Guy Gets Arrested For Refusing To Open Up The Door

Posted on: March 19th, 2013 26 Comments
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This outrageous video shows how cops are abusing their power, a man gets arrested for refusing to open up the door of his home with no justification at all. Video was recorded by TLC for a documentary reality series called “Police Women of Cincinnati”. If anyone knows the follow ups of this story please contact us or leave in a comment section bellow.


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26 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    Wow, that lady is a witch with a capital B!
    The guy in red was right, they don’t need to open the door without a search warrant.
    Police brutality and police disobeying the law, I hope she loses her job.

  2. BNNY says:


  3. BENNY says:


  4. Liz Ernst says:

    That piece of garbage who calls herself a cop has issues – we would all be better off is she was a stripper – she’s nothing but a disrespectful C word on a power trip – I wonder if the cameras added to her delusions of grandeur.

  5. Passerby says:

    Oh whats this a show on tv with officers grossly over stepping there bounds… No wonder every other cop thinks he has the right to kick whatever door he wants in. I like how she justifies he over reactive response by saying “she didnt know if there was someone standing behind that door with a gun”. Please ho you cant see through all that fuckin glass?

  6. spadlo grmies says:

    I would have thought they were clowns too.
    The female in the giant white hat should be charged for damage to property. There is no need to pound on the door with a stick. It is obvious she is trying to damage it.
    Good advice from the man in red.
    Say nothing.
    Never open the door. Do not consent. Say nothing:but that you do not consent.

  7. shooters says:

    This officer is proof positive as to how f’king dumb so many of these Cops are. This very dumb scared outrageous Cop should be the embarrassment of this Police agency.

    Ladies and Gentleman Never ever consent to unlawful search and seizure. Obstruction?? No!! Try false imprisonment and destruction of private property.

  8. terry wagar says:

    Police are fascists and they don’t even try to hide it!
    Armed bitches with guns demanding that residents open their door and the bitch don’t have a warrant?
    Do you people notice the bitch is not accusing them of a crime other than obstructing, defending their home from illegal entry by armed aggressive cops with no warrant is NOT obstructing.
    The bitches are armed, aggressive, demanding their door be opened is illegal entry and amounts to illegal breaking and entering because police are blackmailing the residents with threats!
    You people need to watch some old world war 2 movies and remind yourself what fascists are because these bitches are no better than Hitler!
    The more guns cops get off the streets the more fascist cops become because of it.
    Do you work for police? no? then you don’t have to obey their orders!
    Are you in the military? No? then you don’t have to obey solders either!
    If the bitches fear their door then they can leave and come back with a damn warrant!
    This is why people can no longer get help in this country, cops are so damn fascist that they don’t recognize complaints anymore!
    These people should be able to charge those cops with blackmail and with threats and coercion and abuse of power and these cops should be charged with felony crimes and put in prison!
    If people knew twenty years ago that cops would turn out like this then people would never surrender their guns to gun drives!

  9. alejandro says:

    My lord thats crazy, violation of admentment rigths.

  10. Ray186 says:

    You have to love it when the Police violate your civil rights, and there is a trained cameraman filming in HD video.

  11. Joseph says:

    silly woman but it should’ve went like this
    Officer:Open your door
    Teh young Man: Do u have a warrant officer
    Officer: Do i need too get one sir i clearly seen people quicly moving about was we apporached and it seems suspcious activity would you mind open the door too ease m suspcion
    Young Man : sorry officer we where obviously a little too loud with our party although i will not open my door without a warrant i apologize and will tone down the party
    officer : well if i need to get a warrant i will i hope i dont have too come back here sir or the next time i will come with a warrant too search your home have a nice night make sure you tone it down

  12. terry wagar says:

    The ONLY people that have a RIGHT to be there are the residents inside the home,those police officers do not have the right to pound on their door with a club!

    Ant citizen could and SHOULD deem that an attempted break in by officer’s that do not have a warrant!
    The residents should fear for their lives because these armed criminals/police officer’s are breaking the law for the benefit of the camera man for their Fascist TV show they are helping out!


    Fascist minded individuals are overbearing people in authority that think THEY are the only power that matter and DON’T believe in people’s rights or even respect law and they do pretty much whatever the hell they want to do!

    People nowadays needs to fear their police force because officers are dangerous and tend to shoot unarmed citizens and never stand trial for it!

  13. terry wagar says:

    The Portland police department covers up a female serial killers diary and hides from the public the fact that a female was sleeping around with cops and she was paid by cops to poison off people!

    Victims of the serial killer cannot get help from 911 because cops cover up the 911 calls and refuse to take complaints from victims!

  14. David says:

    This was a staged incident for a “reality” TV show. It still doesn’t make it any better. This women should be removed from duty. Her actions on TV has the affect of frighting citizens into compliance with unlawful acts:

  15. terry wagar says:

    My wife Joan Wagar was sleeping around with cops and my wife bragged that officer Eric Carlson was a twin, I caught my wife in April 2005 hooking her daughters up with him at East Port Walmart and that he died his hair so that he could impersonate me, and that all this was open knowledge at East Port Walmart.

    My wife worked at East Port Walmart and it was her coworkers that nicknamed officer Eric Carlson Doubleclick because they knew he was framing me, and when I caught my wife in the act of hooking her daughters up with that double I tried to warn people about it and my wife poisoned the hell out of me!

    A couple weeks later my wife Joan Wagar bragged in front of my face to her daughters that she now has a nickname her coworkers gave her, they call her Mrs Dash, I found her hidden poison after that she hid a garlic salt shaker in the fridge on the top shelf and she had antifreeze in it!

    So the body double was hooking up with my wife and daughters and the poisoner tried to kill me after I tried to warn people about it, and behind my back my wife and her family and her lover and his partners were pedofying me publicly so know one would care that I was a victim.

    Family members that died during Joan Wagar’s use of antifreeze as poison is Virgil Minor in 2005, Don Minor in 2006, Donna Minor in 2008!

    I was a regular plasma donor when Mrs Dash was poisoning me!

    Terry Wagar

  16. dano says:

    Tell them you charge $50.000 an hour for wrongful arrest, and detainment.In this case there SHOULD have been someone behind the door with a shotgun.

  17. JOhnny Next says:

    This is obviously fake. Every reality show is fake. Obviously, that woman is an actress. Obviously.

  18. terry wagar says:

    My wife Joan Wagar joined into a murder conspiracy when she got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen and she was recruited into criminal activity’s by law officer’s and she was having an affair with a law officer!

    Joan Wagar recruited her family into this as well as her oldest daughter and she quit her job and start setting me up as a pedophile and her family was helping her do this by filling our home and yard with paraphernalia and Joan Wagar’s lovers/bro’s in law enforcement were renting the apartment next door to us and were directing and coaching Joan Wagar and her family as to how to set me up!

    They spent thousands of dollars on paraphernalia that they put in our yard and in our home, they bought two large pools costing over three hundred dollars each and they bought a large trampoline as well for the yard and it cost well over three hundred dollars and they put a expensive telescope in our yard that cost around three hundred dollars and they paid for a camcorder that cost a thousand dollars!
    They were putting porn in our closet under the pretense that my wife’s sister was loaning them to my wife, but she never viewed the porn so they were just filling our home with paraphernalia!

    Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales gave our oldest daughter a audio recorder and a diary and my wife’s lovers/bro’s in law enforcement that were secretly renting the apartment next door to us were passing our daughter notes through her bedroom window telling her what to write in it!
    All our daughter did with that diary was pedofy me with it, and the whole time she was acting like a tom-boy and constantly hanging around me for my wife’s video surveillance cameras so that they can set me up!

    To my face our family pretended to be a loving family but behind my back they were destroying my reputation by pedofying me in our neighborhood and at our daughters schools, all done at the direction of my wife’s lovers/bro’s in law enforcement that were secretly right next door to us!

    My father Don Wagar was at this time being actively gang-stalked by several people he believed to be plain clothed police officer’s and he told me about it, my father was poisoned after this and he lived alone in his apartment and he had no phone to call me with for help!

    Those plain clothed cops terrorized him after they debilitated him by pounding on his door and on his walls and yelling threats at him for warning me about them!
    I saw my father at a bus stop s few weeks later and pulled over to talk to him and he told me what they did to him, he looked like hell and he was scared for his safety as well as for mine and for our family’s safety!
    He did not know where to turn to for help and neither did I, and three days later he died, and the county sheriff’s came to my door to tell me he died, and they admitted they entered his home to REMOVE HIS MEDS BEFORE COMING OVER TO TELL ME THIS!
    My father was not under the care of a doctor, he had no meds!

    After my father was murdered by my wife’s lovers/bro’s in law enforcement our daughter was busily writing in her diary pedofying the hell out of me and she never said a word in it at all about her grandfather dying in it and my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales were putting what they described as LIFE SIZED BARBIE DOLLS into our daughters bedroom, and I was being HARASSED by the funeral home director demanding that I PAY FOR MY FATHERS CREMATION and were THREATENING ME VIA PHONE TO PAY FOR IT!

    I was being blackmailed at this time by my wife and her family and by their lovers/bro’s in law enforcement and I had nothing to do with them covering up the murder of my father by cremating his remains and I refused to have anything to do with the cremation of his remains because I KNEW DAMN WELL THEY MURDERED MY FATHER WITH POISON!

    The apartment manager where my father lived at was repeatedly calling me up on the phone demanding that I come over to remove my fathers property from his apartment and I repeatedly refused to do that as well since I already knew I was being framed and that my wife’s lovers/bro’s murdered my father so I refused to have anything to do with his cremation of which I did not give them permission to do but they did anyway and I refused to remove my fathers belongings knowing he was murdered by authority’s and I had every reason to suspect I was being set up for his death since they were already framing me as a pedophile!

    My wife Joan Wagar around this time poisoned my mother and she called 911 and police just covered up my mothers 911 call and did not care my wife is a poisoner, and a month later my wife’s lovers/bro’s charged me with FORTY FOUR FELONY CHARGES AS A PEDOPHILE AND TEN DAYS LATER THOSE CHARGES TURNED TO ZERO AND I WAS RELEASED WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION WHATSOEVER BY COPS OR BY PROSECUTORS!


    These crimes took place between 1999-2000!

  19. Jones says:

    Urban pacification requires a new breed of cop. A cop who doesn’t need to eat, or sleep, a cop with superior fire power and the necessary reflexes to use it.

  20. Bennett says:

    Look into this a little deeper. It was staged for the camera. However, when I first saw it I thought what many of you posted. WTF.

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  22. John Doe says:

    Just wanted to post an update on this story. For the full story, try

    This was episode 4 of the season (Real Police Women of Cincinnati), airing February 4, 2011. The officer here is Mandy Curfiss. A full 2 years later the police finally launch an investigation. The reason for at least this much is the fact that there was a new Police Chief (guessing the old one who agreed to allow TLC to film wanted to keep this quiet, major mistake).

    Here is the shocker, it turns out the whole thing was staged. The man being falsely arrested actually agreed to the whole thing. The wikipedia page made no reference to the controversy dispite the fact the video was viral and several websites were calling for the Officer’s resignation(fixed).

    There are just so many things wrong with this, I don’t even know where to begin.

    Even though it was staged, it stilled depicted an officer overstepping her bounds and falsely arresting someone. It depicted it in a good light, despite the revolting nature of the act. Discovery Channel (parent company of TLC) make no comment, but the very fact that they would fake a scene like that shows that they approve of this kind of injustice. It also shows that there is an audience willing to approve of such outrage, such human rights violations. It’s revolting to think of what kind of society we live in.

    The next thing is, why the hell did it take 2 years for the police to come forward? Dragging this one for 2 years, with people calling for her to be fired and charged when they knew it was all staged. What kind of dits is this woman? What does this say about the Cincinatti PD? Did people in the Police Department know it was staged? If so, why did the Chief of Police start an investigation?

    It’s more likely that they accepted as fact that it was a false arrest and didn’t give a rats ass. Just how rampant is corruption in the Police Department that they assume the guilt of their own officers? It turned out that she was innocent!! If the department had taken appropriate action to begin with, none of the hell they went through would have happened. They wrought it on themselves. The millions of dollars went in to the investigation was wasted. I don’t blame the police chief for this, what he did prevented the situation from escalating any further. It is the fact that it was investigated so late that caused all those tax payers dollars to be wasted.

    Finally, what the heck is wrong with those 2 nitwits who agreed to be filmed being arrested? Did they just want to be on TV so badly?!? Why didn’t they come forward with the truth while this video circulated virally? Did they do it for political reason? I think not, in my opinion, these guys just wanted to get on TV!!!

    At the very least, I feel a little releived that out of the thousands on thousands of videos depicting police corruption, there is at least 1 that is fake. It is the only one that I found that is fake though.

  23. rosuartrial says:

    If this is real the kid wast very bright either.

    – Officer, if you have a probable cause to enter or view my property you will do so without my assistance. If you do not have a cause to enter or view my property on your own at this moment the only other ways to do this is with a warrant or with my willing unforced asistance. Are you trying to force me to open the door by threats, please answer with yes or no ? Am I under arrest ? If so please proceed, I will comply with your legal orders but I do not agree with the arrest. Anything else I have to say will be said in the presence of a lawyer.
    And them the “officer” either breaks the law of calms down puts her tail between her legs and leaves.

  24. john says:

    she still didnt get in the house HAHA DUMB COP

  25. yerueh says:

    that white people with a badge

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