Manchester Police Beat Up an England War Hero

Posted on: January 3rd, 2009 37 Comments
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Three Greater Manchester Police officers attack Lance Corporal Mark Aspinall, ‘highly praised by his commanding officer for bravery against the Taliban in Afghanistan’. One officer is seen banging Aspinall’s head on the ground then grabbed his hair and scraped his face on the ground. He also strikes the Lance Corporal several times with his forearm.

Despite all this he was charged with assault on police officers. This charge was later quashed in Crown Court. Mr Aspinal said “I remember thinking, ‘I’m going to die here. I can’t believe I’ve survived Afghanistan and Iraq and now I’m going to die on this main road in my home town at the hands of the police. Yet I was the one who ended up in the dock, not the officers.”

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37 Responses

  1. Pol says:

    Heroes don’t deserve this! 🙁

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Louis says:

    It dont matter if he’s a so called war hero or not. a police shouldn’t overdo it like this. i dont care if they’re just people like us, As soon As they Overdo it, They’re as Dangerous as the Criminals they catches.
    what i really cant belive is that Mark Aspinall was the one who got beaten and charged?!
    i doesnt matter what he might have said. 3 cops can’t start hitting a imobilized man on the ground,
    okay if he where trying anything dangerous, but he just lied there..
    thats just sadistic and sick. i mean, wtf?

  4. Matt says:

    uhhh… hero? We seem to throw that word around pretty loosely these days don’t we? What’s it take to be a hero, come back alive? His commanding officer “praised” him? Hate to tell you this, but commanding officers praise EVERYONE that don’t get busted for something. It’s just the way it is… chances are that his commanding officer couldn’t even put his name with his face.
    Let’s not pass on the fact that none of us knows wtf led up to this…

  5. 23 says:

    Send this policemen to Afghanistan.

  6. Clark says:

    Yes, send all 3 of these policemen to Afghanistan for combat duty, as long as the crown needs soldiers there.
    We don’t need sadistic abuse of the system and commoner citizens for their entertainment. JK

  7. Jessy says:


  8. Battsy says:

    If I were Mark I would hire the best Barester in England and sue the daylights out of the three cops, their city, and their police station. After I win my case I’ll buy the police station and turn it into a public LOO!

  9. Charlie Garvey says:

    To the dumbfuck who said he deserved it because he “Assaulted police officers” you either did not watch the video, are the pig cocksucking faggot ass police officer in the video, or are just a complete and utter fucktard. The man did not assualt the officer, he did however try to defend himself. I would have helped that poor guy if i was a bystander, unfortunantly everyone else there were fucking slaves and were to afraid to stand up for what was right.

  10. men says:

    How dangerous this idiot would be if he had a gun?

  11. Anonymous says:

    damn, if iwas that guy and i got my hands on them i ty all three in a knott and dump then in the middle of a kidnapping in iraq. see how there ass get beat there? get there hands cut off? beaten badly?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Cops are all JERKOFFS!! ALL of them!! I don’t know how it is in England, but in the U.S they serve NO PURPOSE other than to collect fucking money for whatever crooked ass town they work for!! We have cops nowadays standing in the ROAD in mid-morning rush hour looking for expired stickers or people with no seatbelts? Fucking blood sucking PIGS!

  13. sam.johnson1976 says:

    FUCK those cops. He didn’t do anything wrong. He’d probably been through enough. God damnit I hate police brutality.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Peter Jones.
    It’s such a pity that his Regiment was not with him!They would have knocked seven shades of shit out of those Scumbags,and any other coward cops that might have turned up.Police!I’ve shit them.

  15. Peter Jones.EX Manchester. says:

    That 20 Stone Scum bastard!He needs a brushpole shoving up his Arse!Bastards one and all!

  16. Peter jones Ex Manchester says:

    It's funny that none of those Bastards have replied!Stinking Cowards.I would love to meet that 20 Stone Bastard in the Gym.No rules just him and me!

  17. Peter jones Ex Manchester says:

    I would love to meet that 20 stone Tough nut in the Gym.Just him and me.Any offers Fatty?

  18. Anonymous says:

    I know pigs are repressed assholes who just cant wait to get their chance to revenge the world for the bullying they undoubtably recieved at school, enjoying it with their heavy breathing but, has anyone actually encountered 'squaddies'? let me tell you,the guy who posted earlier is right-just coz ppl went 2fight a bullshit war doesnt mean they are a fuckin 'hero'. that squaddie fuck probably caved in a few peoples faces just for drunken fun that week.squaddies are a shame to the fucking uk,have any of you ever seen them do their stuff?they smash around kicking the shit out of any 'civvy' unfortunate enough to cross them.not me personally but ive seen it plenty and you all know it!why was he standing there baiting pigs anyway eh?got to put his bit in,and he got what he deserved,fuck him and his squaddie pals,and the pigs-they are all as bad as each other!

  19. offi says:

    We all are hating on the police but praise the man who is helpign a huge brutality?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha… Welcome back home dip sh*t… Stupid squaddy got what he deserved… Cops do a hard job and deserve respect.. He was clearly a drunken cock who got back what he no doubt was doing to others…. Well done…

  21. patfourty66 says:

    65 percent of the police in greater manchester are on the take,especially cid,in grey mare lane beswick,an these so called cops think they can beat up on a defenseless guy,i wud pay anything to be by that sqauddies side in a closed room with those a-holes,i would make sure they had the shit kicked out of them so they cud never work again,the police are not police jus thugs an idiots with a badge,and the judges are no better,rodney king sued the police he should do the same an those cops should be sent down so they can become the local jails bitches

  22. treseme says:

    NOBODY deserves that. Not even if he was being
    violent. You do not hit somebody who is on the ground, especially as a police officer. Those guys should stay behind bars at least 10 years and pay a large sum of money to the war veteran. Incredibble.

  23. Sam says:

    This is standard practice when the police use too much force! They attack those who fight back; usually with CS gas and Steel extendable batons. They now have reinforced armour and stab-proof vests as standard. The person who has been assaulted by the police is much less likely to be taken seriously when he complains, as the copper is then claiming self defence.

    A friend of mine pursued a charge against Bedford police (1999) and obtained CCTV footage at the club where the police beat him up. After the police gave the footage to his lawyer, the exact moment when the police were excessive, was conveniently distorted. Yep, they creased the tape and damaged the actual evidence of wrongdoing! They then told his lawyer it got stuck in the machine! USE YOUR VIDEO PHONES! GET THEM LEGALLY! Get Justice charities to help you pursue police brutality. Peace!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Not only that, but keep a copy for yourself…

    Now, this is some scary shit, but we all knew about it. It's plain as day that much of Europe, the United States, China, and most of the nations of the world are gearing towards becoming a police state. Governments will do some wild shit in our lifetimes to thin the populace, and all the machinations are in place.

    They restrict everything they can, every right and freedom that you have from God. They are against God, and they are against what is natural. I am already unsure as to how we can defend ourselves from the New World Order types, whatever they call themselves this time.

    For your own good, you have to see it and believe it or else we have no hope.

  25. DCIGeneHunt says:

    The Nancy could have walked away and ran off home, Instead the french bending manchester united supporting p**f decided to disrespect Manchesters finest and got what he deserved. He proprably got nicked for section 5 public order. If we all acted like that and had no respect for the law we would be in S*** street and the country would fall apart. Dont waltz into my kingdom acting king of the jungle!

  26. Anonymous says:

    He probably got nicked for giving a load of abuse to members of the public and when the nice officers told him to shut his fat stupid gob he gave them a mouthful to them also. So due to the fact that he was pissed out of his face a decision was made to bring him in at which point he fell on the floor like a sack of shit and held his arms under his body so he couldn't be handcuffed, got a few digs in the arms so that he released his arms and was then cuffed. He then decided to be a little cry baby pussy for being arrested when he is quite clearly in the wrong. He likened it to being in afganistan- well he couldn't have done much in afganstan if being nicked in Wigan town centre was worse, probably a army tea lady and not the behaviour becoming of a soldier.

  27. bild says:

    is a dam shame what these cops geting away with;abuse of power; [these real low life;s]cramnuls of justis hiding behind there sheild with power;they all should be charged;with [abuse of power];[asalt]; ;[statatory rape];[lieing under oat]'they all have to be removed from there jobs; finger printed; and charged with the full power of are laws;everthing they did was discusting and wrong;they valated the constituion of the united states' and deprived all the citersin of there god given rights;this is were there power must end;and all of us must stand up and put a stop to anyone who trys to abuse are constitution and are freedoms;and rights; these dugs;with bages make you feel like you don;t have any rights or freedoms;if we let any one get away with things like this; and we don;t put a stop to thing like this; then we are no longer a free people;this is are country ;we the people; must do what ever it takes to not let anyone abuse are right; i think ever one should carry a camers and flim what ever you see wrongfull doings; this is your right;and no body has a right to stop you from filming ; at least free people don;t and for the good of are county and it;s citizens we must be the eyes for all its people to see; so i think is;t time to watch them and let them no that they can;t get away with this anymore and that you abide by are laws;or your going to jail to; lets watch them because they need watching and a lot of people are geting hurt or killed for no good reason;i see it on t.v.everday; to many times; ;and if not they should go to jail like anyone else and more so.and keep them accounable for what they do; so i ask you all one question? if anyone of yous did this; how much time do you think you would get? so keep your camares rolling and make sure that it goes to the citizeson for proopf; and let all beware[ you being watch.] [ by we the people]

  28. bluebay says:

    The police are here to SERVE AND PROTECT. They are here to serve us. And they get violent as soon as someone won't agree to kiss their ass. That's completely uncalled for. He wasn't any threat to them. Police officers do not have the right to do that to anyone, I don't care what he's done in the past. They rubbed his face againt the concrete, and then bit one of them to defend himself. I can promise you that if you were in his situation, you wouldn't have just taken the beating becaue they have a badge. Fuck that.

  29. per says:

    We need revolutionary action to proceed. People walking by were probably too afraid to do anything. It's going to take some very brave people to send a message to the police force. That just because they have a badge and a gun, does not mean they have a license to assault and kill. Most are protected by their stations, and even if there is video evidence of abuse are treated with paid leave and evade any serious punishment. So it's left to us, the citizens they are sworn to protect to fight back. Next time you see an innocent man, woman or child being assaulted like this intervene. If you aren't physically able, yell and make others aware. If you are, grab a bottle and break it over their head. Show them that as soon as they operate outside of the law, and abuse their power, they will swiftly be abused by the common man.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Once again alcohol shows it's ugly face! Had he been sober he wouldnot have approached the police in the way he did! There is no excusing what they did but their job is hard enough without people that are drunk shouting at them in that way! Having resaerched this further it seems his convictions for assaulting a police officer have not been overturned but were confirmed by the appeal court! Selective editing of the video does not show that hewas spoken to twice and told to leave the area! The full video is available on the PCC website!

  31. Gregory says:


  32. john says:

    It is very wrong. this was beating to they people. Police need change behaviour and wash my tax,vat to police. cut police now

  33. Kita says:

    Ummm, scrubbing the guys face up against the asphalt street is just a bit much don’t ya think? Maybe the guy was a bit drunk but they had him subdued… and they were rubbing his face in it, and literally…what could he do but resist a little. How many people you know can just lie there and take that type of abuse without pushing back? It got to a point where he was just trying to protect himself.

  34. gothika says:

    All you dumbarses defending the pig police, you obviously didn’t watch the video. I’ve seen it at least five different times, and at no point did I see him even try to attack the police. Here in the us we have paramilitary squads on our highways conducting checkpoints. Illegal checkpoints. Our government can spy on us for no reason. Swat teams are brutally attacking protestors in cities around the nation. The nwo is setting up concentration camps in the us and canada.

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