NYC Cops Use Hate Speech Against Minorities on Facebook

Posted on: December 9th, 2011 11 Comments
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nypd on facebook

A gun possession trial accidentally revealed the existence of a Facebook group where the NYC police officers blatantly used hate speech directed against minorities. The racist comments were made mostly about the West Indian American Day Parade and its participants being called “savages” and “animals” that should be left to kill each other.

Benjamin Moore, a lawyer preparing for the defense of one of his clients, searched Facebook for the profile of a police officer who arrested him.

Browsing his profile, a group that Sgt. Dustin Edwards was a member of called “No More West Indian Day Detail” caught his eye.

After reading about 70 printed pages of conversation on the group’s wall, Moore could hardly believe some of the things he read.

One of the members, for example, wrote “I say have the parade one more year and when they all gather drop a bomb and wipe them all out”, but that wasn’t the end of highly offensive and racist comments towards the parade goers.

What was even more shocking is that more than 60% of group members’ names matched the names of people working in the NYC police department.

A couple of days after Moore found the group it vanished from Facebook, but he made a digital copy of it earlier. While it’s hard to prove that these profiles actually belong to NYC police officers and all cops so far have denied it, it’s still a shame to know that many people in the force are racially biased.

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11 Responses

  1. no more indians says:

    pics or it didnt happen

  2. Shaneequa X Sarkozy says:

    This is not surprising at all. Cops are racist pricks.

  3. David says:

    I dont need to see pictures to know cops are racist pigs

  4. erin says:

    police make me sick, racists!

  5. Unknown says:

    police are NAZIS

  6. Donald G says:

    Don’t forget terroristic threats to those whom they’re sworn to protect.

  7. terry wagar says:

    Cops caught on video waiting in ambush outside poisoned victims apartment and the cops were armed with recording devices and guns!

  8. ILovePoliceBrutality says:

    The worst racist’s speech probably come from people generalizing and saying ALL cops are racists

    stupid anti-cops

  9. Livia says:

    I don’t know why this is such a surprise. Lurk on the comment section of and you’ll find the same nasty remarks.

  10. rosuartrial says:

    If they had a FB group – its still there. FB will help them recover the data if approached corectly.

  11. PwN_polizia says:

    Here some facts interlaced with more facts and a little of my opinion, which is true. The law enforcement portion of any Public Safety Department, or I should say Police Safety Department, is not the most educated demographic. To clarify I mean they’re mostly fucking idiots, if you will bear with me. This in itself lends itself to racism. Many if not most came directly out of a war zone into that profession. Many were members of the armed forces in Irag or Afghanistan. Most from Army and/or Marines. I’m not downing veterans as I am one (Navy) however. Non-Special forces divisions of the U.S. ground troops were notorious for significantly reducing their entry qualifications during both engagements between 2001 and 2009. Take that into consideration and that end of the genetic spectrum and also consider that most of the PTSD suffered by the Iraq conflict ground troops is/was not from seeing buddies being wounded. It is the shock of the experience that endoctrinated them in treating civilians, sometimes outright executing them or watching it regularly. This is a hard thing to cope with mentally so you go with the mob mentality. There really is no other choice from their perspective and in that scenario. That’s where the core of the problem lies IMHO. A huge number of them strive to become cops when they are back in the US without any real treatment since this may be the only decent paying career for that level of skill or education. As this culture proliferates (thinking that these guys make good cops) and these individuals realize there are no repercussions for anything they do to civilians, that old war zone mentality takes over. After all it’s a skill they were taught and continue to be taught.
    So let’s ask a question. You and your daughter, son, wife or girlfriend are arguing. The neighbor hears and calls the police. Now you have an idiot with a gun (remember that genetic spectrum) is going to show up with his safety as his first priority, not yours or anyone else’s. He is going to be arrogant and controlling in an already heated situation yet he is taught to use his gun first if he feels his safety is at risk. Now you have a much higher likelihood of an OIS. If he shoots he knows he can explain it away and if he gets away with it he will be a fucking hero and looked up to by every other rookie that knows of him. He will be legendary in his department. Some of these assholes don’t know where their at anymore and defend what they see as their only career choice.

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