Cop Arrested After Raping And Murdering Several Women

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A former police officer, Moreland, where caught in Kansas City for raping three women and killing two of them. The one was 75-year-old Nina Whitney that was found dead on her stairs in her home, strangled, sexually abused and stabbed 22 times. Her daughter, Paige Hueser, spotted the perpetrator walking out of her mom’s home.

She knew there were something familiar with him, he was her ex-boyfriend.

The other victim was a certain Mrs. Roberts. Her husband found her dead in the bathtub. In both cases there were no sign of forced entries, they let him enter their homes pretty easily. Investigators said that both victims had some similarities.

His third victim was a woman that he raped at his home but she managed to talk her way out of there.

Paige Hueser remembered Moreland as a kind boyfriend, he was polite and always focused on his education and career, so the murder of her mother came as a shock.

After DNA researches, Moreland was shortly arrested and put in jail with a bond of more than $1 million. He said he was excited, nervous and overwhelmed all at the same time, and he felt like like a weight has been lifted.

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