2 Mexico Special Police Force Officers Beating Suspect

Posted on: February 13th, 2009 8 Comments
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After arresting a suspect in Mexico City, two special force officers with masks on beat the man brutally while he was lying on the ground.

They recorded the whole incident on a cell phone. No charges were made and suspect’s medical condition is unknown.

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8 Responses

  1. South says:

    Well, it’s mexico, so that’s okay.

  2. Anon says:

    It is not OK. This place is infested with fucking corrupted motherfuckers cops. They are the ones kidnapping, robing, abusing,and assaulting the people in Mexico. As a result those people for find themselves in a fucked up place, where nothing makes sense, they just start doing the same shit, or find it safe to be on the police side. So they join and do the same. I think Mexico is not the only, place, most of the world is. Not even the the fairy lands of USA, Canada, and Western Europe are safe neither.

  3. Rad says:

    Ignorant dumb ass
    it is not a ok to beat a human being
    no matter what country it is

  4. GO POLICE says:

    to better serve justice police should tone up some people. Criminals have no rights

  5. WLC says:

    this should put the stake !!!!!!!!!!!! 13/12

  6. Chuck says:

    I live in deep south Texas which is basically Mexico in many ways. Police corruption is ingrained and accepted. The biggest crime you can commit is being poor and drug traffickers are protected and given immunity. As an example, both my sister and her daughter are addicts. They have broken in and stolen thousands of $$ worth of music equipment of mine. My sister also has several good friends who are cops. When I went over to the station to report the stolen items, yep, I was arrested. For public intoxication! I didn’t have a drink or drug on or in me. Nothing. No breathalizer was given yet I was sentenced to 40 hours community service after being told that if I plead not guilty I would be kept in jail. This is South Texas.

  7. RNG says:

    Chuck: then why you live there ? just move out from South Texas ! Until the state and the federal gov decide to change a thing, it will be the same forever. Not even a serial killing rapist cop beheading a 14 years old girl will change a thing, the corruption is too strong.

    One day you’ll get shot by a drunken cop doing drive-by in the street while high on cocaine (that he got from his favorite dealer), with a 16 years old prostitute from Mexico on the other seat. Seriously, just leave the place already.

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