Cop Shoots Puppy and Writes Traffic Ticket To Owner

Posted on: December 15th, 2012 6 Comments
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Parking his van in the wrong spot cost 74-year-old Al Phillips a ticket and $8,700 in medical expenses for his beloved show dog Colonel who got shot by the Chicago officer.

The shooting took place in front of Phillips’ home around 3 p.m. and only by luck had no greater consequences.

Al Phillips was at home with his family when a neighbor told them there was a cop outside writing them a ticket. Their van was parked in the driveway, but blocking part of the sidewalk, which caught the attention of the cop scouting for vehicles to ticket. When Phillips opened the door to see what was going on, his 7-month-old miniature bull terrier ran outside, wagging its tail while approaching the officer. One of the neighbors, Todd McClay, said the officer screamed two times, then fired two shots at the pup. Then he holstered the gun without a word of apology and cold-bloodedly returned to writing the ticket.


Phillips’ wife Barbara rushed the puppy to the vet and missed her granddaughter’s second birthday, but luckily the dog survived. Unfortunately, a bullet stuck in its left paw means the end of show dog career for the $2500 high pedigree pup that will probably have a limp for the rest of its life. While the neighbors are shocked by the fact that the trigger-happy officer didn’t even give time for Phillips to react and get the dog, Barbara points out that some of the bullets could have ricocheted and hurt her husband or a passer-by. The couple will most likely sue the police department.

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6 Responses

  1. Kevin John Braid says:

    sue the living hell out of them and make sure this pig loses his badge

  2. Lynette says:

    that dog is worth more than the ignorant pig who shot it.

  3. grace says:

    That is total bs!!! For a man who isn’t supposed to show fear he sure did jump the gun. Seems to me that the little guy only wanted to make his presense known. Obviously not to rip him limb from limb. Sue the snotty out of him. You can collect lifetime royalties for his bloodlines. Ive seen it done before

  4. slango20 says:

    trigger happy, just wanted an excuse to pull the trigger

  5. Jeremy says:

    So let me get this straight. They can shoot dogs off a leash, even if they’re friendly but if their dog attacks say, I don’t know, a child and we defend ourselves. Were charged with assault or attempted murder. Police in general are hypocrites.

  6. Charles says:

    Look up in the New York Times archives online, “The Death of Range.” The police mentality is so bad it would make Satan blush because they outdo the devil daily! Then there was the 1980s massacre of dogs owned by the Leathermans, a Federal judge said cops did no wrong. We are occupied by Redcoat soldiers whose uniforms changed color.

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