter are LABELED mentally ill and it is our organized news stations that spew out that propaganda.

      Everyone recognizes the fact that the Fascist Nazi’s during world war 2 killed many of it’s citizens unjustly and in particular they targeted Jews.

      We all know the Fascist Nazi’s during world war 2 were corrupt and murderous, but when OTHER country’s start murdering it’s citizens nowadays our news reporters do not try to warn people about it and instead attack the victims reputation by labeling the victim mentally ill.

      It is standard procedure for cops and even doctors after the fact to label someone police batter as mentally ill, they do this to appear to the masses that their justified when they are not and they do this because it hurts the victims credibility in a court room.

      This goes on all the time in the USA and cops have a never ending list of bro’s at emergency hospitals that will whip up false paperwork labeling a battered victim mentally ill.

      When people are charged with a crime then the state has to give that person a trial, and the accused has a right to due process protections, but when police label someone as mentally ill then they don’t have to prove mental illness, it’s just their opinion, so they can lie all they want and label anyone mental, and the person accused has no recourse.

      How would you feel if you are not mentally ill, and end up battered by police? how would you feel if police added insult to injury by labeling you after the fact as mentally ill?
      How would you feel that doctors that are supposed to help you with your injury’s are not trying hard to help at all, and behind your back their filling out mental illness paperwork on you?

      This is the simple fact, our system is corrupt, most people are blind to it and are mislead by popular movies and TV shows about how our government really works.

      Our system ALWAYS covers cops butts and always covers up video proof that cops are organized killers.

      Our government would rather murder off innocent people than to arrest organized killers in uniforms, and since our government controls the news stations and controls the internet it can and does any time it wants to to censor video’s on Youtube or anywhere else for that matter.

  2. David says:

    yes im starting to wonder some of the more sinister real videos disappear I wonder if someone is forcing them to take videos down

  3. terry wagar says:

    Not only do police have video’s taken down they also get their hands on the original video’s and they edit them, especially if cops are actually admitting to a crime on audio.

    Have you not noticed they hardly ever show video of cops committing crimes and there be audio with it.

    I have video of Portland police officer’s and Multnomah county sheriff’s exploiting, trafficking, children for sex and you can hear the plain clothed officer’s telling the children what to do, and you can hear the poor children admit they were being paid by them.

    Any and all attempts by me to upload this evidence of police crimes gets either taken down or authority’s hack my accounts to access the video and they edit the sounds and cut out some scenes.

    There is no one I can report this to that cares, I am in their jurisdiction and I caught them being pedophiles, professional pedophiles since money was exchanging hands.

    Our police IS the mob, they are the ones committing the crimes and their is no one a victim or a witness can turn to that cares.

    I am a victim of these cops I was being poisoned by them and my wife while my wife was having an affair with one of those cops, and I caught those cops on video paying children to do their bidding, they were trying to frame me for their crimes but I caught them in the act on video.

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