Toronto Police Abuses An Cameraman During G20 Summit

Posted on: June 6th, 2011 1 Comment
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During the G20 summit in Toronto a man by name Dorian Barton was brutally beaten up by the police when he peacefully was walking by the protester with a camera to record the happening. He was slammed to the ground before kicked and beaten several times. After a lot of abuse they arrested him and brought him to the police station where he had to stay for 30 hours. Barton asked the officers for some medical help but they just laughed at him. He suffered swollen limbs, a black eye, a broken shoulder and lots of bruises on his back.

A whole year went by before he recovered from these injuries. The police went unpunished because they mystically dropped all charges against Dorian. If a random citizen had abused Dorian in all these ways, that person would have been caught and charged criminally, why didn’t the police officers get their punishment?

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  1. Ontario Resident says:

    Toronto police deserve a fucking letter bomb

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