Russian Police Officer Tortured an Older Woman in Station

Posted on: January 5th, 2009 36 Comments
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Russian police officer and commander of night shift, torture and beat a older woman who was arrested that night. The incident was recorded by cell phone, and footage shows how other cops enjoyed this torture as well, as you can hear in their voices. This Unbelievable and shocking incident shows how some police officers can beat older women without sympathy.

There is no information about woman condition and about charges against police officers.

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36 Responses

  1. ackiebwoy says:

    This is f**king horrible, but unfortunately not unbelievable… Cops all around the world have this kind of power abuse i think.

    neckshot to this guy

  2. sbelle327 says:

    What a big coward to hit an older woman like that. I guess that makes him feel more like a man, what a pathetic human being.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Should’ve used some sort of blunt object instead.

  4. Peng rr says:

    He hits like a woman 🙁

  5. vlad says:

    I think she is OK now. That is nothing.
    Like one man here sad: ”he hits like a woman”

    You must to see what police in today’s democrtatic, anti-Milosevic’s Serbia do with football fans (not real hooligans), and with political oposition activists.

  6. asian american stud says:

    Yes, it is very unbelievable. What I can not believe is why he was preparing to box the old woman and then ended kicking her instead? That did not make sense. Boxing or kick boxing, make up his mind.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What do you expect? Russians are heartless, cold blooded, uncaring ANIMALS! We should have let the Germans wipe those bastards off the face of the earth during World War II! Patton had it right, retrain the German army and let them destroy those Commie losers!

  8. Henry says:

    you cant judge all Russians because of a few bad seeds. Not all Russians are bad. Mean People Are Bad. That Poor woman, drunk or not she did not diserve that from anyone. She is a human. If that was a dog that was being treated that way people would be more outraged. Why? What has our sociaity come to?

  9. Brittany says:

    most of the objections are with “the cop not doing enough” what a sad state we are all living in!

  10. admin says:

    Please do not insult any country or nation in comments
    Thank you.

  11. 59trey says:

    Don`t care where this happened, that officer should be thrown off that police dept, and his superiors chief of police included, should resign also, if they haven`t thrown him off yet, because that would show that they have no idea of what a good police officer is, and don`t deserve to wear a police uniform either, it don`t take too much to understand that this is completely wrong, how would you feel if it was your mother and I don`t care who you are, if you think it`s ok than you are a idiot!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    this is sickling,cops are a bunch of cowards anyway.half of the cops become cops for power. or because they got their ass kicked at school,and now they want some get back. well if takin it out on old defenseless womens makes you rise,screw you cops

  13. Anonymous says:

    Kill that officer, i wish could so badly. He is a fucking asshole. I swear to God!!!! Omg I would love to sooooo bad. This is INSANE!!!! AHHHH!! this pisses me off so f***ing bad!!! Why in the hell would he do that? That is not even f***ing called for, I hope he gets killed some how!

  14. candyhard says:

    If you think this is okay, go kill yourselves! You don’t deserve to live if you think this funny even just little bit. Do yourself a favor and end your life!

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s not very nice. I was born with a problem I can not help. Sadly enough to say, but I’m a sadist. I can not help it if I find violence amusing. And your opinion doesn’t make it right. Everyone sees the acts of good and evil in different ways. I hate to tell you this, but it’s the truth. Just like everyone has a different view of religion and the meaning of God. Doesn’t make either right. My opinion is is that good nor evil exist. Everything is an act of nature, and if you can’t deal with it, then I dare say you can’t deal with life.

  15. Timothy says:

    Go fuck yourself you sick Fuck who said, “he should of used a blunt object.” seriously…you are fucking dick just like that officer. You are the same as those pigs, no different at all. fuck you!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I wish one 5 minutes round with this fatass in cage. It would be very nice lesson for him. Maybe even a first time for him to fight somebody his size. Fucking pussy.

  17. noname says:

    WTF you asshole. Germans were ordered by hitler to kill men, women, and children when they invaded russia. Germans loved to kill russian children and there mothers. Russians didn’t even torture German POW’s. WTF ?? ?????. ????? ???? ???????? ?????? ??????? ??????, ?????? ? ?????, ????? ??? ????????? ? ??????. ????? ?????? ??????? ????? ? ???????. ???????? ???? ?? ?????? ????????????? ? ????????.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Russian soligers and ruusian rebels do ten times worse, to the people they serve to protect. My brother is SPETSNAZ and have personnaly taken his abuse. Russian Soligers or not if you are taken prisoner by them I advise you to kill yourself.?????????? soligers ? ruusian ????????? ?????? ? ?????? ??? ????, ?? ?????, ??????? ??? ?????? ??? ??????. ??? ???? SPETSNAZ ? personnaly ??????? ??? ???????????????. ?????????? Soligers ??? ???, ???? ?? ? ???? ? ??? ? ??????? ??? ??????? ????.

  19. hereitis says:

    kill all police.the only solution

  20. askabar says:

    Id like 2 c him watch me kick his fat ugly mum like dat FUCK DA POLICE any police man even flinches 2 touch me il ride a bird after knockin him da fuck out

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. X-man says:

    Hello everyone this is proof that evil does exist in our world. The bible talks about how people in this world will be in the end times.Our world is filled with hate and cruelty, it is evident by these videos and many of your your postings.I have many times questioned the existence of God and good. But seeing some of these videos makes it apparent to me that evil exist for sure and if there is evil there has to be good (God). I am not trying to preach to anyone but just think really really hard about what drives people to act like this. A fool runs to violence because wickedness is is his/her heart.I just want to say, really examine the things you do or say because you never know how they will be held against you or by whom.I am so saddened to be a part of this world.My only way out of here (and yours) is death. Oh how sweet that day will be.Oh grave where is your victory? Oh Death where is your sting? We did not get here by accident people. We are not worthless blobs that came form the waters just waiting to die.We have only two choices:Good or evil. What side are you on?

  23. guy says:

    Wow he must think he is a real big boy for abusing an old women.I hope this guy gets his face caved in.

  24. Anonymous says:

    People dont call them PIGS for nothing.

  25. syndey says:

    I really feel sorry for that cop for whatever happened to him to turn into the gigantic prick cop he is now taking his power trip out on a old lady, everyone says most cops are good people then why in every video of police brutality i see all the cops sit on there ass and watch the abuse happen

  26. siri says:

    Oh my god. You guys, I'm not on the side of the boys in blue, I'm fourteen, my opinion doesn't count for much, but this is criminal! If that woman was drunk or not that "man" had no right to treat her that way! that poor woman! all of you in support, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!!! she was an old lady. Those "men" are assholes with no lives! Do they think it makes them stronger to beat up a (sedated) older woman? She wasn't doing anything wrong! And I agree, be nice to the nations being cussed out. They didn't do anything wrong. A few bad seeds exist all over. If America were based on our bad seeds everyone would be dead. If Mexicans were based on a few bad seeds, everyone would be dead. If Russia were based on (this guy) a few bad seeds, everyone would be dead. No matter what, if we base on bad people, the world would die out. Food for thought.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Typical. Cops always choose to pick on woman and children. They only abuse the men that are either small or defenseless. The only time a big man gets attacked is if there are several officers ganging up on them with weapons. Cops are just dirty, power hungry pigs. Fuck 'em all. "Looked like he was just play fighting an old drunk" 1. You don't know that she's drunk 2. He doesn't get paid to play 3. He was kicking her, and she certainly didn't think it wa a joke 4. What if that was your mother, grandmother, or wife?

  28. Ferah says:

    Awesome, she was pretty fit

  29. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what that cops do to old women off the camera since they are cocky enough to demonstrate kicks in front of camera. I really hope that woman has son or someone who will put some bullets in his fat skull. Such pigs don't deserve to inhabit this planet. Period.

  30. Frank says:

    i have friends in Russia – they don't behave like this generally, although there are bad eggs… They are looking into this

  31. Anonymous says:


  32. Michael, common sensical makes sense to me.

  33. Bill says:

    A somewhat similar very sad case occured in Canada’s nation capital,where a Gatineau police officer Pierre Blais allegedly assaulted a 73 year old woman then killed her son in front of her.

    A Gatineau cop violated a man’s Charter rights when he shot and killed him in 2008, according to a litany of charges filed under Quebec’s Police Act.
    On June 29, 2011 — one day past the three-year anniversary of David Leclair’s death and just five days after the Leclair family launched a $430,000 civil suit against the officer and the city — the province’s police ethics commissioner slapped mall cop Pierre-Francois Blais with 10 charges.
    Though he remains on active duty, he was unreachable for comment Wednesday.
    “It’ll never bring David back, it never should have happened to begin with,” Leclair’s sister, Donna told the Sun Wednesday. She is still pressing for a public inquiry into her brother’s death.
    A 35-year-old single father who was well-known to police, Leclair was shot three times outside his mother’s Aylmer, Que. home after Blais responded to a domestic complaint involving Leclair’s ex.
    In February 2007, Leclair pleaded guilty and was handed an 11-month sentence for fraud.
    Separate fraud and assault charges from 2006 were stayed, and he was also due to appear in court later in 2008 on theft and fraud charges.
    On the day of Leclair’s death, Blais had followed him into his mother’s home, beat him with a club and pepper-sprayed him before shooting him three times outside, including once in the back. Blais said LeClair grabbed a crowbar in the confrontation but witnesses say he was unarmed.
    The officer also struck Leclair’s then 73-year-old mother, Dorothy, in the leg with his baton and, according to witnesses, threatened to shoot her and LeClair’s brother Robert if they intervened.
    “Personally, I would love him to have jail time, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen at this point,” Donna said.
    Blais, the son of chief justice of the Federal Court of Appeal Pierre Blais, was cleared in 2009 of any criminal wrongdoing after a provincial police investigation.
    The latest charges, which stem from a formal complaint filed to the police ethics commissioner, allege Blais acted carelessly and recklessly in his dealings with Leclair, used obscene or offensive language, displayed a lack of respect or courtesy, abused his authority, and violated Leclair’s Charter right to life, liberty and security of the person.
    Blais is also charged with using excessive force against Leclair’s mother, along with four other charges.
    “Will this bring us closure? I don’t know, but I hope it helps … Something is better than nothing right now,” Donna said. “We’ll see how it plays out.”
    No hearing date has been set yet.
    The charges against Pierre-Francois Blais:
    1. Acted carelessly and recklessly in his dealings with Leclair
    2. Using obscene or offensive language
    3. Displaying a lack of respect or courtesy
    4. Abusing his authority
    5. Violated Leclair’s Charter right to life, liberty and security of the person
    6. Using obscene or offensive language in his dealings with Dorothy Leclair
    7. Displaying a lack of respect or courtesy
    8. Excessive force
    9. Making threats
    10. Failing to prevent or contribute to preventing justice from taking its course
    Key dates in the aftermath of David Leclair’s death:
    • June 28, 2008 – David Leclair, 35, is shot three times outside his mother’s Aylmer, Que. home by Gatineau Const. Pierre-Francois Blais. Leclair dies in hospital.
    • June 29, 2008 – Investigation turned over to the Quebec provincial police.
    • June 30, 2008 – Questions arise why the officer wasn’t equipped with a stun gun.
    • September 2008 – Quebec provincial police finish their investigation and pass the file to the Crown.
    • February 2009 – Quebec Crown attorney decides against pursuing charges against Blais, saying the officer used “reasonable force” considering the circumstances.
    • April 2009 – Leclair family files a request for a public inquiry into David’s death with Quebec’s public security ministry.
    • June 23, 2011 – Leclair family launches a $430,000 civil suit against Pierre-Francois Blais and the city of Gatineau
    • June 29, 2011 – Quebec’s police ethics commissioner lays 10 charges against Const. Pierre-Francois Blais.

  34. cindy says:

    in the case of pierre francois Blais who assaulted a 73 year old woman and killed her son David Leclair in gatineau, pictures at the scene show Blais wearing an illegal military combat uniform so it is clear that David leclair might have concluded that Blais was an intruder and leclair simply wanted to defend and protect his family against what he perceived to be a agressive intruder not a cop.The cop can not claim he feared for his life because he shot leclair in the back.

  35. terry wagar says:

    The Portland police and the Multnomah county sheriff’s sleep around with people’s wives and they give them permission to poison off their husbands for life insurance money’s!

    The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s use PHOTO DOUBLES to frame innocent people they want dead as pedophiles and they make child porn using photo doubles and volunteers that they pay in order to frame people and they always pedofy their victim using flyers BEFORE they press formal charges in order to turn neighbors against their victim thus isolating their victim from help by others!

    The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s rent apartments surrounding their targets apartment and they will stage crimes in front of their targets home and will BLAME their target to other people, and this is done by under cover cops pretending to be neighbors of the targeted victim!

    This is how Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s get away with many murders and framing of people, and there is no one within the system that cares and there is no one a targeted victim can turn to for help!

    Many apartment managers are aware of these tactics and most of them are friends with cops and ALWAYS cooperate with under cover cops and give them apartments surrounding their target and the apartment manager will not tell the targeted victim that cops are doing this!

    The police and county sheriff’s will NOT admit to these type of activity’s even though people already know cops will get apartments or homes near your when they supposedly investigate/frame you.

    Photo doubles and photogenic photo’s is a COMMON way police and sheriff’s frame people in Oregon and is how they BUILD a case against innocent people!

    Hollywood uses photo doubles all the time and it is a profession in Hollywood, well police and county sheriff’s ALSO employ photo doubles/look-a-likes in order to stage crimes and to frame innocent people!

    Charge a cop with a murder and NO ONE will take the complaint, which is the same thing as covering up your complaint!

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