Cannibal Cop Gets Only 8 Years In Prison For Eating A Victim

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Detlef Guenzel, a German former police officer, strangled and chopped Wojciech Stempniewicz while listening to pop music. This horror that lasted four hours was taped and later edited into 50 minute video.
Guenzel is sentenced to eight years and six months in prison because he was found “guilty of murder and disturbing the peace of the dead”.
The usual maximum sentence for murder in Germany is 15 years, and that is exactly how much Stempniewicz’s family requested for this horrifying act. The punishment was reduced because prosecutors said that Stempniewicz wanted to die.
The German officer and the Polish-born Stempniewicz met over a website for cannibal fetishists. They kept in contact via email, text messages and telephone before they arranged the date. Stempniewicz was picked up by Gunzel at the Dresden’s main railway station, from where they drove to the Gunzel’s house. This place was actually a bed and breakfast which Gunzel ran with his male partner.
The video, that wasn’t released to the media, shows that  victim was taken to the basement of the house, where he was strangled with a rope and later sliced in the small pieces. Also, the 50 minute video footage shows Gunzel in his underwear, chopping the naked body that hangs on a hook, while pop music plays.
After that, the former German officer buried the pieces of the body in the garden of the house, but officers said that the victim’s penis was never found.


Police traced him via computer and telephone messages, and arrested him.
The defense team argued that the victim wanted to die.
This monster was smiling in court room as he received only eight years in prison.

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