Female Officer Worked as a Prostitute

Posted on: December 15th, 2008 23 Comments
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Policewoman In England who worked as a prostitute appeared in court accused of misconduct in a public office. The police officer, who worked at the police station in Houghton-Le-Spring near Sunderland, had up to 20 clients a week as part of one escort agency.

Female police officer was in catalog on other side of law and now she will be charged with offenses relating to prostitution.

She promote herself at agency web site, very stupid idea from her and that’s the way how she got arrested by their fellow officers.

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23 Responses

  1. Zevs says:

    You cant quite have it both ways now can you. Quite sad really when say young women look up to this officer,only to find out later she is living another life as a prostitute. Young women then wonder if that is in fact a proper way to live. Quite sad really.

  2. Me says:

    Hey, when you cant make ends meet…just Make MEAT!! You know she heard a hooker braggin’ about the $$$ on an arrest and got jealous so she took her corner.
    Puts new meaning to “PUT ‘EM UP” does’nt it??
    ~me again~

  3. glenn blackwell says:

    If she was a guy taking money from drug dealers to look the other way, this would not be a story. But, a woman in a mans world showing any sexuality is put up for example of ridicule.

  4. Nicejob says:

    Well she already had the handcuffs, and was just getting the most use out of them. Very efficient.

  5. Lilly says:

    It could have been worse…She might have been a protestant.

  6. Anonymous says:

    how much do you think she goes for?

  7. U77 says:

    if this was a guy taking bribes from drug dealers no one would no, oh shut up man. Thats not a smart satement. Besides, it does not count because she is an English Bobby, they r hardly cops to begin with.

  8. sint says:

    She was SERVING and protecting the community! she should have a place in history…everyone is happy!
    besides,cops in England need to make ENDS MEAT!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    was she a Democrat?

  10. I. Langalibalele says:

    The headline has it wrong: She was a Prostitute working as a cop! The hoes out to thro her out of the union.

  11. Anonymous says:

    ok so the other cops were looking for a escort and found her on the website? nice, cops being escorts and cops trying to hook up with escorts

  12. Anonymous says:

    She looks shaged out!

  13. hatler4 says:

    No doubt that she should not take the police job, people make it big deal. Some Police men daily basis abuse their power to earn money. It means they sell the government. Hence they make the government the prostitute. She hasn't done it in her uniform during working hours I guess. In a way a part time job. Better to find out if her father or brothers support her sick mum or younger siblings. May be she was holding the Government job for her old age retirement security. If she did it just to show off to the others, she falls under bitch category.

  14. Anonymous says:

    At least she've show her real identity!
    They are all WHORES!

  15. Raven Masterson says:

    Man, I don't see what all the hoopla is about. I mean, What did the woman do, what is the crime?: She didn't give her pussy away for free! That's BS! Men screw for the hell of screwing so why can't a woman act on her natural biological agenda and screw for money!? That sounds like some male entitlement crap to me! This is something that's been going on since the dawn of time; Men want sex and women want money. It's a man's job to spread his seed around to keep the species going while, on the other hand, woman can get pregnant, therefore we seek support! Under prostitution law, ANYTHING of value given in exchange for sex is prostitution. Thus, if a guy gives a homeless woman a chicken McNugget, that's prostitution. If that's the case, ALL woman are guilty of prostitution. When you buy a hoe at the bar a dtink, that's prostitution, when you buy her some Valentine's Day stuff, that's hooking, hell, when you take her out on a date and buy your way to the pussy, THAT'S HOOKING! Therefore, in the eyes of the law, ALL WOMEN are prostitutes. All woman seek something in exchange for sex in one way or another. It could be for love, money, support, etc. No woman does anything for free – That's why a man has to take a woman out on a date to EARN the pussy – and why should we? This law is crazy and it shouldn't exist and it's made upon the same laws designed to control women and our bodies just as slave codes – which were laws based on someone's 'morality' – designed to control blacks! Gold digging is legal. Tiger Woods just PAID his wife, now ex, 6 million dollars. Yep, she's a hoe but, just as those shirts by the creator of Hello Kitty said, just smarter (or, better yet, cleverer) When you think about it, 90% of the world's population are hoes. We all do something we don't want to do in order to get something and who is to say that actual hoes – providers – don't love what they do. And I don't want to hear this arguement: "Well, they can't enjoy it, they are doing it for the money." since no one accuses and says that of men who fuck ugly women who they are not in the least bit attracted to (and often times pay) while acting on their biological agenda, their need for pussy! I mean, let's dissect the anti-prostitution law here. What is it against? It is against no strings attached sex WITH pay! Bam, they're you go. So as long as you are fucking emotionlessly for free, everything's gold. But if you're fucking for gold, then you're a criminal! So basically, since men seek sex and women sex money, anti-prostitution laws are against the most HONEST transaction that can take place between a man and a woman, which is a man taking care of his needs by getting some no strings attached pussy while a woman gets her money and, hence, her support! That is why it's okay for a woman to be a gold digger and walk away with half while it's not okay for a man to just pay a chick $250 and keep his house, the car and the kid!

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. bit-blackmage says:

    I can't agree with this post.

    I think prostitution needs to be decriminalized… mostly because it's the prostitute that gets the punishment from the law and it's the prostitute that suffers a loss of her/his/hir autonomy. I'm not just talking about abusive pimps and johns (who are the ones that need to be punished), but law enforcement telling people that they can't sell their body to make ends meet.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The sex trade should be government-controlled. It's not going to just disapear, and it's not so wrong when people aren't coerced in to it.

  19. RavenMastersonLikesItInTheAss says:

    Raven Masterson is a known whore living in California. She hates anyone & everyone that is white yet has no problem taking money from them then spreading her legs to let her puss-oozing twat get plunged like a backed-up truck-stop toilet. Her record shows that she’s been arrested & charged with DUI’s multiple times & now has to pass a breathalyzer to operate her car. Not only this, she’s launched a sociopathic crusade on YouTube to “inspire” someone to murder “trolls” (read as anyone who doesn’t agree with her racist & sexist bullshit).

    Raven, please die in a 15 car pile-up for the sake of humanity.

  20. B.Cooper says:

    Raven Masterson at least sane prostitutes have do not let themselves get film licking the rim of a man anus, not slander there is footage of you availbale on the internet performing that act, and since you have been claiming you were paid a lot of money for this porn film why on earth can you not afford ointment for those acne scars on your face or you think darks spots on your face is a fashion statement I suppose you think the same about the ashy knees of yours, with all that money you got what you cannot afford a decent camera to film your youtube videos are some decent blue contact lenses?
    Raven I’ll give you some advice if you make up a some sob story about being sexually abused as a child or having bipolar disorder you will get some sympathy
    Raven is it true you also eat scat? I mean you are so liberated and progressive and the rest of humanity who look down on your skank behaviour are brainwashed you are truly more enlighten that Michelle Obama, Mother Teresa and Ghandi.
    Poverty aint no excuse you live in a western country, there are homless shelters, soup kitchen and special fund for people in hardship hey you can beg on street and get some cents, you are no a staving chick holding a dead baby in Somalia. You chose to be a skank whore.
    You keep making those anti police videos when you get beatdown and busted don’t be yelling I am black either as black people know what you are, you are the only person on earth that I know that deserves police brutality.

    I truly wish it was you and not Amadou Diallo that got shot.

    Police protect and serve, please slap this ho!!! no Al Sharpton will be caring for her ass, the black community is tired of these fools infact I think it will improve relations between the police and the black community.

    Raven Masterson youtube handle is happyhooker83 and she made porn for ghetto gaggers – dark spots on face and wears an ugly blonde weave.

    Thank God to high heaven that porn actors high a suicide rate.

  21. RavenMastersonisTROUBLED says:

    Raven Masterson is a deeply disturbed individual. I don’t know what childhood trauma she had gone through, or who molested her as a kid, but for her to run this one woman vendetta against practically every man she has ever encountered, sexually or socially, really makes her come across as a very sad, sad woman. I have friends that she has said slanderous and untrue things about (some grudges of hers go back years), and if she had any credibility at all, could be damaging to their careers. Fortunately, nobody of worth takes her comments seriously, and anybody with half a brain can look at her rants and see the pattern of her always making herself the victim with them. I hope for her sake she gets psychiatric help before she winds up like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. You know it’s coming.

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